Check your hard drive for errors in Windows 8

In this video, I show the how check your hard drive for errors in Windows 8. For more Geek Tips, go over to


18 thoughts on “Check your hard drive for errors in Windows 8”

  1. Disconnected Gamer says:

    I've been getting a lot of blue screens due to a KERNEL issue so hopefully this will resolve it if not i'll have to dig deeper! Nice Video easy to understand 🙂

  2. Jei says:

    you sir, just earned my susbcribe

  3. Tyrion Rexton says:

    I need some immediate help. I have a sea-gate expansion external HDD which I purchased 2 years back and was working fluid until yesterday when I connected the HDD to transfer some files to my iPad and it suddenly started to disconnect and reconnect continuously so I just disconnected the USB cable from the port and connected it to another USB port and then it wasn't even connecting. It just showed the disk icon as local disk J where as the name of the disk as Sea-gate

  4. Scott St. Gelais says:

    Have you downloaded the SeaTools utility from the Seagate website yet?

  5. John Coppolella says:

    I just installed Windows 8. I had trouble backing up with Mozy, and the error code was hard drive errors. I followed the steps in the video and it worked. My last 4 files finally backed up last night. Thanks!

  6. Scott St. Gelais says:

    You're welcome.

  7. Scott St. Gelais says:

    Have you downloaded the SeaTools utility from the Seagate website yet?

  8. Al May says:

    I recently installed msdos box and the win95 image file. The image file is corrupted and says it couldn't be mounted.  However, when I did the chkdsk it said there were no errors. How do I fix this?

  9. Vince Mariano Palac says:

    excuse me sir?.. i need help with my win 8.. when i open it it goes to black screen and after a while.. it opened and it says the hard drive of your pc has not responding.. how can i fix hard drive pc?… it often not responding…

  10. Manny Crespo says:

    Maybe you could help? I am running a 64 bit MSI motherboard with W8 OS and 1TB hdd. I was infected with a rootkit in which deleted a partition, on recreating the GPT and MBR, re-installation of OS was possible (with access to windows I used avast rootkit removal); however, I am experiencing hard drive over load. Since then, I have cleaned partitions, ran chckdsk /f /r several times with to no progress for windows continues to crash. I have used microsoft malware tool and malwarebytes to determine if and malicious adware could be found – none. Also, I have notice when checking devices "other" SM bus controller driver is missing or in need of repair. plz help at wits end.

  11. hindhuja chinthapalli says:

    It is showing as access denied and to invoke this utility running in elevated mode!! please help me out here. why can't I fix it?!

  12. matte154 says:


  13. matte154 says:

    thanks so much, it helped me fix my hard drive 🙂

  14. Janette says:

    Thank you for your video .. 🙂  

  15. jacob roland says:

    I recently installed a game and it gave me ads and pop ups in the Google Chrome and I was wondering how to get rid of that because it says to chkdsk in c:/and I've tryed lots of stuff and I just need some help so it would be great if u can get back to me

  16. BASS MIKE says:

    My local disk (c) drive has some errors after i checked it out and it changes its memory again nd again……… smetimes itzzz 7gb smetimes 7 mb nd even it reaches to kb…… do u have a solution to dis problem and how to fix it????

  17. Julie o hare says:

    what if you cant access your computer error 0Xc00000f

  18. Melaos Tmetuchl says:

    anyone help please. so i went to command prompt and ran as administrator and performed chkdsk /f /r. it did and restarted but now its scaning and repairing (C:): 10% complete for about 45 min. is this normal or did i do something wrong. by the way i have windows 8.1..

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