Doordash Background Checks: FYI

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25 thoughts on “Doordash Background Checks: FYI”

  1. Man I had a charge BEFORE I started working for DoorDash AND THEY LET ME WORK…until September when they DEACTIVATED me because of the charge…BUT I ALREADY HAD IT IN THE BEGINNING…I did not enjoy DD doing that to me and I was a TOP DASHER

  2. Mannnn it's been so hard for me to come on here and say I am one of the drivers who got deactivated for a speeding ticket I just don't get it if we are not getting benefits and not label as employees why does it matter if I get a violation if it wasn't on doordash time no I am not saying what I did is right I wish I didn't I miss doing DD frfr it just hurts a lot especially during these times

  3. Ubereats does an annual check and kicks you off for the 5-7 days until it is complete. No warning or anything. Does DoorDash do that also?

  4. Bentley man I have been trying to get ahold of you for a few weeks on here & IG. Today I'm sad to say I just got deactivated. I started a year ago but didn't do my first delivery to the end of January. I've been top dasher for the last 8 months every month and made over 2800 deliveries and they just deactivated me. I need help getting my account reactivated man I sent the dispute form and everything and have had no legal issues in 6 years & 8 months. And it was all resolved in 2015. No DUI or anything. No felony no violent crime.

    This really sucks

  5. Fuck appealing them. We have to sue them for this all of us! This is sad ppl actually depend on this because they can’t work anywhere else. I’ve been working for them since they started literally 5 plus years ago. They hired a lot of ppl who has past backgrounds. But then they become a billion dollar company then go public and start firing everybody who basically BUILT this company that’s totally bullshit

  6. It’s wrong that they go back further than 7 years and now that they acquired post mates they’ve deactivated folks after the takeover

  7. Hi I am a top dasher for Doordash, pls can you help me on how my bank account can be updated. They said it was suspended because they needed more personal information.
    I am still dashing but cannot cash out my earnings. I called Doordash, is not working. May be I need to get to checkr directly?
    Pls I need your assistance. Thanks

  8. If you have anything on your record, no matter how small, you will always be denied employment from doordash, grubhub, Uber eats and so on

  9. I’m new to this don’t don’t judge….
    So I applied for DoorDash and they sent me a Post-Adverse action notice and shows “ID ONLY” but I have a temporary drivers license…I don’t get it if my background check is clear..they had told me I can work at doordash with a temporary drivers license and I checked up on the doordash driver app and just shows me “Dash Now” with the map on…I’m hella confused….did I get accepted or what? PLEASE HELP

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