Broker | Full Length Telugu Movie | R.P.Patnaik

Broker Full Length Movie Description : A Highly acclaimed Film by the audience in recent times, short listed for National awards from Telugu films in 2010 and bagged Nandi award for best story.
The story begins at the backdrop of secretariat and here lives Ganapathi (rp) who is better known as Broker. As the title suggests, Ganapathi is one man who can get any work done in the government and private offices but with a commission. As a result, the work he does is illegal and it also affects the society in a big way. The story takes a turn when Ganapathi’s son dies in a flyover collapse and eventually, his wife (mayuri) also leaves him. In comes Dharmateja (srihari) who was also a corrupt man before. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.


27 thoughts on “Broker | Full Length Telugu Movie | R.P.Patnaik”

  1. sai eswar says:

    Excellent Movie

  2. Murthy Sampathi murthy says:

    2021 సూపర్ మూవీ….

  3. Kalamuri Vishnkumar says:

    Nice move

  4. Gopi Krishna says:

    Superb movie

  5. Sanju Jay says:

    Aina evvadu maaradu…but good effort

  6. Ks Kumar says:

    మంచి జరగాలని ఆశిద్దాం ఈ సినిమా వలన అయినా మారాలి

  7. Smithika Engineers says:

    E cinema ni chusi kontha marpu vacchina bagundu

  8. Sandeep Kumar edla says:

    Great movie hat's off rp patnayak Garu

  9. Banu Raguru says:


  10. GOD says:

    Great movie

  11. Sudarshan Dev says:


  12. 0447praveen says:

    Good movie. Fan of RP songs since 2001. Now fan for his movie.

  13. Garimella Nagasravan says:

    27.00 super

  14. Vanthala Harish says:

    I miss you srihari

  15. PERX EDIT says:

    Şarkı arıyodum nereye geldim yav

  16. Rebel Riot says:

    Rebel Riot wuz here

  17. Shiva Ayyanna says:

    ఇలాంటి సినిమాలు తీయాలని కోరుకుంటున్నాను

  18. varun reddy says:

    Super movie

  19. Shyam Kumar says:

    Superb movie with lots of emotions and climax is tear jerking

  20. Raju Kanumuri says:

    Nijanga prathi okkaru chudavalichina movie

  21. Srilaxmi Narayana says:

    Super movie

  22. Ravi Chandra says:

    Super movie

  23. GOLDEN MOOON Touchmenot says:

    The bestest movie…best director,best realistic story.. best actors especially RP Patnaik…wow..Sooper brother, I heard his mind blowing music but I con't believe his mind blowing acting…

  24. Ramu p says:

    Good move

  25. Prasanna Kumar says:

    Carona 3rd wave lo chusey vallu okha like vesukonde nice movie

  26. suresh kumar gummadi says:

    సూపర్ మూవీ

  27. Giri Girigowda says:

    Different thinkingness. 100% marks to RP Patnayak.

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