CPN Guy Goes to Jail || Is A CPN Number Legal? 2021 || Credit Privacy Numbers

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In this video Tomy talks about CPN numbers and whether they’re illegal or not. There’s a lot of people saying they’re endorsed by the FBI and that you can use it to basically restart your credit profile (get a fresh start) so we’ll get to the bottom of that today!
👋 About this channel : My name is Tomy Boboy and I’m the founder of the Credit Cure System. The past few years I’ve been working to help people improve their personal finances. I believe that everyone can achieve financial freedom and reach retirement it just takes planning and a little motivation. On this channel I teach you how credit is the first step to improving your finances, & with good credit you can take control of your finances to reach your goals. Feel free to reach out anytime! I’d love to help everyone reach your goals

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25 thoughts on “CPN Guy Goes to Jail || Is A CPN Number Legal? 2021 || Credit Privacy Numbers”

  1. Tomy - Everyday Finance says:

    Have y'all heard about CPNs?

  2. Trill Fa5 says:

    that man aint locked he still posting on his fb lmaoo

  3. LAsHoGuY says:

    Can you get health insurance/health coverage?

  4. Mike Zoman says:

    Just another “credit repair guru dude” trying to trash alternative options and scare people. Respectfully sir, you are completely biased and misleading. The entire title of your video is misleading and designed to scare people. Pretty sad. CPNs are totally legal if used responsibly. PERIOD.

  5. Credit Mentoring , LLC says:

    CpN are only illegal when u defraud banks

  6. T.W.B says:

    If someone gives you a cpn that’s already established you’re in trouble. If it’s not blank meaning nothing is showing up don’t use it.

  7. Trey Hunter says:

    Hey man if I used a cpn for a 340 loan will I be in trouble if I got to them tell them the truth and pay it back in full?? Please I need a answer and I’m nervous

  8. Tron Prime says:

    Have you heard of a Renters ID number? I came across a company online that co signs for people to get an apartment if they have bad credit. They say you can use a renters ID instead of a social. Is that the same thing as a CPN ?

  9. olivia phillips says:

    Is it safe to use a cpn to get a financed car

  10. j street says:

    This guy doesn’t know what Ed taking about

  11. mach e says:

    Bro you low key look like De'aundre Bonds.

  12. ronefresh says:

    These credit gurus always talking about cpns are illegal then charge you upfront to clear your credit which is also illegal and they don’t clear a damn thing

  13. Octavius Jewell says:

    Can I use a cpn to lease a home?

  14. Cam's Vault says:

    So what your talking about is what will happen if you buy one from someone yes it is fraud because when you buy one it’s really a stolen SSN but if the government assigns you a CPN that is legal

  15. Shaquita Dominique says:

    So to be clear there's no legal way of obtaining a CPN number?

  16. AL SUURAHMAN says:

    People go to jail using ssn ?

  17. Cpn KING says:

    Not TRUE

  18. Automotive Manifestation says:

    wait i thought it was illegal if you dont pay it

  19. elana tapp says:

    So they are illegal ??

  20. bby bandman says:

    This not even how CPNs work lmfaoo

  21. Lyn Lyn says:

    Cpn’s are recycled social security numbers from deceased people. Smh

  22. Rub Dee says:

    I know a guy that tried to use a cpn to get a car, the dealer instead thought it was someone else’s information, they called the cops and they were arrested… but got released because the police really didn’t know what to charge them with. Cpns are not illegal…. but they are for the reasons most people buy them

  23. vincent goodwin says:

    if you are giving a cpn that belongs to another person yes that is illegal it is identity fraud. However if you get a cpn that doesn't belong to a living breathing human being nothing is going to happen to you. You just want to make sure you don't create bad debit with the cpn. The most important thing you can do when you purchase a cpn is go out to the social security administration validator and put the number in, if its a number that belongs to a child, old person or someone in prison you will know because it will give you the state and the year it was issued as a social security number. Don't believe the hype and most people who get caught are giving probation. Prisons would be overflowing with ppl using cpn's that's how popular they are. The man in video wasn't arrested for selling cpn's he was arrested for running a fake credit repair company and taking ppl's money.

  24. Darria Tate says:

    Do you dispute lexis nexus and corelogic then

  25. Daniel Daily says:


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