Do employers check social media networks before hiring?

Most people these days have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account. Sharing photos, status updates and information about personal lives seems normal. But could your everyday social media posts be jeopardising your career?

Checking social media accounts is just as important as looking at CV for some recruiters. If your online presence shows you in a bad light your CV may just end up in the bin.

Ricky Martin talks about how to use social media and networking sites effectively to help with your career / job search and to market yourself to future employers.


18 thoughts on “Do employers check social media networks before hiring?”

  1. Tiberius says:

    I make sure my political stuff on Facebook is only shared with friends. So if I am not mistaken if your posts are not public no one can read view them right?

  2. Yikes Its Ray says:

    what i want to know.. why is there a rubix cube on your desk

  3. YouGotRickRolled says:

    What if there is more than one account with the same name such as on Facebook and the profile pictures aren't of the people who own the account but a picture of for example their pet.

  4. Alvonte Rogers says:

    Basically, delete your facebook and start over again lmao

  5. James says:

    What about YouTube search history?

  6. dumb azz says:

    Does anyone know if they can get user names if you don’t use real name on social media

  7. Bantubonke Maarman says:

    So I have 1 or 2 pics at music festivals where there is alcohol in the pics, should I delete those pictures?

  8. Stephen Kissane says:

    Face book wasn't supposed to be a cv

  9. Jason Holmes says:

    You're an idiot

  10. Random Rants says:

    oh my, channel me ranting about anime, shade base, and stuff I guess nobody will hire me now Oh well I want to be a writer or game developer at home anyways.

  11. Andrea G. says:

    This is why I delete all my social media accounts. I don’t want to people looking at my personal stuff. Big NO!!

  12. Klowt says:

    I have 260k

  13. Pick A Shoe says:

    It’s sad that people are snowflakes over things they see online, deffo live sad lives hahahaha

  14. ryu hayabusa says:

    I have a question I get that your employer can find your Facebook and Twitter account butt can they find your deviantART account and sankaku complex account to

  15. Mrisho Mzelela says:

    what if my instagram account is private?

  16. aussi kazza says:

    I have an old account that I can't delete when I was 12 should I worry since it doesn't have anything criminal or inappropriate

  17. Q says:

    I have quite the predicament. So I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel and working on it whilst I’m working at a job but the thing I want to do on YouTube is parkour, I don’t know if employers would look down on that sort of thing or not?

  18. Kenny's Life Stories says:

    I want to be able to talk about politics and make crass jokes and do various other things which make me unemployable. I value my self expression extremely highly, what can I do?

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