Did Hempworx Use Illegal Farming Practices to Build its MLM? | Multi Level Mondays

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Welcome to Multi Level Mondays, a weekly series all about multi level marketing, pyramid schemes, and ponzi schemes.

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20 thoughts on “Did Hempworx Use Illegal Farming Practices to Build its MLM? | Multi Level Mondays”

  1. So, not taking a vaccine that has very little testing or proof of efficacy makes us stupid? To each his own is usually your stance, but that seems to go out the window with the jab. The mere fact that the guidelines keep changing is enough for me to say, “No, thanks!”

  2. "My dad got alzheimers from the vaccine" mfer alzheimers doesn't develop that quick. You just weren't paying attention before.

  3. Ok, that was interesting. Now, I would like to see a video on Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates lying about Cov. 19 and being responsible for millions of deaths worldwide.

  4. The whole "heavy metals in the vaccine cause Alzheimer's" thing is mind boggling to me. A recent (published in May 2019) study performed by the University of California San Francisco shows that Alzheimer's is caused by a build up of Beta Amyloid and Tau prions in the brain. In addition the Alzheimer's Association has had information pointing to Beta Amyloid as a key player in Alzheimer's readily available since 2017.

    It is deeply distressing to know that this scientifically back information is freely available and easily accessible and yet there are still people who have their heads so in the clouds that they won't even look for it. I've heard Alex Jones say that the COVID vaccine will cause Alzheimer's, but it's a lot scarier to know that people actually believe it.

  5. The industry is slowly coming to find out that CBD is kinda useless without THC. They work best together.

    I cant wait until the day that my Medicine is fully legal and leaves its shroud of stigma.

  6. Amounts of lead in air back when leaded petrols and leaded paints were allowed are probably way higher than so-called "heavy metals in vaccines". I mean, if those metals were to blame, vaccination is definitely NOT on the top of that list of heavy metal sources.

  7. I use cbd, cbg and thc but I buy the flower and trim directly from farms and growers that provide third party testing. I extract my own oils and tinctures. I'd never trust cbd products from any mlm. My friend joined ariyel recently that new cbd mlm and well now we rarely talk

  8. Very cool. This video crashed my PC. (This is satire) (my PC happened to crash while watching this video). Carry on.

  9. You're full of yourself. Take others content and use annoyomous sources constantly as FACTS.. have a nice day willy.

  10. I know that 99.99% of all mlms don't make people money (unless they get in early and sell out their friends and family) but I've always been curious about if maybe there's 1 that stands above the muck and the scams.

    There isn't one.

  11. Hi, South African here. I think I've been seeing them advertised and sold at this one vaoe kiosk chain. Did not know it was an MLM.

  12. Don’t know if this fits into MLMs, but I really think you should consider looking into the family vlogger community. Believe it or not, there’s an alarming level of MLM supporters in it, and in general these people do a lot of shady and scummy things, especially involving their children.

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