Companies Are Doing "Background Checks" on People's Social Media w/Andrew Doyle | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1423 w/Andrew Doyle aka Titania McGrath:


36 thoughts on “Companies Are Doing "Background Checks" on People's Social Media w/Andrew Doyle | Joe Rogan”

  1. Austin Hall says:

    This is why you should have throw away accounts that are not linked to your real one

  2. Ratclima says:

    Banning people only turns them into the ever growing victim class – from this we need to be careful.

  3. Stonehorse Gaming says:

    Software will be our undoing, mainly because it is blind to context.

  4. Boris says:

    Ofc they do.
    They won't ever find any dirt on me though.
    Not even on my Facebook

  5. DJiMMa says:

    Just think about your net history then realise most of us are fucked if someone goes digging

  6. Chris Heidt says:

    Guess I can't comment or I'll never be able to change jobs!
    Pathetic what we've become

  7. Matt Richardson says:

    7:50… your welcome

  8. brandon snider says:

    The world's fkd we gave to much power to a bunch of devil's who want to control people

  9. Adam Smith says:

    You must allow hate speech. Period.

  10. DSdouble says:

    Joe why did you just use the term "hatespeach"? Please stop.

  11. ANDRES TAMAYO says:

    Pay very, very close attention people. The police, were able to go after someone, for that THEY thought they MEANT. 3,000 people in the UK, have been persecuted…for…thought. You have 50 year-olds in this country(America), having to apologize for something that they said when they were teenagers. People need to do 2 things. 1) Fight against this kind of thing…every time…anywhere…period. 2) When someone says that THEY are offended by something that you said or did, that REALLY wasn't….tell them, "Too bad"., or, "Oh well…".

  12. Michael Johnston says:

    Censorship = forbidden fruit.
    Sunshine is the best disinfectant for bad ideas.

  13. Hugh Smith says:

    England sucks

  14. Damian Faraklas says:

    America eventually follows the commonwealth of Britain. They are our best allies.

    They are already checking your footprint to identify those who need “their thinking checked”

  15. Julian Lawrence-Ball says:

    It’s quite simple. If a firm asks for your social media history either give it to them or tell them to fuck off

  16. High Plains Drifter says:

    Bnp is over one hundred thousand strong. And still going strong. Joe's guests dont half tell some poorkie pies. This muppet speaks from his arsehole. Lying twat.

  17. Scott Handler says:

    Fuck social media.

  18. The philosophy of spam says:

    Besides one of my ex-wife's former employers supposedly using social media to only hire attractive women. I just don't think I'm going to be able to continue living in a world like that.

  19. The philosophy of spam says:

    How do you know if what you're saying is offensive speech?

  20. The philosophy of spam says:

    I was trying to stand up for a bunch of different groups of people and some of them fight against each other. My brain is so broken now.

  21. MS Archive says:

    Is it that hard to set everything to private?

  22. John Gore says:

    I bet that filtering software doesn't flag woke thought and speak.

  23. bob timbly says:

    Joe "bout to win a million dad" Rogan

  24. M1KA3L says:

    Interesting lens for another look at the “evolving standards of decency” argument

  25. TACnumb says:

    Wow I had no idea the UK was so fucked up

  26. quanem banem says:

    The disagreeable bowling immediately last because slice lovely colour into a null wash. obese, freezing pen

  27. Attorney Alan Jacob says:

    How do you investigate a retweet? Gov is useless

  28. Test God / New Billboards for Gibi Liars Truth says:

  29. People pleaser says:

    This has been happening forever. If you set it to private they can't see it. Furthermore if you don't have social media then they can't cancel you. Find some different way to communicate your points.

    Every time I hear someone complain about social media all I see is a person too limited in potential to make any real impact on the world so they have to use others to build their own brand.

    Create a new medium. Have some damn innovation.

  30. BASIC EXAMPLES says:

    Ever since I found out that Joe can’t decide if we went to the moon or not, I wonder how he believes in anything.

  31. Dudepool says:

    Dude, Im "leftist" or whatever, and even I can tell you "we need to check your thinking" wouldn't fly with armed citizens. Just letting all you citizens of "Airstrip 1" know…

  32. Dudepool says:

    Ooh, get called a bigot, pull up oxfords definition. Brilliant! Thank you smartphone, no dictionary needed lmao.

  33. Inter Malager says:

    Welcome to the UK everyone! Paedophiles run rampant whilst a dude gets arrested for training his dog

  34. Brazen Bull says:

    A goal for the haters here in the us

  35. Otto von Wallace says:

    People are far too easily offended these days. In our country some peoples feelings are hypersensitive. For the normal people, its quite literally a joke. Words can only hurt you if you are weak, and let them.

  36. Niche Knacks says:


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