Childbirth Class Online: Class #4 – Early Labor and Sleep + Denial

Class Four of the YouTube Childbirth Class series covers EARLY LABOR and SLEEP + DENIAL. We discuss the Early Labor stage and go into detail on the best strategies for dealing with early labor.

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Class 4

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8 thoughts on “Childbirth Class Online: Class #4 – Early Labor and Sleep + Denial”

  1. Didn’t think of this question until after class, but when you said most labor starts between 7PM and 7AM, what percentage is that? Curious if it’s a major difference or if it’s smaller (but obviously still statistically significant) difference.

  2. I had an abnormally long labor. This is rare and it won't be most peoples' experience.
    I just think that rest really IS important, so I will share…

    I was in labor with my daughter (first child) for over 30hrs.
    I started having contractions at 3min apart fairly early on in labor (maybe 3 hrs in).

    I am not sure I could have slept through any of it.

    After my experience, I do agree with you that it is important to get as much sleep as you can early on.

    After about 26hrs of contractions and finding out I was only 3cm dialated, I knew there was no way I would be able to give birth if I did not manage to get some sleep.

    I had not been able to eat, hardly anything at all, during those 26hrs either.
    I remember trying to eat little grains of rice and not even being able to get through the small serving.

    I wound up getting an epidural, along with pitocin, so that I could get a nap and so that labor would speed up.
    I slept for a few hours.
    Then my daughter was born. (She is 7 now, and healthy and wonderful)

    It would have been nice to get sleep earlier on, but I am just not sure there is anything I could have done.
    Maybe the bath would have helped (no one told me I could take a bath while in labor… Lol).

    I did start having contractions in the morning though. I had been sleeping before then… I was still exhausted by the next day.

    I uploaded the birth story on my channel back in 2013.
    I want to say it's not that bad. I know it sounds bad, but everything is ok. Pain is temporary.

  3. Very true, gentle walking around helps. Baby's head is definitely not a perfect sphere; can be any shape; walking helps, as it employs gravity to help birth progress more quickly, both stretching of the neck of the uterus and descent of baby. Ina May Gaskin described the Gaskin manoeuvre for shoulder dystocia (stuck because of shoulder presentation); baby is encouraged to fall back out of the pelvis; then with the next contraction of the uterus, the chances are, a different part of baby will enter the pelvis and fit better into the pelvis, so baby is no longer stuck and delivery becomes possible. Birth is not 'laser-guided-docking' procedure. I did 340 deliveries at Lincoln County Hospital UK, during my elective after graduating, I support Future Learn (96 universities) 'Global Maternal Health Series'; The Lancet; 'Over medicalisation of Birth "too much , too soon", and agree with the last paragraph completely, mums are not fully informed of the disadvantages of Caesarean sections and episiotomies, or how to avoid both, which is 'Human Rights abuse'. Episiotomy should be obsolete, given Aniball and 'Epi-no Delphine' plus exit. Dr Zenko BILAS YouTube channel to help mum 'Birth explained for children' from science angle. Comments on 'Mums Independent' Facebook welcome – Doulas have a valuable role to play. The more knowledge mum has the better, as she is central, in the Midwife, Obstetrician, Doula triangle. Empower mums, with knowledge.

  4. #childbirthreplay

    On the topic of sleep… I am now at 38 weeks. For most of my pregnancy, I have been able to sleep pretty good. However, it has been getting increasingly more difficult. No matter what position, I am no longer comfortable. For this reason I have been falling asleep later and later… Yesterday, I hardly slept during the night due to discomfort. I have back issues and TOS (had this pre pregnancy already).

    I have been taking paracetamol whenever the discomfort turns into pain. I am trying not to take it too much. But right now I am at the point where I am wondering if i should just take paracetamol every night in order to fall asleep earlier / easier. Would this be ok?

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