Dealing With Failure And Rejection

From high school romance to creative endeavors, listen to R&L discuss how they deal with facing failure and rejection and how it’s changed over the years in this episode of Ear Biscuits!
EB #290, Original Release Date: 05/31/2021

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21 thoughts on “Dealing With Failure And Rejection”

  1. Georgina40 Guy969 says:

    How can I contact you? I got my rep bag @ They looks the same as my real one. Amazing

  2. blair cook says:


  3. Tom Croysdill says:

    Loved this conversation

  4. bintlooda says:

    I really wish i can know the girls link is talkingn about @38:00 feelings if she ever listened to this . Especially considering where is he in life right know. Maybe if it was me i would be feeling somewhat honored? Looool !

  5. Lime Hugo says:

    Loved the ear biscuits, I hope you both have a great day, and that this makes you happy 🙂

  6. Prince of Light says:

    Now i want to learn the art of smooth driving. My stops are always smooth and steady but my takeoff is… hard to tell without someone with me

  7. Brian Ganger says:

    I am 55 and gave regrets about girls in school…

  8. Roxy Martin says:

    Those glasses look good though

  9. Leah Lasher says:

    I personally lean on the side of Harper Lee. I have such debilitating fear of rejection that I rarely try anything. New or old. Things I’ve succeeded at in the past even. It’s terrible.

  10. Roxy Martin says:

    Unfortunately I also base my value on being good at things, but I am very much not good at things

  11. Josh A says:

    Link is probably pretty good at this.

  12. Leona Evan says:

    Really???!!??! I love you guys, I don’t know how to not see you guys, Stevie and Link and Rhett

  13. Anya Domingo says:

    i wonder if Rhett (and Link too) is a Clippers fan, i wish they talked about sports more – like rhett's basketball career and who their favorite teams and players are

  14. Jacob Fanzini says:

    THAT is how you drive!!

  15. Nik says:

    My dad said the same exact stuff when he taught me to drive. Must be a dad thing.

  16. Anthony Becker says:

    It's actually hard to drive a Prius smoothly in Eco mode because it does this auto correction thing that actually makes it jerkier

  17. Summer Rei says:

    Don't accept it. Dream of success.

  18. karlkeldrima says:

    Ear Biscuits with Stevie would be nice

  19. Luna Oak says:

    I’ve been driving for 8 years and I still hate merging on and off the highway

  20. no says:

    Time to play everyones favorite game: How Long Will It Take Rhett To Complain About The Failure Of The Expanded GMM Format In This Episode?

  21. Kazooples says:

    Yeah yeah Rhett we get it, you won dating.

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