Can your employer dismiss you if you refuse the coronavirus vaccine?

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During this video, you’ll learn:
– the choice as it might be presented to you; get vaccinated or get dismissed
– the cold, hard reality facing you if your employer instructs you to get vaccinated
– the possible legal claims you’d have if you refused, and were dismissed
– the trickier position of vocal anti-vaxxers

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33 thoughts on “Can your employer dismiss you if you refuse the coronavirus vaccine?”

  1. If enough don't the can't do shit. Who's going to do the work they need with skilled workers….

  2. Hey guys I'm a student nurse. They are making us get the hepatitis B vaccine and they say that I can't go on hospital placement if I don't get it. I really don't trust any of the vaccines these days. Is there an advice someone could give??? I really need help.. Thank you

  3. You must cater to homosexual wedding if youre a Christian bakery or lose your business but if you reject a vaccine you will be fired. Sounds logical.

  4. You know it's crazy you can transmit the virus whether you had the vaccine or not so no jabs no jobs makes no sense whatsoever neither does the vaccine passport thing. They are fkg brainless.

  5. Dont you know everyone who had questions about vaccines is an "antivaxer". It's the media driven paid for by big pharma method to silence dissent.

  6. They can wield the # of the beast against humanity truth and lies good and evil twisted thru the power of distribution and transformation

  7. What if a healthcare professional argues they don't want to be vaccinated because of their age….Age is a protected characteristic. Redeployment and restriction in duties would be the more humane way to approach this than dismissing staff. This vaccine is causing so much stress for many staff.

  8. That's sounds like ''bribary'' IF you dont get a vaccine, ie; a medical treatment – you will either not be hired or dismissed – disgraceful this insidious bullying needs to be stopped or where will this end? more and more medical deceisons made without your approval but done in a bribe, banter for your right to work, travel or umteen other things, MPs you should never allow this barbaric act to be in situ – for oneday you may lay in a bed vulnerable while the authorities around you decide on your fate and you may have no say whatsoever , the power of clinical judgement MUST always stay with the individual threw CHOICE. It is your body and these vaccines are not 100% SAFE no medical intervention is. Once that small amount of liquid has been injected into your bloodstream theres no going back its IN. And none of us know what it really is?

  9. Hi Daniel, I work for an organisation that supports homeless, or at risk of becoming, individuals and families. We have been working from home from the start and quite successfully. Now they are pushing for us to be vaccinated. Why should I agree since I have been working very well from home? I think I have a good case for unfair dismissal.

  10. There is the Nuremberg code, the UNESCO 2005 bioethics update, the human rights act, the right to choose and medical autonomy

  11. The injectable does not provide any kind of immunisation, therefore it's not mission critical and in my humble opinion arguable in a court of law.

  12. I have a family medical history of hypothyroidism and blood clots on the brain. I myself am allergic to many medicines being a very sickly child and developed allergies to those medicines as a consequence. I've also suffered anaphylactic shock from an injection but it was not a vaccine it was a sedative before operation. This was just a few years ago. Does that count as a disability? I'm resigned to the fact I might be dismissed but I'd rather be that than dead.

  13. Except that it's not mission critical, and just as carehome workers, who tend to be paid very little, aren't required to have flu vaccines.

  14. The government could tell you to eat dog shite and people would eat it. Nothing will change and nothing will happen to any of the liars what represent this shit hole of a country. It’s history repeating its self. There are to many puppies who control it. Get all subject access info

  15. OSHA has stated any Company that forces an employee to get this shot will be liable for any Death and/or illness as a Workmans comp deal. This being said if the shot causes death or disability as it has already the family can sue the company and win.

  16. Sheeple love giving up their freewill to antichrists. Jesus doesn't want us to slaves to anything

  17. Going to be a lot of people on the dole… My family won't have the VAX.. We don't like aborted baby fetus and chimpanzee cells ingested in our bodies.. Its canabilism and cross specie genetics… Not our cup of tea…

  18. In light of what we now know, since this video was made. The anti-vaxxers are quite right to rail against this roll out.
    I am fortunately retired nowadays and will never need to face this dilemma.
    The ingredients within most of these preparations are causing a few eyebrows to arch up. Proprietary elements with adverse health warnings, mercury, blanket immunity from any culpability offered to the pharmaceutical companies and blood clotting and more recently claims of self magnetism at the injection site!
    Who in their right mind would willingly take the chance?
    I wonder sir, have you taken the jab already? If so, are you really so confident as you were when you made this video?

  19. No they cannot .It is against your human rights to be forced to take a vaccine .If you are forced you will be able to sue for up to 10 years or employment ,This guy is on the side of the VACCINE .Do not take any notice of his lies .If I was employed and my employer tried to sack me for this reason then they would pay a very very heavy price

  20. I'm a vegan and even if the jabs didn't have animal produce in, I wouldn't want the jab anyway, I'd rather lose my job than sell my soul. I don't have a job, do or die if you don't have the jab, well I say death before dishonour.

  21. If that's the case, the people who would be layed off would never be able to get another job again if all employers implementated that rule. Vaccines are not mandatory in general so they can't do shit (which could change yet)…..God help us all if they change the law.

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