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9 thoughts on “Criminal Background Check – Free Search”

  1. choweyiii says:

    yay for saying its free and it really isn't

  2. MrMisanthrope1 says:

    rip off dont bother, tell everyone,

  3. gchenfc says:

    flag all, fucking bs

  4. Peter Foster says:

    @cegoins25 This background check is NOT FREE!!!! I am pissed now I am tired of free background checks being NOT FREE Yeah Just a luer to get your money. Aint getting mine

  5. 97jackman says:

    this just make you guys look bad

  6. James C says:

    true, Ive been searching for the longest now and im fed up!

  7. ajstill03 says:

    no there is one free and i verified it. u do one search and base a conclusion of 1 idiot posting false information… i dont know whose more stupid.

  8. Rapping Thugsta says:

    can you say NWO?

  9. Nate Schofield says:

    fuck this shit!!!!!!!!!

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