Can Companies Pull Background Checks Before Hiring?

Today, we are going to be addressing the question, “Can companies pull background checks before hiring?” and learn the legalities of the employment process so that you know your rights before interviewing!

Listen as Michigan consumer protection attorney Ian Lyngklip explains whether or not an employer can pull a background check or a credit report on you before hiring you.

You’re thrilled. You applied for a job you stumbled across in the paper, and you got the interview. It pays well, and you’re qualified. The interview was straightforward, and you’re confident you got the job. But now, the employer wants to pull a criminal background check or a credit report on you before hiring you.

You feel uneasy. Is an employer allowed pull a background check or a credit report on you during the hiring process?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) covers background checks and credit reports. It governs how, when and where an employer can pull a background check or credit report on a potential employee. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, both of these reports are considered to be consumer reports.

If an employer intends to carry out a background check or retrieve a credit report on you, they must first receive your written consent. You should receive a written document containing the disclosure declaring the employer’s intention to pull a report or background check on you.

The information in a background check or a credit report can be used by an employer to take adverse action against you. For example, this information may be the cause preventing you from getting a promotion or a pay raise. Once an employer has decided to take action against you based on the information in the report, they’re obligated by law to provide you with a copy of that report. In addition, they must provide you with a notice of their chosen action and why they have taken it.

It is your right to have the opportunity to explain what’s on the report and to examine the report for any errors that need to be corrected. Watch the video to learn more.

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2 thoughts on “Can Companies Pull Background Checks Before Hiring?”

  1. I was offered a job by the Feds (Dept of Justice). They pulled a credit report prior to the final offer of employment. I have a few negative items on my credit report that I will never pay. One is student loans that were "Discharged" in 2012 (I have the 1099C to prove this), and two other bills that were reported as fraud. The Feds want me to make financial arrangements to pay on these to make them right, before they will hire me. That sounds like extortion! Under duress, they want me to make credit payment arrangements with these three bad lines on my credit report and make 1-2 months worth of payments before they will hire me!! Is this legal? Is the Department of Justice a employer or a credit negotiating mafia forcing me to make payments to a bad creditor to get a job? This is insane. Sure, I can see an employer just not hiring me due to poor credit report, but for them to demand I make payment arrangements and make a few payments prior to hire seems illegal.

  2. I got this consumer report before my internship interview at year up I hadn’t been hire yet so I complete the report or wait until I get hired

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