Can I Purchase a Firearm with a Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

Are you able to purchase, use, or carry guns or ammo while you also have a medical marijuana card? This is what we discuss in our video, we will break down everything from the gun purchase form, what the laws say, the most common arguments I hear, what happens if and when you get caught, and most importantly what I think about all of this. But I really want to hear what you guys have to say, leave your comments in the comment section below this video.

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0:00 Intro
1:10 The 4473 ATF Form
2:25 What the laws say
3:50 The arguments I hear every day
4:08 The two laws when conducting a private sale
6:05 How will I ever be caught?
9:00 My personal opinion
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38 thoughts on “Can I Purchase a Firearm with a Florida Medical Marijuana Card?”

  1. If you can drink alcohol then there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO reason to prevent weed smokers from purchasing a firearm

  2. Proven fact pills effect u werse then weed . Follow the science thay say hypocrites this is y were all Goin to be destroyed by God all bearing herbs and seeds are ours to do as we wish no freedom of religion . We will have to fight and die for or religious freedom now

  3. So what if you do not have your medical marijuana card and you go get your concealed weapons permit then after that you get your medical marijuana card then you have both

  4. I do not know anybody who were stoned enough to go shoot people but I do know people who were drunk enough to go shoot people

  5. it hurts my american bones the fact I basically need Cannabis to live my life from major pain and yet my physical disadvantage makes even more sense to carry I hope this will be resolved eventually

  6. Besarra is coming for you guns as a medical health crisis. And this guy is clueless to that fact. That DC riot has been blamed on Trump voters. We are a dangerous mob. We will all be classified under red laws as dangerous to selves and others aka nuts.

  7. So the question was, "Does my medical need circumvent my human rights?"? EFFF THAT NOISE! The "war on drugs" is a violation of the First Amendment. All firearms regulations are violations of the Second Amendment. Taxation is theft.

  8. It’s amazing to me marijuana is a schedule 1 drug (along with heroin) and oxycodone is a schedule 2 drug??? I don’t use either one so I don’t care I just don’t get it.

  9. If the federal government made marijuana a schedule 2, drug and not schedule 1, that would end this problem. Then you would not be an ‘illegal” controlled substance user by using marijuana with a prescription from a dr.Schedule 1 drugs have no medical value according to the fed. Government ,and schedule 2 drugs do An example of a schedule 2 drug is oxycodone. of course this is all dependent on you not being addicted to it. In that case no matter what drug you use you wouldn’t be able to lawfully own or possess a firearm.

  10. How does this work if for instance you have your card for a few years and before you purchase a gun or get a concealed permit your card expires and is no longer active does that still show has having the medical card?

  11. Laws are frgged up. It's legal, it's not legal. It's legal for this person, but only in this situation, damn bureaucratic nightmare. Can you imagine reading through ALL of the laws and how to follow them?

  12. What about someone who did have a fl medical card and it is now no longer active… does this mean I'm allowed to own a gun if I'm no longer using medical marijuana this is completely bs if I new I couldnt own a gun I would never got a card I never renewed it cuase weed is trash and over priced in fl who can actually afford it

  13. The most f*** up part of it is the fact that somebody will literally have to sacrifice themselves legally speaking and put themselves into massive financial debt or already be wealthy and a man of such principles that you're willing to put yourself into destitution in order to fight it all the way to the supreme Court. The feds are never going to take away that little caveat if they could put it on liquor they would everybody already knows the point that comes after you bring up booze. These are not complicated things are politicians were around during the 60s they know it it's just not advantageous for them holding on to their power.

  14. I had a ccw first . Later got a med card. I’ve let medical card expire and now I think the law states you have to wait at least one year to purchase fire arm. I no longer use marijuana @ all .

  15. Here is one issue that has confused me. I live in illinois, with a medical cannabis card, I cannot purchase a firearm from a gun store. My friend, in Florida, just bought one and he answered 4473 as YES! he even texted me showing me his form while at the gun store. The store gave him a 9mm that day. No waiting period, due to him already having a CCWL. This was a licensed Dealer, not a private sale. He said, "our agriculture Commissioner worked hard to make us not be affected" . This actually caused a loss of a friendship, due to me not backing down from facts, and him, being from Florida and refusing to be incorrect. Kind of petty, but I am a stickler for facts, and following laws. He has a medical cannabis card for florida, is there any kind of check by the state or anything? It's really weird.

  16. Ok. Now here I have already purchased my firearms long ago. Now let's say tomorrow I receive a medical marijuana card. Is it now illegal for me to use my firearms in self defense.

  17. Sooooo…It is OK for a doctor to perscribe oxytocin to a patient with a few herniated disks, but not a less addicting substance like marijuana to manage the pain? OK, it is clear, the inmates are running the asylum.

  18. It could be argued Corey BECAME an illicit drug user, but was not one at time of purchase of the firearm upon filing a 4473. Also, prohibition must be very profitable for someone for it to have remained an illicit substance for this long, almost 9 decades and counting.

  19. What about if you have a medical marijuana card but don’t use your prescription? Your not a user right? It expires in like a year I think, I could be wrong. So if you have it, doesn’t mean you are a user, therefore you can select no on the form. Am I correct in this? Any feedback would be great, thank you.

  20. What if you have a recommendation in a different state than you’re in and that recommendation is canceled ?

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