Can you be deported even if you are marry a US Citizen ? : USA Immigration Lawyer 🇺🇸

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25 thoughts on “Can you be deported even if you are marry a US Citizen ? : USA Immigration Lawyer 🇺🇸”

  1. If someone has had problems filling their taxes, will their green card renewal get denied? A US Resident I know is married to a US citizen. However, her husband (the US citizen) had not filed her taxes correctly a couple of times on TurboTax. Their 2017 tax was cleared (They were sent a CP2000, and they amended it/ paid for whatever was missing), but the IRS did not allow them to pay for the mistakes they made in their 2015 taxes (IRS refunded them and said the case was closed because of the statute of limitations). Right now, she is withdrawing her US citizenship application because this might negatively affect her chances. The next time she would get a green card is in 2025.

  2. Hi, My question is My husband got here small illegally and now he is waiting for Appointment at Juarez. on May 2019 my son got diagnosed autism. my husband is the only income. will that affect him if I get all the medical help for son

  3. If some overstayed and he marry his gf which is American citizen can he will be spared from being deported?

  4. I know who marry just to aboid being deported she got tourist visa then he look for a us citizen to marry and ask to pay for 2000dollars, where can we report those people

  5. hi im permanent resident and Im pregnant And im in WIC program and Medicaid am i gonna get deported?
    and another question i update my address just recently using R-11 even thought i dont have any pending cases to them am i gonna get in trouble?

  6. I hear you sir even last yr many African enter US last November most of them are married in Africa or orther country they only pretend they are not married to married in the US to stay same as you say fake marriage you are very right and there wife children are suffering in there country those cameroons and Nigeria dangerous people

  7. So what happens in the case of a person who does come here legally, such as with a tourist Visa, and then enters a bonifide marriage to a U.S. Citizen, and then overstays their Visa? Can they file for a change of status prior to the overstay, due to the marriage, and then stay without being deported as they await the change in status? Could they directly apply for the change in status or would they have to follow the spousal visa pathway?

  8. Thank you sir , can you get denied in k1 visa after almost 8 months from the interview with the embassy because i comitted one law drug pocession while i was tourist 5 years ago in the US ? Specially that we have daughter now me and my US citizen fiancee . Please help me ive meet all the 4 requirment . Good luck

  9. What happens if someone enters the us legally on a K1 visa, then dosent file for adjustment of status. Can they be deported?

  10. What about if married to outside the USA then the husband bring the wife in USA only tourist visa the has a child born in outside USA but the baby they file USA citizen n also Philippine citizen so what that suppose to mean??

  11. Help!!!..I recently found out my husband of 10 months is using me for citizenship!..I found out he’s been having an affair on me he also lied to me when we were first dating and told me he had entered here in the u.s 6 years ago legally and then I found out that was a lie that he snuck over here and was married before in Dominican Republic I started having suspicions back in March when corona first happened and I lost my job I filed for unemployment soon after and he was also out of work for a few weeks I was helping him try to get his and discovered he couldn’t provide documents it’s a long story but it’s been lie after lie I’m hurt angry and confused and shocked at how this happened and I want to do something about it ASAP I also want a divorce I was lied to for a whole year and a half I want this man gone and away from me I don’t know where to even start


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  14. one of my friend who was illegal married to usa citizen and got green card……it has been many years now….can we complain to ICE about this fraud for gc…

  15. i would lke to report marriage fraud for GC..he was illegal in USA for many years and married citizen to become legal and got GC and happily settled.want to report about this guy….his details pradeep bhalla ph 732 824 7656 fb id : pbhalla9 lives in NY…

  16. Hi I want to file for a fiancé visa and want to married my gf and bring her to the us, I try to fill the form for fiancé visa and they want a passport which I don’t have because of back child support. What can I do??? Thx

  17. Is it possible for already married non USA citizens to marry USA citizens ONLINE? the second marriage?

  18. what if i came as a child? am I still considered as coming illegally or am I protected by innocence?

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