Criminal Background Checks

Running a criminal background check on a job applicant is a no-brainer, until you consider the vast population with criminal records who need honest jobs to stay clean.

This video was produced for Lesson 5 of Crime and Consequence, a course by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute.


2 thoughts on “Criminal Background Checks”

  1. of-course there's a way.. If there was no Bodily harm done.. meaning no open wounds… nothing serious like that, no rape, child molestation or murder.. then everything else besides that can be HIdden but not removed off the file.easy solution..if someone got into a bar fight, and drugs or alcohol were a factor.. that isn't something to worrie that theyll attack employees as employee intoxication is already monitored.

  2. All thanks to surehacks01 on Instagram, he's a great guy,he got my criminal record under the NYPD cleared under some hour's,now I'm a happy and free man,you could also be free and safe too just text him surehacks01

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