Does Amazon Drug Test? Warehouse, Drivers, Corporate — Do they test as new employee and/or random?

If you’re thinking of working for Amazon, you should know how this generally goes.


23 thoughts on “Does Amazon Drug Test? Warehouse, Drivers, Corporate — Do they test as new employee and/or random?”

  1. If you've worked for Amazon, please let me know if any of this is different than your experience. Thanks!

  2. I got drug tested to convert to blue badge and I’m pretty sure I failed because I smoked last night with my test being at 8:30 this morning. But I’m wondering if they will let me take it again or if I will be terminated

    Edit: I still never got blue badge but I also never got fired from the test , BUT I did recently get fired from stolen hours but idc lmao I been there 8 months

  3. Had a friend try to get on as a new hire for a new fulfillment facility. This person tested positive and they swear and was crying uncontrollably that it was not true. Said they wouldn’t even had tested if they had fine drugs, not stupid. So my question is can this person apply again? Test again? Do they have a real chance of getting hired? Or is it not possible at all! And no I’m not talking about me it really is someone I know who really needs work and this just set them back big time.

  4. How soon do they drug test you? I assume it’s actually once you get the job and not during the interview process.

  5. Can you work as a warehouse worker and also be an amazon flex worker. At the same time since they give most people 3 days off. Just want to get real busy making money.

  6. can somebody help me and let me know if they drug test for all positions? mainly asking about amazon locker+ position

  7. if you fail a conversion test to go from seasonal to full time do you know how long it will be till you are eligible for a rehire?

  8. How long till the drug test comes back is all I’m asking ! For mouth swab / warehouse position it’s been a week and I was told my start date would be January 7th 2021

  9. How Amazon randoms in the warehouse really work:

    Third party company is contracted to pick a certain percentage of people from a group of names. The names are everyone in a particular FC with no hint as to their position or time with the company. The selected names get randomed with a mouth swab. Sometimes these audits are spurred by safety incident trends, sometimes they are just random. At times they even do large rounds of randoms after peak season in hopes of cutting a few loose.

    The best solution is to just not get high while you are working at amazon.

  10. I’m going in for an interview tomorrow and I’ve stopped smoking. I’m hoping it is a mouth swab. I’m going in for a delivery driver through the company Safeway van

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