Biggest Myth About Rolls Royce Car Busted 🔥

Rolls Royce is a really famous car brand everyone wants to buy it but it’s a really expensive car. having said that it also has many myth stories which we will expose in this video.

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20 thoughts on “Biggest Myth About Rolls Royce Car Busted 🔥”

  1. Ashirbad Creation says:

    Ase bol rehe jese khud rolls Royce owner

  2. aarya mahajan says:

    Rolls Royce always checks your background they can't give their cars to a beggar or a small people

  3. aarya mahajan says:

    90 % of Rolls Royce cars are on the road

  4. aarya mahajan says:

    She is an actresses

  5. aarya mahajan says:

    Yes it is made in Goodwood England

  6. aarya mahajan says:

    They always give you spirit of esctacy made of silver

  7. aarya mahajan says:

    They has sound proof cars

  8. aarya mahajan says:

    No car company is more richer than Rolls Royce

  9. aarya mahajan says:

    Also today Rolls Royce make racing car that is Rolls Royce Wraith

  10. aarya mahajan says:

    Your video is fake

  11. Ramanidharan says:

    Tesla is the safest car

  12. Hatim suhail says:

    mallika sherawat news published by dainik bhaskar in 2012

  13. AAYAZ AHMED says:

    Man made things can be perfect but not living things.

  14. suvojit dutta says:

    ek time me Rolls-Royec India me kachra uthata tha.

  15. Harkesh Kant says:


  16. Nilesh prajapati says:


  17. kuber singh says:

    Indian barber own a rolls Royce who use it for rental car

  18. Yash Tiwari says:

    abe pagal bana rha hai ye

  19. an soom raee says:

    Tere paas Rolls royce hai kya??

  20. Mahesh Patil says:

    Kya isme air bag hota ahe?

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