Birth Simulator Mannequins Deliver Training to Medical Students and OB/GYN Doctors

– Life-size birth simulator mannequins that “deliver” simulator babies are part of the training third-year medical students at Albert Einstein College of Medicine receive before they start their OB/GYN rotations at Montefiore Medical Center. With the encouragement of their instructors, students take the first steps to getting comfortable in the labor and delivery room and in the exam room, where they will do pelvic and breast exams, pap smears and provide various types of birth control.

See how the Montefiore Einstein simulation program also provides continual training in obstetrical emergencies for residents, experienced physicians and other members of the delivery team at Montefiore and several other New York medical centers to improve patient care.


23 thoughts on “Birth Simulator Mannequins Deliver Training to Medical Students and OB/GYN Doctors”

  1. Meanwhile, my doctor man handled and pulled my vagina wide open like I was a cow giving birth. I thought I was going to die! So traumatizing.

  2. This field sounds pretty cool. Intuitively, I am interested in the obstetrics field as a future registered nurse someday. :3

  3. Hi..I wanted to buy simulators for my college ……where can I get it…can u please guide

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  6. I don't understand why all the simulations show the birthing person as laying on their back or in stirrups. Theres many other ways to push out babies; standing, squatting, hands and knees etc.

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