Decline a #Job Offer after Accepting it

How to #Decline a Job Offer after Accepting it. Do you actually need a sample letter declining a job offer after accepting it? What should it say? Rejecting a job offer after signing the offer letter sample shouldn’t be difficult! It’s nothing personal — just #business!


18 thoughts on “Decline a #Job Offer after Accepting it”

  1. companies don't give a crap, and won't even send you a rejection letter….just go M.I.A…fugg em

  2. OML, I overthink everything. I just got a job offer and accepted and they accepted the terms. But I can't do it for personal reasons. Thank you for putting this video up!

  3. I did subscribe .. currently I'm having two offers in my hand I'm going to decline one due to personal reasons .. thanks for your video

  4. I have accepted one job offer today and the joining date is 22 dec. , but the problem is I want to extend the joining date 1 to 2 week , as I'm appearing for good opportunity and the result will be declared on 30 dec. if I got selected in that company , can I rejecte offer letter even though extending joining date.
    Is there any consequences I have to face or I have to pay penalty for that ??

  5. After working my ass off abs after clearing all rounds in interview I got an offer letter which was not what I expected so ask them review it, they put me on hold and didn't update me for the next week. So I have to call them for the update and what I got is surprising and sad. They don't want employ right now they are reconsidering whether to have the vacancy or not. This is the worse feedback I have ever received.
    And I thinking about why I said them review it. I am angry, depressed and sad

  6. I declined an offer after accepting the role, because a different and better offer came up. I wish I watched this video and told them "Due to personal reasons, I will no longer be pursuing this role." Instead I was too upfront and told them I decided to go for another offer from a different company.

    They did not take this well. They called me unprofessional and said this may have lasting repercussions. They kind of came off as threatening. I'm glad I dodged this bullet and pursed a job I'm truly interested in.

  7. You are so right! I used to think this was a big deal until I became a manager and was in charge of hiring people for my department. I have people work at the job for a couple of days and quit I've had people get Hired and not even come in to work on the first day and not even follow up I had to contact them to make sure they were okay and then they said oh yeah I took another job thanks anyway. Honestly, it never even bothered me because I knew I had dozens of applicants that I could call and would be happy to accept the job and that is exactly what I would do. If person A refused the job, I would call person B and they were happy that they had an opportunity

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