British Citizenship Refused – Good Character

Has your application for British citizenship been refused by the Home Office on the grounds you being deemed as not to be of good character?

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Has your application for citizenship been refused by the Home Office on the grounds you being deemed as not to be of good character? One may not find the definition of what is meant by good character. However, we can share a few things on what is “not a good character” that may lead to a refusal of your application for British citizenship.

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26 thoughts on “British Citizenship Refused – Good Character”

  1. What if someone overstayed previously, and now have indefinite leave to remain, so how long have to wait for British citizenship?

  2. Hello My cousin got an accident case in India before 11 years, The section was Ipc 279 Ipc 337 ipc 338 ) in single case. Do he have chance for getting citizenship ? what he has to do?

  3. I will be applying for citizenship in next month nov 2020 as I got my ILR in oct 2019 ,
    I had received a penalty for shoplifting . I had paid it immediately that time and I have now honestly mentioned it on the application form.
    I am worried whether my application will be successful or not?

  4. @A Y & J Solicitors . I applied for my British citizenship around June. I got arrested for drink driving in August but my court judgment was in October. I emailed HO about my arrest and told them my court judgment . I was expecting a reply on what to do but I didn't. I only got an auto reply. Now in November, I received an email from my case worker that my application has been refused and mentioning that I did not tell the HO about my conviction in October. They said I may reapply for reconsideration. Please what can I do in this situation? Thanks.

  5. Hi , please I have a question and I will be thankful if you can help me,
    I have ILR since 2018 after 5 years staying in Uk legally ( I came with spouse visa) and now I want to apply for British citizenship but the problem I’m not working as I’m looking after my two children ( one is 5 years and other is 5 months )
    Do I still can apply knowing that my husband has only ILR like me, or because I’m not working my application will be refused, thanks in advance

  6. Hey sir can I ask you I’m from Pakistan and my husband is a British citizenship now we’re a baby so we apply for baby British passport from Pakistan we done all the process they paid passport fees but we’re still waiting no email nothing I’m very confused because they are already 3month done what can I do plz guide me

  7. Sir i made application few months ago for naturalisation application and now I want to withdraw for some personal reason please can u tell me what should I do ?? many thanks umer

  8. What can I do if I have no referee, my Father and grandparents and many generations previously are from the UK i was born 8n Canada and have never left.. I dont know any UK citizens other than family?

  9. Hi actually I apply for a British citizen ship in 2010 then I take to refuse for 10 years because I have a criminal record that mean bad character how can I know when can I apply again if I don’t have the latter from the Home Office to say win can apply thank you

  10. Hiya I have submitted neutralization application on 26feb2021 and paid full fee of £1350,biometric is still not done yet but I would like to withdraw my application and get refund is it possible?

  11. Hi Sir I hope u can advice .I’m asking on someone's behalf. Person is due to apply for Naturalisation in few weeks time but got arrested for assault by beating (untrue allegations from his wife ,make up )it was only verbal argument …then he had interview and released without any charge, caution or warning ,released with no further action and back living with his wife and all good . Could anyone please advise that how can it affect Naturalisation application. And also does the arrest needs to be mentioned on the application? Thanks in advance .

  12. I don’t know if this company exist at all, because it was funny that I have sent them an email regarding citizenship application but got no response from them, despite their auto-email machine said they will be in touch ASAP. Any responsible company would answer their clients email. I don’t think this guy is serious enough over his profession, not alone others….

  13. Good character policy means decision will be from them of their choice .That's why there isn't any definition of good character.

  14. Hi, I once applied to become a citizen and was refused due to a period I overstayed. Appealed for reconsideration but refused and told to reapply citizenship after 3 years. I finished my 3 year period, any chances if I apply now it will be considered?

  15. Hi there, what about 13 weeks imprisonment. How long one have to wait to apply for British citizenship. I already got indefinite leave to remain.

  16. If a person have british citizens but he have not british pasport he have criminal recored what can he get biritish pasport

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