DENIED! 5 Reasons Green Card Cases Are Rejected

In this video I answer the question:
What are the top reasons why Marriage Green Card cases get denied?


0:00 Intro
1:31 – 3:54 Reason 1 Incomplete Information
3:54 – 6:05 Reason 2 Not Knowing Your Spouse Well Enough
6:05 – 9:12 Reason 3 Not Understanding Inadmissibility
9:12 – 11:15 Reason 4 The Affidavit of Support
11:15 – 12:19 Reason 5 Not Having The Proper Documents
12:19 – 14:33 Wrap Up

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37 thoughts on “DENIED! 5 Reasons Green Card Cases Are Rejected”

  1. Hi I have a question. Is it possible to renew my husband passport if his i130 is pending?? I guess in india they required you to have your spouse’s name on the passport for PCC?? Would that create any issue if we get him new passport? Since his I 130 is pending?

    Thank you

  2. What about me I got deported because of my asylum case denial and my US citizen wife and kids move out with me to Pakistan my wife already filed I.130 petition for me in November 2019

  3. hello sir, i am from india and want to pursue study in america. i want to ask that are international students moving to US for studies?
    otherwise when will US borders reopen for the international students?
    please answer my question sir.

  4. Hello John, My brother married a united states citizen and he received a conditional green card (valid for 2 year), lately things are not looking good for his marriage and he is considering divorcing, will his conditional green card be revoked immediately after divorce ? his green card is still valid for 1 year 7 months

  5. Me and my wife file i751 and i got extensions for 18 months the my question is while I’m waiting my 10 green card our marriage not work out and she file divorce , what should i do after the divorce is final?

  6. Good morning sir. I wnt to ask. my visa i 130 was approved and now the nvc also accepted our documents. can u tell me. in how many month my wife will get interwo call from nvc. now we are on step 11

  7. Can my OFW Filipina girlfriend who is working as a store manager in Abu Dhabi obtain a Visitor VISA to America? She has a management position, has over $5000 in an Abu Dhabi bank and owns a rice farm in the Philippines. She merely wants to visit the US FOR 3 WEEKS and then I would spend 3-4 weeks in Abu Dhabi

  8. Thank you sir.
    Sir i applyed dv lottery case
    Now i can apply for this case .
    or how many expensess has this case for me and my wife
    Please answer

  9. After 6 years of our petition we finally had our interview.
    We were legal and 100% honest and my wife is the light of my life.
    We are masked w a plastic screen between us.
    The interview tries to be professional but he clearly has a aggressive attitude.
    He has a heavy african accent. My wife has a heavy Filipina accent.
    They can barely understand each other.
    I'm trying to translate for my wife while being shushed by the interviewer.
    This upset the man and he became very aggressive. He didn't ask ONE question about our love and life and personal investments. I could see after a half hour he had no intention of passing our petition.
    My wife is a Filipino nurse putting her life at risk during the pandemic.
    Im now told by my attorney the current administration is not favorable for getting a visa.
    In short our entire petition was pooly handled by USCIS. We were lied to , insulted and it's caused hardship for my wife and I am our mothers and children. I'm a tax paying working man.
    The whole thing was a huge joke and insult, and I have ZERO respect for them.
    I've been slapped in the face by my own people.
    The interview was a very bad joke given by a fool.
    Now we have a attorney who told me, yes , you got screwed and told us to pray Biden wins the election so we can get her green card and carry on w our lives.
    Both our mothers need care and we were unable to help because of our rejected petition.
    If I thought I could fight them I would sue these careless bastards for everything they have and see their idiot interviewer fired.

  10. Lastly, when policies, set in place, by rule and regulation, can be changed at the whim of a political party, credibility is lost.

  11. This process is more like interrogation of people of color! I'm a US Army veteran and it's been 5 years since we started the process and now we have a daughter that is so beautiful! This process is demeaning and is a reduction of one's dignity! It as if you have to get on your knees and beg! The US didn't have to beg me when I was jumping out of Airplanes…..I digress.

  12. They asked my wife about my ex-wife and we were divorced over 25yrs ago, this is loaded because even if they ask me about my ex wife who has been married twice since we divorced, it would be extremely difficult, We don't waste our precious time talking about her! Who does that???

  13. Hi
    I had interview 4 days ago in Abu Dhabi
    Consular congrats for immigration visa
    But now when I see online status showing refused they change last status Date but status remains Same
    Kindly help me regarding it

  14. What about withholding of removal. But was given social and work permit and is married to a us citizen and has been living and working paying tax since 2010.. Can u help?

  15. This guy is just trying to scare people into hiring him and/or other lawyers. He's so negative and have no faith in his client…..he thinks every non-lawyer is so stupid and without the help of him will be denied.

  16. Quick question. If My wife have a baby for me…does this make my case stronger?.. we are considering starting a family soon. My wife wants a child. I will not be filing any documents at this moment because lack of funds…

  17. Hi I am Vong Vang so next week Monday will be my wife visa interview ,but I send the married certificate last month but still not be there because covid 19 that why no flights to my country. So do you that I should schedule appointment or just go there will explain to them.thankyou.

  18. Does the petitioner (US citizen) need to bring the original birth certificate to the interview?

  19. Good Evening sir , my wife was married to a woman before i married her but she had kids with her first husband …. will i get denied cause of that matter ? i mean everybody makes a mistake at some point so will it be judged and prevent me from getting my greencard ?

  20. I have been in US since 2018,i came to US by seamen visa,but doesnt have workin permit to stay on the land,and i met some one a citizen,to married me,is it possible for me to get the green card?

  21. Hi, I am scheduled for marriage based green card interview in the first week of April at Chicago field office. I have a 3 year old child. Can I take him with me to the interview or not? Would appreciate your info on that.

  22. This dude is a scam, he exaggerated things and making things scary for you so you will contact him. The real thing isn't that intimidating what so ever.

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