Dance Moms: Holly Defends Nia (Season 5 Flashback) | Lifetime

After Aubrey O’Day posts something on social media that the moms feel is divisive, Holly claims they’re being jealous in this clip from Season 5, Episode 16, “Video Killed the ALDC Star”. #DanceMoms #AbbyLeeMiller #MackenzieZiegler #NiaSioux #KendallVertes
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“Dance Moms” follows Abby Lee Miller and the nation’s favorite tween dancers as they take on Hollywood while new auditions, new competitions, and new studios raise the stakes.

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20 thoughts on “Dance Moms: Holly Defends Nia (Season 5 Flashback) | Lifetime”

  1. Jada Laylani says:

    Nia needed this opportunity and the moms cant even say anything positive about it like all their kids have had a shining moment

  2. ok ok says:

    i'm always one to support holly but the other moms had a point and she got super defensive about it, they asked her if she saw the post that was literally shading pretty much every one of nia's teammates and she calls it jealousy?? that is a hurtful thing to see that something your teammate is doing is being advertised as better than anything you did with your dance teacher just bc your dance teacher is a bully, it goes without saying that nia was unappreciated by abby but nia is super talented and doesn't have to be lifted up at any of her teammates expense or to spite abby and something she's doing without abby should stay that way for nia's sake, it just looks like holly had an outburst of the pent up frustration over how nia is treated to deflect when it would've been better for her to just admit that it wasn't right to say especially since she's not even the one who said it, i just wish holly would've owned this opportunity for nia instead of feeding into the division between nia and the rest of the team bc it only hurts nia in the end

  3. JjdoggieS says:

    So……..when Nia and Holly post about smtn they're excited about, it's 'rude' to the other moms. But when the other girls were all with Todrick, except Nia, and she was upset about that, she needed to get over it. okay

  4. Abigail McCormack says:

    Why would they bash holly, the most kind, loving and one that never blames anyone… the audacity

  5. Andrea Campili says:

    this is definitely holly’s saddest moment

  6. Jailyn Davis says:

    It’s funny when Kira makes the comment on how her kid is more talented than any of the other kids they don’t care but when it’s Holly (really not holly because she didn’t even make the comment) it’s a problem

  7. Nutsa Tsirekidze says:

    I'm destroyed every time they make holly cry.they're monsters

  8. J A S O N · 12 years ago says:

    When u achieve something u cannot celebrate? Like girl plz

  9. abena says:

    this thumbnail was so wrong

  10. Eva Vanhoose says:

    Jill is so annoying

  11. Gabbie Lansing says:

    It is hard to tell if they are grown adults

  12. Charmaine Alexander says:

    If i was ther I would literley protect holly becuase they are all jelly becuase they want that oppurtunity for their kid andit is not ok to be so rude to a mother for being happy for their kid

  13. Évelin Oliveira says:

    This moms was always so jealous of Nia and Holly just because Aubrey O'Day did more for Nia in one year than Abby did for the other girls in almost ten years, except for Maddie

  14. Fe Bun says:

    Holly is like the mom of everyone

  15. Hay Duff says:

    Ok but why does Jill have to make EVERYTHING about her like this is the one time something good happens to Nia and she thinks they posted that to make “mY LiTtlE KeNdAl” cry like get over ur self

  16. Mari Torres says:

    It is weird how Jill is so hypocrites because just they don't take responsibility over Abby and how she always made Nia feel bad Holly doesn't have to take responsibility over the posts. Nia work hard, and she wasn't given it anything because Abby doesn't like her, so the moms are just hypocrites. They celebrated Maddie, Kendall and Kalani ALWAYS and don't let Nia have a fuc*ing day

  17. Hanako Chan says:

    It was 50k then I clicked and it's 51k likes.

  18. Grace B. says:

    @3:34 "your people" really Jill..? No wonder abby gpt you on the time fast.. you're racist like her.

  19. Opal Playz Roblox 2.0 says:

    They don’t deserve holly we don’t deserve holly, holly has been there for every girl whenever something big happened for them she was always there Jill thinks Kendall is the OG well nia was there from the beginning to the end

  20. Phoebe Brown says:

    Ye but Melissa acts like she’s so innocent but she’s the biggest liar ever

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