You’ve been denied a FBI NICS background check. I’ll show you what to do and it’s easy!


20 thoughts on “DENIED NICS! HOW TO FIX IT!”

  1. Johnny Rep says:

    The problem is that the FBI has become politicized.

  2. Calvin Freeman says:

    Live in Georgia, dont have to worry about all this malarkey, just give your drivers and your ccw license and out the door you go with your new firearm

  3. Doug Chauncey says:

    It's that simple?! Waiting fk'n 13 months not having a clue is simple?!

  4. Robert Watson says:

    You can get denied for numerous reasons and most have nothing to do with you having committed a crime.

  5. TitanX5Legion says:

    Former LEO of 15 years, current CLEET armed security officer, & I’ve carried & owned guns for over 20 years. Today, for the first time ever I was DENIED. Express mailed my fingerprints today. Hopefully this process doesn’t take too long.

  6. Baqash Ahmath says:

    This was a great video bro im going through the same thing i purchased a firearm at a local gun dealer and i had to come back in three days i can pick it up when i went back to pick it up they gave a number and a paper to appeal it so i was going to let my attorney appeal it and they told me not to worry about trying to get my refund until i appeal it so my question is what is your take on this?

  7. Baqash Ahmath says:

    Great video tutorial i have learn something new question can i get a handgun permit from my local sheriffs office?

  8. Lukas Targaryen says:

    Heads up. Get yourself a LTC, CCW to avoid these denials and if you don’t have said licenses, be sure to file the appeal and the VAF ASAP if you aren’t a prohibited person. Last resort, contact your local congressman via to submit a congressional inquiry to the FBI/NICS division. No attorney needed, remember these elected officials work for you.

  9. Kenney Caminos says:

    My issue is i purchased a firearm in March and the FBI gave the gun dealer the go ahead to proceed with the sale…..perfect……then month later in April I purchased another firearm the ffl dealer did the background check it got "delayed" and 3 days later it went from "delayed" to "denied" im just stumped how I get the go ahead from the FBI and then 3 weeks later They give a "denied" response on another purchase.

  10. La Loma City says:

    I got denied because my name was matched to a prohibitor. Some court in Texas holds a record about that person. I was told to contact that agency. I’m clean. I’m currently working on my LTC.

  11. Clarence Gilmore says:

    This just happen to me went to pick up a 357 the told me my back ground didn’t pass then found out my foid was revoked

  12. SNOW FALL says:

    One way to restrict 2nd amendment

  13. Paul Hinman says:

    When you have a felony charge but no conviction how do you proceed? I had this "charge" pop up and was denied my LTC in Texas. I have purchased before without issue. Any insight? Thanks!

  14. RaspingPompano2 says:

    Why are you getting a denied in the first place??

  15. Leo Guy says:

    Once seen a Mass State Trooper who lived in my town in NH was temporary denied a firearm purchased because he had a sealed record for public drinking as a minor and had to have the Mass State Police open it. There are many reasons you can be denied or delayed.

  16. Vice Richter says:

    I got my case dismissed for a UCW. I cant seem to find a solid answer regarding UCW charges. Does UCW bar me from buying guns? It was filed under Class A misdemeanor. Everytime I bought a gun. I was DELAYED. But then again. I was DELAYED before the charges were brought against me. I cant seem to find what can be done stuff like this happens.

  17. Jay Sandt says:

    Taken care of easily. Yeah just wait a year. Actuallythey are 17 months behind right now

  18. Du Zilla says:

    i have 4 firearms from the same store, today i got denied for some reason

  19. Anthony Maldonado says:

    I got approved and denied at the same day. Have a CPL. Dunhams approved me for a AR then got denied later that day for a 22 pistol

  20. liv4JESUS Godsluv says:

    I filled out the voluntary appeals questions and printed the fingerprint card. After doing that it asked for my paying options and they listed no price. How much does this process cost ?

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