Do Employers Check References?

Do employers check job references? If you’re asked to provide references, what do we do with them? Or maybe you’re worried about what your old employer will say about you. In this video, we’ll talk about what we do with references and how you should handle the reference request.

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23 thoughts on “Do Employers Check References?”

  1. How do you handle situations where it's against company policy for managers to be a reference and they are only supposed to give an employment verification phone number?

  2. References are a hoax. Round up 3 friends and ask them to say something good about you..kinda stupid.

  3. If you’re going from one big company to another, also depends on the position you’re taking over, the chances of them asking for a reference or even verifying is highly unlikely.

    Like mentioned in the video, HR is pretty tight-lipped about this to limit liability. They will just confirm your title, and hiring date. They will NOT get into the nitty gritty on the habits of the employee. So other large organizations are not going to waste their time checking since they probably have the same policies in place.

  4. The professional references, criminal background check, state licensure background check were easy. It's the former job references that are the problem. These HR people from positions I've left are not responding back to my prospective employer and it's been 3 weeks. I will be moving on if I don't hear back next week. It's their responsibility to check job references, however, not all of them will respond back.

  5. Two of my jobs (current and former), asked the name and numbers for my supervisor/manager. What is silly is both those jobs, the supervisors don't work there anymore. I don't have their personal info so not sure how they'd talk to them.

  6. Hiring practices are hypocritical! Very silly stupid protocols. They hire only liars and fake people….messing up the company culture and creating toxicity with tons of unprofessional immoral people.

  7. Look at reviews online…one person's trusted mechanic is another's rip off artist. But at least online, both sides of the story are heard. Like, I could have done it cheaper, but I can't guarantee parts people bring in are safe. Saying they would not rehire, with no reason they can prove is unfair. How many would recommend their ex to a new partner? It can even be discriminatory as back in the day they might say that bc someone was a union member. Give dates and let everyone have their own experiences.

  8. What I've done about that is list previous employers that I knew the management had changed or, in one case, had closed.

  9. Legally speaking on a federal level past employers can only divulge a few things….hire date, separation date, and salary…

    Eligibility for rehire is such a huge window depending on company policy.

  10. The weirdest one was a small market that wanted personal references, in so many words they said "like a roommate or something."

  11. The three or four companies I have worked for have said that if they are called for a reference, all they will do is to verify dates of employment. They will verify salary if presented with a range. The answers, they tell me, are in terms of a boolean (YES, NO) without qualification or explanation. The reasons are privacy and liability. If they are asked about health, they will refuse to answer due to HIPAA.

    For professional references, I have two managers I reported to, and one manager on my level I worked closely with. (An internal customer.)

    One company I worked for forbade staff from being a reference. All reference inquiries were to be directed to HR fur the same reasons I cited above: privacy, liability, and HIPAA.

  12. Okay I was a manager of a company that closed it was my only job and the boss won’t give a reference I was the only manager of the company. What do I do?

  13. Have anyone you trust and is professional to be a reference, do not have them call your former employer that's dumb

  14. Potential liability: So then, just what do companies have to go on if they can't get real references? I suppose they then just have to believe the BS that dishonest candidates give them? If so, this penalizes honesty. Maybe we should look at modifying our laws on disparagement/slander/libel. Sadly, it seems that the burden of proof of innocence for the above is on the defendant.

  15. The problems I had with providing references is that I rarely had contact with my manager. I just saw him once every blue moon. And the people I worked with were not buddy-buddy with me. They were just coworkers so I had no personal info on them like phone numbers and addresses. So I always ended up giving friends names. It wasn't exactly what employers were looking for but it is all I had to give.

  16. I don’t think references are necessary. More often than not, they call references, couldn’t get in touch with them and I got hired anyway.

  17. When a recruiter asks u how much u get paid in your current job, during an interview, what do you reply?

  18. If they ask for 3 references provide 3.. do not provide 4,5 or 8 most HR department will check ALL of them and will not offer until they have talked to everyone… One person is unreachable and the whole process gets stalled.

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