DON'T LIE TO JOIN THE MILITARY? – people getting caught? – The Seaman Report

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39 thoughts on “DON'T LIE TO JOIN THE MILITARY? – people getting caught? – The Seaman Report”

  1. I was a pothead (smoked multiple blunts a day) and that ended with me being hospital for attempted suicide(SI, suicidal ideation) The psychiatrist diagnoses was psychosis. I also had another episode with me being hospitalized (same thing, SI, and was diagnosed with psychosis) Will that disqualify me from the military?

  2. If you are ever (misdiagnosed) with a disability like schizophrenia,dont mention it.i spent years trying to get in the military then ended up being disqualified for telling the truth,now i am 31 years still living with my parents,i blame the stupid ass military and people telling me not to lie,i wish i had lied 6 years not a delusional person and i never hallucinate i also have done porn in front of millions of people for 4 years,how the fuck am i a schizophrenic??

  3. If you have Tricare do NOT lie. I lied and it fucked me over. They pulled me into a room and had every doctors appointment and diagnosis from the second I was born, till the second I arrived. It has everything. Doctors notes, commentary, etc. do NOT lie if you have Tricare.

  4. Talk about omission? How about omitting what the kid did in boot camp that made them want to pull up his records. Omit that.

  5. I was denied at 19 to the marine's then 24 to the navy all due to MEPS.. I had multiple surgeries in HS as a wrestler. Still a man of steel but was denied

  6. Colorblind, soy allergy, peanut allergy, hurt ankle in HS, lazy eye. I feel like an immigrant denied at the border

  7. Your just a number In the military, they brainwash, train you to be something your not meant be, and just sending men and women off somewhere to finish “their country’s” dirty work and all for what ? You make it back and what? you ain’t shit boy, your just a dumb ass who went to risk your life for a corrupted state that prefers to send others to finish their dirty work don’t be stupid

  8. I really want to join the Air Force but I have eczema and it is all over my medical records. everyone is telling me to lie but I’m honestly scared that I could make it through MEP but then get found out somehow.

  9. Don’t be afraid guys. Meps is very simple to go through. Also I cannot stress this enough…

    They do not look at your records at meps (even if you had tricare growing up) the only time they would look at that stuff is if you get hurt in boot camp or if you have a panic attack or something. They don’t go through each recruits records because it would take too long, even with tricare recruits so don’t worry about that. And even if they do find what you hid from them and they separate you, it’s not the end of the world. You don’t get a dishonorable discharge for lying. You would get like a medical discharge (entry level separation)
    So you’ll be fine no matter what. Anyone who believes that Tricare pulls their records is having the wool pulled over their eyes. My dad was in the Navy and he knows the system.

  10. Diagnosed with IST (fast heart rate) two years ago, but it turned out I was just really out of shape, so it resolved itself in a few weeks, but it’s still IST on my medical records. I want to enlist in the marines, but I’m not sure how extensive the medical history check will be, does anyone have answers?

  11. I had a super minor "history" of mental health issues. Literally one episode of something while I was 15 and I saw the dr about it. Im scared that this will just close the door for me off the bat.

  12. I had severe scoliosis and was obese 2yrs ago I got a surgery to correct the curves I had in my back and after that I lost all the weight I had. I got called yesterday by a recuirter and he asked me about medical history ofc I wanted to be honest and told him about it and got disqualified. you know it sucks cus I'm not even given the chance to prove myself and show them I'm more than capable to do what they do. It really bummed me out cus I have not plan after high school idk what to do now

  13. So, I have a concern.

    I have a burn scar on my Wrist from a heated Iron Oven. I was taking a piece of Cake out and it burned me. It doesn't hurt and its not big, but it's a bump-like scar (my friend is a Doctor, and he said it was normal). Should I hide it under a bandaid? Or disclose it when they ask me? I don't want them to think I have cancer or some shit.

  14. Only navy is doing that?
    And about tricare? If you don’t sign it’s all good then? But if you don’t sign for tricare then you have no health care right?

  15. I had a history of eczema or skin rash you say that happened when I was 14. I'm looking to join the Canadian army after high school, I'm concern because in the past most of my medical issues aren't disqualifying (learning disability, broken bones, glasses) except for eczema. Its not a huge history but I haven't had that rash for over 2 years since.

  16. Have seen a few comments suggesting that when applying for a secret/security clearance. That they will do an extensive background check on medical.?
    I'm assuming that counts for Rangers too since clearance is required. Damn.

  17. At meps I said I had a kidney stone(I had one when I was 13) they temporarily disqualified me. They requested medical documents and so I got an ultrasound and I found out that I had two kidney stones. One was 4mm and one was 5mm. I got a non invasive surgery and they are both out. I am trying to get into the air national guard. Do you think there is a chance that I can still get in?

  18. What about a history of diabetes and you lose 100+ lbs and bring your condition to the point where you don't need medications? Diabetes, high BP, etc. I remember talking to you years back, and never got focused enough to lose weight before the conditions got worse. I'm now 60lbs lighter since quarantine and still want to enlist! I was thinking testing the waters after weight loss and a year without meds + logging my blood glucose and BP to see if I'd be good. I just wouldn't say shit. Some of the comments say "If it doesn't affect you now, it never happened."
    It's really a dream of mine to enlist. In the meantime, I've been in college, working full time and working out (I built my own gym in the garage). I want to join by any means necessary if I can gauge my condition after hopefully getting off medications and maintaining healthy blood labs.

    Please let me know!

  19. I finished meps for the air force like 3 weeks ago. On my paperwork i didnt put in some jobs i worked, mostly because they were small fast food or retail jobs and i didnt have info on supervisors and stuff. Could that be a problem.

  20. Hey man I just swore in uhmmm I had surgery for my opendex in 2009 im 17 and its 2021 I had to lie (my recruiter,gunnery sgt,and mom) couldnt pull up my records and now im freaking out because I have my date to ship out and dont want them to do a full background check

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