Don’t lie at MEPS?! | Permanently DISQUALIFIED to Join

Did I Lie at MEPS??! I got disqualified to join the Air Force/military and I wanted to let you all know what was going on and how I was disqualified by MEPS. I am no longer joining the Air Force .

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37 thoughts on “Don’t lie at MEPS?! | Permanently DISQUALIFIED to Join”

  1. Had direct contact/reccomendation to go in as a specialist for music..went to recruiters office to get everything going..i had my tonsils out when i was 20, couldn't remember where i had it done..recruiter told me to put any hospital in the area, he saw me look it up on my phone and he put it on the form..he said they wouldn't ask about that..i go to meps, doctor asks about it and is now requesting the records..looking more into it, the place where i had it done has been bought by another company and there are no was back in 2007..probably going to get disqualified and it's the recruiters fault

  2. So I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression back in January 2019 but was only on meds for a few months I stopped meds in March 2019 The thing is I had just moved back to TX from Canada and had family drama so it was just a highly stressful time that landed me there. I moved to Canada when I was 16 and moved back here at 20 (21 now) I was never hospitalized and literally only on them briefly. However since it was an official diagnosis I'm pretty sure it would show on my records. I'm trying to pursue airforce my question is should I tell my recruiter or dont even mention it? I'm much much better now and confident it wouldnt effect my ability to function. I'm worried about not mentioning it and getting in trouble if they see it in my records and I didnt tell them

  3. Hi,

    I was born with a single kidney and I was wondering if I can get a waiver for the marines or another branch in the future. It says it is disqualifying although in my case I have always been a good athlete in full contact sports including Wrestling, Football, and some martial arts. My kidney is fully healthy and acts like two kidneys and has never affected my life in any way. If I contact a recruiter in the future I will provide all of my medical information and sports history as well. Is there a good chance that I can get a waiver considering my athletic and healthy lifestyle has never been affected by my single healthy kidney?


  4. @Wesleys. Sorry to hear about your experience. Here are some insights:
    The MEPS medical form does specifically ask if you were ever prescribed an inhaler. So, if you answered "no" to this question, you technically lied to MEPS/withheld information. And unfortunately, the MEPS doctor does have that discretion to disqualify you for lying to him/her, and its a difficult disqualifier to overcome.
    Also, a formal "asthma" diagnosis is not required to be disqualified for breathing issues. The related disqualifying condition is actually much broader – "reactive airway disease" (which may not need a formal specific asthma diagnosis) is a very broad and encompassing category of breathing issues that can result in disqualification. It all comes down to the context of the inhaler prescription, and whether or not there is a pattern of inhaler prescriptions (and it appears you have had several on your record). It is likely that your "asthma" disqualifier resulted from the pattern of multiple inhaler prescriptions leading to the MEPS doctor believing you have undiagnosed reactive airway disease. This alone might have been waiveable. But if MEPS believes you lied to them, the added "concealment" disqualifier probably makes your waiver chance virtually zero at this point.

  5. I could feel the pain in your voice when you said you are now at stay at home mom after hoping for a military career with benefits. Was there any legal action or fines taking against you?

  6. I dont know if you're still interested in joining the military anymore but if you are I would reccomend you get documentation from a asthma specialists proving that you dont have asthma and maybe get your recruiter to sign you up for a medical waiver, hopefully that helps!! Hope the best and stay safe 🙂

  7. Main advice: Whatever you told your recruiter is exactly what you tell the MEPS doctors. If the doctors don’t ask about anything you’re trying to hide, then don’t mention it.

  8. I had a really small history of eczema for no apparent reason at 14. I did some research and found out hives are different from eczema. In my mind, I was like you know what I ain't gonna tell the Canadian army about it.

  9. I have adhd but idk know if it affects it's me anymore I haven't taken medication for it since I was 11 should I tell them?

  10. Medical records are our number 1 enemy. Every time you see a doctor, There's always a record that's left behind for someone to see . not only that, by law a lot of organizations have to keep records, for examples banks, schools, your employer, and any other governmental organizations .

  11. Damn you messed up you wasn’t supposed to say “I have used an inhaler for bronchitis” the meps doctors do not want ppl joining the military they really wanna disqualify ppl.. I’m sorry though hope you find something better for you and your daughter

  12. They don't even check MEPS to tell if you're lying. I knew a guy who went to basic who had severe ADHD, to the point where a drill sergeant outright called him a retard. His recruiter, like all recruiters, told him to lie about it, and he somehow made it all the way into 3 weeks at basic.

  13. I really want to join the Navy. I had a bad breakup when I was 19 (I’m almost 21 now, it’s been a year and a half) and I snuck and took a family member’s Xanax to try to get my mind off of it. Well my mom caught me asleep and realized what had happened and brought me to the hospital. They said I was unstable and mandatory kept me for 7 days. They diagnosed me with “OCD” because I had obsessive thoughts about the breakup which I think is ridiculous. I was always 100% mentally stable before than and always have been after that. It was literally just adolescent me being a fool and acting out because of a breakup. I know 100% that I don’t have OCD. Will the Navy MEPS see that I was once on a mandatory hold in the hospital and/or diagnosed with OCD? Should I keep my mouth shut about this incident because it does not affect me or my abilities at all? (I work 55 hours a week and go to paramedic school and thrive under pressure). I wish I could erase that moment in time. Thanks for any answers!

  14. How can I get a hold of my pharmacy records? I tried calling my doctor but she said she couldn’t print it for me.

  15. No! is always the right answer. They DO NOT go looking for your medical records. It would be impossible to do that for everyone. You did it to yourself.

  16. Should I lie about my adhd to join the army, it’s been a dream of mines to join and I haven’t taken any meds in the last 6 years and I’ve been fine without it but I’ve been taking the meds past the age of 14 and I stopped taking the meds when I graduated from high school and now I’m 22 and I really wanna join but I’m scared I’ll get permanently disqualified and also I’ve graduated from community college and I’m about to graduate with my bachelors in May so that’s proof that I’m fine without the meds

  17. How were they able to pull medical records. It’s a violation unless I’m not understanding something. Hopefully you can reply

  18. I am headed to MEPS this Friday for my physical. I am prior service. I served in the military from 2009-2017. I am worried about the hearing test. Are the beeps in the same rhythm. Like every five seconds there's a beep 😉

  19. i wasnt able to get into the navy cause of peanut allergy but hey at least i got to stay the night in a 4* hotel with paid dinner

  20. Hey, so I’ve been speaking to a recruiter. He asked if I had asthma or have it, I said that I used to back then before I was like 13 or 12 but I got prescribed one after I was 13 because my mom thought I still had it but didn’t know I was actually fine. He said if I feel like I don’t have it and feel like I’ll be good, don’t mention it, and I feel like I’ll be good, I’m starting to run to get my cardio good too. So Should I do what he said?

  21. I took meds for adhd when I was 13 but I was never actually diagnosed by a doctor can I be disqualified for that

  22. How did she know about you ever needing an inhaler? Did you admit to something to them that you didn’t tell your recruiter?

  23. Jesus, why are they so damn picky? I guess to limit people from getting cheap healthcare and college benefits

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