Criminally inadmissible to Canada due to a criminal charge or conviction in or outside of Canada?

If you have a criminal charge or conviction, you might be criminally inadmissible to Canada. Depending on the type of charge or conviction, the length of your sentence and the date by which you completed all of your sentences, you might or might not be eligible to apply for Canadian immigration and/or for a Criminal Rehabilitation/TRP applications.

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30 thoughts on “Criminally inadmissible to Canada due to a criminal charge or conviction in or outside of Canada?”

  1. Choicemas says:

    If I am criminally Inadmissible to Canada can I take connecting flights in Canada? (Never leaving the airport.)

  2. dihat he hayaat says:

    hi ma'am. I lived in UK as over stayer for more than 2 years after my study visa got expire. UKBA issued my arrest warrant but they never caught me or deported me I came back to my home country in Pakistan after they issued my arrest warrant. I came back by my own will I came on travel documents bcoz my passport was expired. I left UK in July 2015 .now I want to apply for Canadian immigration so will it be a problem for me bcoz I don't want to hide my history.. I will be very thankful to you for ur reply…

  3. AJM TOYS says:

    Hi ,
    I was sentenced to a year for fellony assault 3 in the us .
    I ended my sentence and got deported back to Egypt on Oct. 2005.
    Could I be deemed rehabilitated to enter Canada?

  4. Jarnail Singh says:

    Hi I'm an Indian national presently working in Muscat Oman as a truck driver, before here I worked for five years in Qatar and unfortunately I have a road accident case and person got injured in another car hit by my truck later on court fined me 1800 Canadian dollars + 1 month imprisonment( but didn't put me behind bars just charged fine only) it was happened in 2011 and fine was paid in March 2013. It would be considered as a criminal conviction???

  5. Roberto Antonio says:

    Hello I was referred to [email protected] I can’t thank him enough for helping me out in clearing my criminal records,he’s so reliable and affordable.

  6. Min Kim says:

    I’ve done my medical test but IRCC requested me to get police certificate(include lapsed) from my contury
    So, I got that paper i am sad cuz i didnt remember it was very long time ago 11 years ago. When i was young. I have 2 fines ticket. First one . One of my friend he used my ID and phone number while i was in military service so he fraud on my name and he joined to the army well, i never know this situation and i paid that no jailed or nothing just fine ticket . Second one also is … violence it also only fines ticket… what should i do ?? Prepare to back home ?? Or… work with a lawyer ??
    I need to summit file on august.4th

    I am so embarrassing to writing this topic…haha…

    So in my case will i reject my application?? Anyone same happened before ? I never recognized this one… cuz i have been in canada 7 years ircc never asked me that

  7. jD back says:

    How do I get to come to Canada

  8. #Sameer ghosale says:

    Hi my name is sameer.. i am from india.. i have criminal case in india.. it is still pending in court and dont know how much time it will take to discharge with this background can i get permission from Canadian government to work in canada..?

  9. Umar Tariq says:

    Hi, my name is Umar. I'm a Canadian citizen since 2007. I want to apply for my spouse's immigration application, but I have criminal record in Canada. Can I apply for her sponsorship?

  10. Grace Ducut says:

    Hi. My canadian fiancé has a 11counts of assault and 1 assault with weapon inside canada. Is he allowed to sponsor me?

  11. WilliamF. Highland says:

    Good morning, my name is William. I entered Canada from the U.S 2 months ago came back and tried again Friday and was inadmissible because of criminal history (misdemeanors 3). Which happened 8 years ago would I still have to fill out a criminal rehabilitation application or will that be considered deemed rehabilitation?

  12. Noel Doe says:

    Hi I have 2 drug convictions one for cultivation and the other possession it has been 10 years since both convictions will this likely stop me immigrating to canada altogether is it likely I will get rehabilitation? Thanks

  13. FISH&FUN says:

    Hello mam, I am from India I had car accident in my country in that I prove innocent is there any problem in my work permit?

  14. Bryan Rodriguez says:

    Hello there! How can I contact you? I have really important questions about admissibility hearing, thank you

  15. rushi 007 says:

    Acquitted outside canada…can permissible?

  16. Cabdi Casiis says:

    Sister help me sponsorship refusal due to doubt me criminal inadmissible if I go Interpol and check criminal records may accept me

  17. Cabdi Casiis says:

    I am refugee that sponsor me Canadian person

  18. Cabdi Casiis says:

    I am in uganda Africa last week immigration of Canada sent me this letter please help me This refers to your sponsorship application for the above mentioned person.

    I have assessed your application against the requirements specified in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR).

    Section R156(1)(a) of IRPR states:

    The following persons are ineligible to be a party to a sponsorship:

    (a) a person who has been convicted in Canada of the offence of murder or an offence set out in Schedule I or II to the Corrections and Conditional Release Act, regardless of whether it was prosecuted by indictment, if a period of five years has not elapsed since the completion of the person’s sentence.

    As part of the sponsorship application, each sponsor must submit a copy of a criminal record check (non-vulnerable sector check) issued within 6 months prior to application submission. Based on the information provided, I am not satisfied that one or more sponsors are not ineligible to be a party to a sponsorship as per IRPR 156(1). As a result, your sponsorship application is refused.

  19. Irene Hay says:

    Thank you for this info. Not sure if you're still answering Q's. Would the person be inadmissible for PR if he was arrested in the US in 2015 on minor misdemeanor, but no court was held and the case was dropped.

  20. timmy ol tool says:

    Hey I had a question for you, what if u had to plea guilty to a methamphetamine possession and u had nothing to do with it, but my attorney told me I had to plea guilty to possession etc ,can I be eligible to enter Canada? Thanks

  21. Luckhbir Singh says:

    Do I come to come to Canada if I m having a family convicted case on my life

  22. Tina Becky says:

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  23. jack seaman says:

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  24. Success James says:

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  25. Success James says:

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  26. Ashlie Pickering says:

    What if the criminal records place has refused to give you a police certificate due to a past conviction? What happens then? My spouse had explained why he required a police certificate from the criminal records office and he was denied a police certificate. Any advice on that?? As I am currently applying for humanitarian and compassionate package. We have everything but the certificate.

  27. Maroko 83 says:

    Can you enter canada with proabition?

  28. Rijwan Shaikh says:

    Hi mam
    Thanks for all your info.
    Just need to know,i m an indian had criminal case on me and compromise for the same and the case is shut now.
    Will this make any problem to my Canada PR process..?
    Pls reply

  29. Assassin 1 says:

    What about if you had a felony receiving stolen property charge around 10 years ago in the u.s will they let you in Canada

  30. Joe S says:

    Hey I was charged with possession of drugs for a rolled joint of weed i paid a fine i live in Ireland and was planning on moving next year would I be admissible because weed is legal in Canada

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