Can I Get A Passport With A Felony Arrest Record | Criminal Record

Now any felony conviction can be an annoying problem for anyone, but it doesn’t have to be a major setback for you. Reason being is that the US State department reviews each and every passport application they receive and they do make decisions on felony passports on a per case basis.

There are some reasons that a felony conviction could hurt your chances of getting a passport, because there are some reasons why your application will most definitely be rejected.

For instance…if you are convicted of a drug-related felony or even certain drug-related misdemeanors, you are ineligible to get a passport. If you are a deadbeat parent and you owe child support payments…you cant get a passport until you clear up your payments and if the State Department decides that you are a threat to national security, you may be denied a passport.

You will also be disqualified if you have been ruled legally incompetent if you’re subject to a felony arrest or have been forbidden by court order, parole or probation from leaving the country.


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Can I Get A Passport With A Felony Arrest Record


39 thoughts on “Can I Get A Passport With A Felony Arrest Record | Criminal Record”

  1. I have an arrest on my record from 20 years ago. I was released and never charged. However the arrest is on my record, a felony had I been charged. I was not charged due to lack of evidence, clean blood test.

  2. You only half to pay 50% of child support of arrears and male 3 payments. Drug felonies only pertain to trafficking internationally.. And I have been to Malaysia and Singapore and Indonesia.. I had to go through these steps.. To get my passport.

  3. Nice work however it's not 100% accurate as the first statement is incomplete. Here is the accurate info.
    "According to U.S. Code Classification Table 2714, if you are convicted of a drug-related felony or certain drug-related misdemeanors, you are ineligible to get a passport during the time you are incarcerated as well as during your court-mandated probation period, and can even have an extant passport taken away".
    With that even being convicted of a drug related felony you certainly can get a Passport. I have a Sales Of Cocaine, Manslaughter Conviction and upon finishing my prison time I applied and got my Passport.

  4. If your passport was used to transport dope across the border, you owe over $2500 in back child support, you have an ongoing criminal case against you, or you are on probation, I believe are reasons listed on the state departments website as cause to deny a passport application

  5. My gf was charged for bringing drugs and etc but she did her time and is off parole an she got a pardon you think she can get a passport?

  6. 2019 , People still getting into America and we can't leave if a felon LMAO I will just claim Sov Citizen Ship

  7. I mean you are going to listen to a guy with the green screen set to this LOL 135 people are brain dead

  8. Damn! I figured they want to get us out of the country, hassle free, since I'm a listed troublemaker.

  9. So if a person got caught with a joint of marijuana and was arrested and went to prison because its a drug felony, 10 years later you still cant get a passport? America fucking sucks. I absolutely hate this country. America only has 15% of the earth's population but yet has thee most people locked up in prison in the world. This is a police country. Created to keep people in prison cages for every little thing. You spit on the sidewalk, oops thats a felony. You fart in public, oops thats a felony. You J-walk, oops thats felony. America land if the free? What a joke. More like land of the prisons.

  10. These are the conditions that will allow the release of passport regardless of child support arrears (1) Emergency Release Situations (2) Death of a qualifying family member (3) Medical emergency.  

    45 C.F.R. §303.35(a) (2001) also requires that each state have in place "an administrative complaint procedure … to allow individuals the opportunity to request an administrative review" to correct errors made by state child support enforcement agencies.

  11. Im ex convict and I've been out 20 years and its really hard for me to get a job , so I want to move out these corrupt country , and I'm gonna seek asylum because there's nothing for us ex convicts ,, and I was sentence to prison for bicycle yes I now it sounds crazy , and it wasn't even me that did and I was half way across town and I fell like I was set up because it was my first offense and got 3 years in prison and went to violent facilities and got stabbed twice ,, the USA is corrupt country , because I may say the other country is shitty but these country is becoming to shit ,, there's so much killings and are dollar bills here ain't worth nothing but a dollar and yas , I will take my money and start a new life , people of the USA u better start asap becausw where bout to fall in 2025 believe it or not ,, I'm out peace

  12. This does actually violate international law… But if Trump can illegally separate and detain kids and Barack Obama can carry out illegal airstrikes on whole village because there might be an "insurgent" there… Well the US doesn't care about laws

  13. I'm currently dealing with an on going case, I have no desire to run and I've been taking care of it but it's making me so crazy to know I might get denied.. is there anything I can do about this?

  14. My son wants to travel but he was a convicted felon no prison just jail time buy it's been about 20 yrs ago or possibly longer, does he have to put that on a passport application considering he doesnt remember most of the details anymore?

  15. I would like to say thanks to [email protected] for the job well done on clearing my felony record. After being told I could no longer work for a company due to a conviction that was dismissed I was speechless. I explained to my employer that my conviction was dismissed and they told me since I had pleaded guilty on the conviction it did not matter. Needless to say I became jobless at a bad time with the recession Due to the bad economy the employers are now at an advantage of selecting the top notch candidates. In an effort to reduce the numbers, the companies have upgraded their qualifications. This means if you have a dismissed conviction it will show up on your record and can affect you finding employment. park worked hard on my case and my record was expunged. I will be honest that it is nerve wrecking dealing with someone over the internet that you do not know due to all of the scams out their, But this hacker did a great job and now I can move on with my career and not fear I will receive a letter terminating me from work due to my records!, If you are in need of expunging or clearing your criminal or driving records , call or text (6016419313)

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  17. I’ve made a mistake in the past please answer I’m in love and she is to and We are scared of losing each other. I have Aspergers and I have had a rough life I have been hospitalized for suicidal throughout my life I’m not doing it anymore. And I have a minor record other than that I have one case of strangulation attempt of bodily harm attempt of murder and a Felony of domestic violence and a misdemeanor of destruction of property that’s it. My ex wife also domestically abused me but so you didn’t charge her with her crimes. The first time I got charged with a felony with her I attacked her because she hit me first. And I tried going for a walk but she wouldn’t let me leave the house.My girlfriend lives in the Philippines please help. Will I be able to get a passport? I already told her about my past she understands

  18. Actually you are wrong about the drug charges because I am a convicted felon with drug charges and I have a passport. Only if you are shipping drugs overseas you can be denied a passport.

  19. Question I have a misdemeanor and the misdemeanor is from being with someone that was a sex offender and I had to literally basically defend myself and then I have a felony it's the same thing but I got raped by a assistant pastor and I had to defend myself because I had a weapon as in a kitchen knife to get him off me but back at home in Cleveland Ohio no judge no officer did not contact me for the court and this happened in March of this year 2020 and I want to know can you hit me back I'm going to literally give you my email and I want you to hit me back because I really do need your help to look at my background to see what is going on because the lady that was so called being a police but I think she was hired from the guy that raped me I don't know but I need to know from your point of view do I really have a felony on my background and if I do where are you located what state you from because I need some help of putting this Man behind bars and on top of that see Cleveland Ohio police the judge and everybody they let him go and he's still doing the exact same thing two people in the church how he's getting away with everything because he has money he pay for his mistakes and he have lawyers and stuff like that I didn't have a lawyer. And now I can't get my apartment I can't get a passport I can't get a job because of this man and I want you to really help me my name is Ms Jackson I'm from Cleveland Ohio but right now I'm living in lake Charles Louisiana I want you to hit me back because it's a very very important I was looking up passports and felonies and misdemeanors because I want to travel more but not in the United States of America I'm done looking at the same bull crunch while just like kids going to the zoo every single weekend I'm tired of looking at the same thing I want to see something different so I want you to hit me back at my email thank you God bless. [email protected]

  20. My husband is a felon and he has his passport he and I travel all over the world he overcame so much and now makes 7 figures a year

  21. Would you also be able to get a passport travel to thailand philippines out of the country with a class a misdemeanor or a sealed record?

  22. Hey all, I just wanted to say, I have my passport and I was convicted of a drug related charge. Please don’t let this video discourage you. He seems like a good dude but don’t surrender to the system gang! When there’s a will, there’s a way

  23. yes you can, a passport is mearly a travel document and dosent automatically in itself give a person right of entry into another country, however a felony would likely affect you in regards to visa applications ect.

  24. I heard that one cannot get a passport if one has been convicted of international drug/human trafficking, even if the arrest and or convention were in a foreign country.

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