In this video I discuss the recent lawsuit filed by FPC and California. Campos v. Becerra seeks to force the Cadoj to do their job and properly process background checks in the required 10 day period.
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34 thoughts on “CALIFORNIA BACKGROUND CHECK LAWSUIT!!! Campos v. Becerra”

  1. I've bought about 4 guns in the last 3 months, my background wasn't delayed at all. Not sure what you are talking about in this video.

  2. Listen up California, from this point forward stop voting Democrat and I repeat stop voting Democrat! It’s only the Democrat politicians that are pulling for these frivolous unconstitutional Second Amendment laws they are passing! The only way they’re getting away with it is because it is predominantly democrat in the legislature! Resist yourself if you vote along party lines. Educate yourself like I have in the conclusion is that the Democratic Party has bad intentions not only in California but in America as a whole! So please vote Republican across-the-board at local city, state and federal levels and I might add school board, janitor, dogcatcher etc. etc. just being facetious but you get my point! It’s time to take our country back! Trump 2020!

  3. I bought a ar lower 18 days ago and the ca doj delayed me. I’ve been through numerous background checks for employment as well as held high level security clearances. And I still am forced to wait 30days.

  4. Here's one for you. When I was 20 yrs old I plead guilty to a marijuana charge (felony in 1970) in CA. In 1995 I had it reduced to a misdemeanor, withdrew my guilty plea, entered a not-guilty plea and the case was dismissed. Nothing else on my record. 2020 – prohibited from purchasing a firearm – I'm 72 now.

  5. I waited 30 days and my check came back undetermined. I basically just gave them my money and got nothing in return. It's BS…

  6. Well, I bought a CZ75B in February. I should probably say February 2019. All of a sudden a red flag popped up from 26 years earlier that had not only seen taken care of at the time (26 years ago) but had not stopped me from purchasing any firearms durring those 26 years. Well after a self eligibility check and a live scan, I found out what the issue was. I went to te department of record cleaning and that took 9 months to get erased (February of this year). So I sent in all my paperwork back to the DOJ and they politely responded informing me I needed to send them the paperwork that I had just sent them and that they were responding to. I'm about fed up at this point and don't know what to do next. If you can help me at all with any phone numbers or advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I filed an inter familial gun transfer over three weeks ago and am still waiting for them to cash my check and send me my paperwork. I am currently a registered gun owner in CA so I don’t know what the hold up is. I sent everything to the DOJ with tracking so I know it was received.

  8. Background checks on firearms is (WAY) down the priority list for California Political and Dept.of Justice..
    Here's a idea !
    Stop making stupid laws and stop electing stupid liberal politicians..

  9. My background check was delayed 30 days and received no response! Outcome was transaction canceled and I paid for a service that didn’t follow through. This isn’t right for the sake of home defense during a pandemic.

  10. Mine took 10 days. I’m hoping I can pick up two more long guns this Thursday, given it doesn’t get delayed.

  11. I just purchased last week. Got a call today from the gun shop saying I got delayed and it could take 30 days. Bummer California

  12. I bought a glock 27 on the 10th of October and when I went in on the 17th to pick it up they gave me a paper that said to delay delivery and today is the 1st of November and I still don't have my pistol……. seems to me like they are trying to push us people that are trying to be law abiding citizens into criminals

  13. 11 days for my Springfield EMP. 10 days for three separate AR Lowers. I think it is notable that the background checks are immediate and within only a few minutes of assigning the serial number. The 10 days is a "waiting period" or "cool off" period that is designed to give someone with ill intent time to "cool off". This is why nearly every other state does not have 10 day waiting periods. The background checks are within a matter of minutes and you leave with your firearm that day.

    That said, if they are taking more than 10 days, it has nothing to do with background checks. It has to do with preventing citizens from being armed during the very uncertain times we have. They don't want Californians to procure firearms out of fear or panic.

  14. Bureaucracy isn't an excuse to violate our constitutional rights. This is why background checks are a weapon against us

  15. Get rid of background checks. If you get caught committed a crime with a gun should be given ten years + time for the crime. Stop burdening law-abiding citizens for evildoers' crimes!

  16. on day 3 waiting for my Glock19 and S&W Combat Magnum. love being a veteran and having to deal with this bullshit in california

  17. "Rights delayed are rights denied" This type of unlawful behavior by California government should no longer be tolerated by the People of California, and I believe it is undeniably time for we all to practice nullification of unconstitutional restrictions, that cause injury to the health and safety of those wishing to exercise their inherent right to self protection.
    Unfortunately, most law abiding gun owners are fearful of repercussions from the force of government and will, as before,
    never do more than simply endure their total loss of freedoms.

  18. I just bought an AR-15 and I'm supposed to be able to pick it on on Tuesday the 26th. The guy who sold to me said the DOJ has been getting them done within 10 days (this was because I said off-hand that I know I may have to wait longer than 10 days due to the rise in gun sales). Fingers crossed!

  19. Got a notification of delay on the 3rd day of the 10 day waiting period. Now ending on day 11. Any idea when they’ll get there stuff together?

  20. After purchasing a few firearms last week , I've been looking forward to the pick up date only t get a call from my local gun shop saying that they were contacted by the DOJ and that they were delaying my background check. I'm not a felon , nor do I have any violent crimes on my record . My record is spotless for the most part so why would they delay the process ? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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