CBP Application Process Part 6: Drug Test, Background Investigation, and Job Offer!

Guys! It finally happened!!! I’m excited and also super nervous!
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44 thoughts on “CBP Application Process Part 6: Drug Test, Background Investigation, and Job Offer!”

  1. So happy for you, I hope to be in your shoes soon!! It’s almost going to be a month since my info was sent to OPR, just waiting on the poly

  2. I just passed my polygraph exam on thursday :D, how long did they take to contact you after passing your poly? im feeling impatient already lmao

  3. Hey if your hired with the agency what do you do in between the 5 months gap? Technically you are hired do you just sit and wait until February?

  4. I applied applied maybe 5 weeks ago and I’ve already finished me interview and doing my physical tomorrow. Does anyone know why I’m shooting through the process vs others? Even the cbp officers were shocked when I told them how much I’ve done in about a month

  5. Got a job offer the next day?!? I met with my investigator two months ago and I’m still waiting to pass my BI

  6. I got a tentative offer also. I'm doing my physical fitness next week and the following week I have the structured interview. It's going to fast but I'm so grateful and a little nervous

  7. I just did my interview Thursday and found out I passed on Friday. Next is fitness test tomorrow. Then only thing I have left after that is polygraph. Was the drug test during the medical exam cause I did a urinalysis? Anyway I’m hoping I find out about the polygraph date after fitness test. I really wanna get schedule for CBP Academy.

  8. I met with and finished the On Field Background Investigator going on 2 months now and still no call for drug test and/or offer. Anyone know how long the adjudication process takes? Thanks

  9. If I understood your first video you are doing cbpo and not CBP correct so fletc in georgia? I'm here currently finishing spanish. I would say the most you can do really is get your physical fitness to standard so you have less chance of injury. 24 pushups, 45 second 220, and under 25 minutes for 1.5 mile. I've watched people fail a week before graduation due to fitness, not a good reason to not get through this training. Wouldn't hurt to start and learn classes of immigrant and non immigrant or at least read up on it a little for familiarization, that test imseems to get lowest scores out of the 8 exams. Trainees are fed the information by spoon and as long as you arent sleeping in class and at least read over notes you shouldnt have a problem passing tests. Where are you headed? I'll be back in Nogales in 4 weeks. Also if at all possible bring a car, it makes it feel a little less like jail especially how full campus is with trainees now. I wish you all the best. Push through the good and the bad here, it's so worth it.

  10. Congrats that’s great!! I also got an offer. I have to report to my duty station on February 27 and my EOD for the Academy is on March 13 to July 17. Thanks for your videos and I’ll probably see you at the Academy as well.. congrats!

  11. Awesome job congrats! I just had my SI today and did my fingerprints after, but the agents didn't give me any hints to wether I passed or not. Is that normal, or should I be concerned?

  12. Happy to see your video and Congrats to you!! I am under my BI currently. I would like to know if I had any lateness at the work in other federal job in the past, should it be affect me anywhere in my hiring process!! I dont mind to email you but if its ok for you then I would like to know more if you can txt or so: 3479378181. Thanks and yeah…nice hoodie::))

  13. I am having my BI tomorrow in the afternoon, the investigator is meeting with my employer as well. I am starting spring semester at the university in January, and I will be graduating in July for my bachelor in Criminal Justice. I don't know what to do! if they make me an offer can they wait for me until July or do I have to start the process all over?

  14. For CBP are you allowed to decline the final job offer and wait in a ready pool for a more desirable location like Tsa? Or do you have One option only to take or leave?

  15. Update on my status: Applied in August 2018 and since then on my CBP mobile app everything is complete except the background, drug test, and final offer. I met with my BI in December and has been quiet since. Anyone else in a similar boat?

  16. So after you finish all the test how many months till you ship out or report for basic training ???

  17. Hi, congrats on the offer. I'm in Michigan been waiting for my poly for 8 months now. COVID-19 isn't helping either… So can everyone who attended the academy give me some insite on what to expect. For example do they fail people and send them home if they don't pass the physical fitness test?

  18. I took my SI interview in April 2019 and still waiting for my poly and im in September 2020 1 year and 5months is that Normal the wait time ?

  19. Question.. I put my most recent 3 jobs I have worked on the departments application. On the PHQ I put all previous employers but don't know the exact dates and there were only 2 that were on the PHQ that were not on the department's application (2 that I worked at for less than a month each). Do you think they will DQ me and think they will think I am trying to hide anything? If they ask I have no issue at all telling them this exactly.

  20. what is the qualification review and what will disqualify from that step because that is my next step after the exam

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