Deportation Risks When You Apply for Citizenship

If Immigration finds problems in your application for citizenship, Form N-400, you may be at risk for deportation. Inconsistent information, abandoning your residency, and certain criminal convictions will not only prevent you from getting U.S. citizenship, but can put you in removal proceedings.

Before you submit an application for naturalization, speak with an experienced immigration attorney, especially if any of these deportation risks apply to you:

0:39 Inconsistent information on Immigration applications
1:26 How inconsistent information can hurt your immigration status

2:54 Immigration thinks that you have abandoned your residency
3:25 How to show that you did not abandon your residency

4:06 How criminal convictions could put you in deportation when you apply for citizenship
5:06 Examples of criminal convictions that could put you in deportation
5:20 Child abuse and neglect will make you deportable

5:57 Rumors about applying for citizenship
6:38 Does the United States deport refugees?
7:04 Have you ever committed a crime for which you have not been arrested?


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