Dad Cuts Daughter's Hair off for Getting Birthday Highlights, Then Mom Does the Unthinkable

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33 thoughts on “Dad Cuts Daughter's Hair off for Getting Birthday Highlights, Then Mom Does the Unthinkable”

  1. She to young to have high light but the mom should have asked him and if dad does something he should asked her I think the mom did it out spake some parents do that

  2. I think what the mom did was wrong she made her x husband and his wife lose their job and for one thing if I had a daughter at that age she has to be 16 teen before getting high light not 13 teen the mom did that probably because she didn't had a new man in her life and she didn't want her x husband to be happy there are people out there that our like that

  3. Every kid need there dad or mom in there life I grow up without my dad and I get over 18 teen I hang out with the wrong people until I finly real lives I can do better and stuff of hatting my parents

  4. Plenty of moms bring their daughters in to have their long hair cut pixie short for the summer !!! And most of the girls are not overly excited about having their long hair cut off !! oh well, when the girl is older, she'll have total control over how she wears her hair !!!

  5. Pathetic, let the little girl be a little girl! Trying to make her look like a woman too early!!!! When she's 18 yes she can do whatever she wants! Sad that dads can't be dads. Makeup and hair dye is too early for a 13 yrs old. we are sexualizing our little girls too much. I agree with the dad. I can see why he divorced her, and for the little girl, you'll have plenty of time in future to be a woman. Learn to except your natural beauty before changing your appearance to please others. May God bless them all! And why fire the firefighters, the heroes we need! Sue the fire department !

  6. When my ex and i got divorced,, i got full custody,, he got visitation, major decision making was mine. He finally did something dumb,, both kids didnt want to see him. At that point,, it was up to the kids..

  7. Good God,, teach kids to deal with chit. Life is tough,, not going to get better, style your shorter hair,, and IT WILL GROW…This iz why kids today cant handle anything,, . Mommy or Daddy will fix it.

  8. Wtf is wrong with them cutting daughters Hair they got what they deserved those are wrong people and they deserve to live under a rock of disappointment

  9. The dad was right she was too young for highlights. The mom should have been acting like a mom and thinking of what was better for her daughter, and not trying to "buy" her daughter's love.
    The dad was wrong to have it chopped off, he could have had it returned to natural color instead.
    Both parents need to get a grip before the child ends up messed up down the road.

  10. I’m 13 and I decided to cut my hair and dye it purple. My parents let me. Now I’m going to decide to get my hair crimped one day.

  11. The father could've "voiced" his disapproval and left it at that! But after what he did, his daughter will dispise him for life! I know as my father did something as dastardly on my 10th birthday and from that day on, I hated him until the day he died, 5 and a half years ago!

  12. You lost me at the part when the father dragged her to the salon kicking and screaming….

    Really, what kind of stylist would cut an unwilling 'kicking and screaming' child's hair???

  13. If he’s angry enough to do this, imagine what he does behind closed doors. Absolutely disgusting

  14. Yes she is kinda small for highlights but what was the reason to ruin ur own daughter's happiness u could have at least make her understand

  15. "She's depressed"
    Father: "Thats fine."
    "She's suicidal"
    Father: "That's fine."
    "She got birthday highlights"
    Father: proceeds to cut of daughters hair

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