Can Employers Verify Salary – What To Say If You're Underpaid?

Learn how to answer questions about salary and if you need to be truthful when telling them how much money you were making in your last job. Salary questions from a prospective employer can be very tricky and you need to know how to play the salary game or you might end up getting a job offer for less money than you are worth. You’ll also learn how to express your salary requirements even if you are underpaid in your current job.

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23 thoughts on “Can Employers Verify Salary – What To Say If You're Underpaid?”

  1. I don't know how you get away with it in the US but here in the UK such a demand would likely be illegal under Data Protection regulation. Income is a protected piece of data.

    They could ask but they can't hold it against you to refuse to tell them and your previous employer couldn't tell them at referencing.

    Also having watched many of these I'm surprised that everyone in the US sems to have to negotiate. In the UK the salary/hourly rate is almost always in the advert. Some ads say "negotiable" but if they do I'll just skip them.

    Is it really common in America to have this?

  2. Don I got my job offer and I submitted my resignation letter I have to go through background check it takes 5-7 days but should I follow up with the recruiter if I passes my background check?

  3. I disagree. If the employer is so unethical as to ask to reveal salary from previous jobs, I don’t think it’s unethical for the candidate to protect his/her interests by embellishing. I’ve taken positions that were a fraction of what I could earn because I wanted to travel and experience another culture. I received a salary that was typical for that country at great sacrifice to myself. Also I had other perks such as a car, a house and all food and expenses paid for as well as some travel expenses. If I were honest in a job interview situation about this, I’m not so sure it would be a position of strength. I normally feel that honesty is always the best policy but in this situation, the employer always seems to be looking for a way to under compensated and so it’s only fair to play the game as ruthlessly as they do. It’s just business.

  4. They want to check experience ! Hey Don your advices are not working ! i didn't get the jobs since i began listening to your vids!

  5. Thank you Mr. Don, as we don't English native speakers, we hope if you could kindly gift us a subtitle for your precious Vids.

  6. Hi Don! I want to apply on a Director job but never had this title before. For the employer, it might be risqué because they will see my experience has been mostly as a coordinator (the title just below), but with my past experience, the trainings I have done etc, I feel like I am ready to tackle the Director position. Any advices?

  7. I've had so many as me strait out what I was making, but never had someone ask me for proof.

    I have an idea for a video. I was separated from my work place over a decade ago due to high stress and losing my cool. I recently (Feb 21st) , after much effort was able to get my job back. Perhaps you could make a video about options if you want to work at a place where you squandered your standings with that employer, but are able to handle it now. I know how I did it, but I am sure I am not the only one that burnt so many bridges when I was younger and feel like there is/was no hope to ever go back.

  8. Hi Don, I just wanted to leave a comment that I finally received an offer yesterday and it's all thanks to you. Your videos were a tremendous help in the entire process, just by setting me into the right mindset and not just knowing but really understanding which questions to ask and what answers to give during an interview.

    Thank you so much!

  9. Me saw the ad the on cool math game and now work me on NASA project with big smart and smart people, also please fight jhon Baylor to died.

  10. An exception might be if you are a public employee, and whether the state laws allow, or perhaps even require, public posting of state employee pay rates. I'm not sure if all states do this, but this is true for the state I live in and at least one neighboring state.

  11. What if this job posting says it offers a "competitive compensation and benefits", how can I ask this up? Thank you so much.

  12. What to do to those people, who worked in other Country. If that Country totally cannot be compared with US salary for example in UAE no taxes, full worldwide insurance provided by Employee and separate pay for housing, food and transportation. So how than can take in account my salary ?

  13. Thanks for the tips Don. This is the first time I've heard someone say to ask a salary range at first contact or during the first interview. In the past, I've always heard to let the employer bring salary up first, but your approach makes sense so that the employer and I don't waste each other's time if the salary isn't adequate for me.

  14. One time I overheard my supervisor talking to other supervisors that they knew that my coworker / friend had been looking for work elsewhere.

    It turned out the other company’s recruiter knew our company’s recruiter and had gotten all of my coworker / friend’s personal info as well as work history. That recruiter then told my coworker / friend’s current supervisor about his job search.

    Needless to say, my coworker / friend was pissed when I told him about it. He confronted his supervisor, who confirmed that they’d known for a while. He quit not long afterwards.

  15. In the UK, employers do ask lower paid workers for verfication and refuse to empoy a candidate who fails to give consent to this validation. This can be hard on someone who wishes to transit from one market or profession to another. The role is either worth a certain amount based on the skills that the employer needs and the time required to succeed in the role or it is not. The potential employee is either skilled or willing to learn fast, or they won't succeed in the interview. If they are deemed successful at interview and they build in a 3 or six month provisional term to ensure the skills or learning is there and the performance is on track or above, then they keep the job. They should not need to validate the salary but they should validate qualifications.

  16. I’m going through this right now. They are asking my pay stubs to make sure I was getting paid what I said. It’s sad that employers do this. I have never encountered this situation before! I know my worth and skills

  17. In several states (CA, NY) it is now illegal to ask about current salary. Employers are required to have standards for each job. This was done so that people (mainly women and minorities) were not harmed by prior pay discrimination.

  18. Hey don. I have a really important question to ask. Can a employer background check show where you have worked last? I need to know this.

  19. Yeah Don, got a Z**m interview yesterday and it was real weird, like rising some red flags questions like if the house I was being interviewed was mine's. Or if I got some credit available. At the end they just asked the salary expectations, yet I was naive on comparing with my last job. Now I'll take that as interview experience for next time

  20. BS, especially where you said that employers want to pay you your market value. If it was like that they would not ask about previous renumeration. Secondly they may have a range but if the hiring manager likes you you might land above that. Adressing the salary first is a huge mistake as they might disqualify you

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