Do You Know Who You're Hiring? – Pre-Employment Background Checks, Drug Tests, and Physicals – Day 4

30 Days of Risk Management – Day 4
by Matthew A. Struck, CPCU, ARM – November 4, 2017

The scariest part of hiring employees and support staff, from a risk management standpoint, is that they come with a past that is completely unknown to you. That past can be full of huge positives which is why you are thinking about hiring them. It can also be full of dangerous unknowns that can catch you buy surprise after the hiring process is complete. Doing your homework is a must when hiring employees. In fact, these procedures can help reduce or eliminate negligent hiring lawsuits that might be brought against you by customers and/or folks outside of your organization. This article highlights 3 of the most crucial things you should do before hiring any new employee. Keep in mind that this is subject to employment law in your state of operation so always check with legal counsel before implementing or changing your procedures with respects to these recommendations.

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