DoorDash President Explains Their Accept Screen And Hidden Tips For Drivers!

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DoorDash President Explains Their Accept Screen And Hidden Tips! Doordash dasher pay in 2021 can vary greatly. This is because different drivers have different tactics. In this video, Harry Campbell asks Doordash President Christoper Payne about how these hidden tips on Doordash works. This video on being a delivery driver and Doordash has been produced by The Rideshare Guy.

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48 thoughts on “DoorDash President Explains Their Accept Screen And Hidden Tips For Drivers!”

  1. I've been doing doordash for 3 years and I have never seen a challenge yet in my market and lately the only time we get peak is from 2am to 5am when nothing is open

  2. I dont mind doing lower orders but in my opinion hiding anything is BS. If they upped the base pay in a manner that actually reflects the amount pay per mile and the time itll take to fulfill the order then maybe more of the offers with no tip would be delivered. But when you get an order for 3.00 to go 12 miles you're pretty sure you are not going to get a cash tip in this day and age. 3.00 doesn't cover gas let alone maintenance, insurance, self employment tax, income tax, and many other self employed costs we absorbe when working in the gig economy.

  3. I’m sorry but I’ve been on the doordash platform for a while. I remember when we had $5 base pay but that was because doordash was “stealing tips” ( BTW I was never given mine back pay or given any money from the settlement to drivers) , than we are told Thst base pay would be $3 with 100% tips. When doordash hides the tips it’s not a pleasant surprise to a dasher to find out they pay is a little more it’s disrespectful and it shows that doordash may still be keeping tips but by holding tips back they are deciding what to keep and what to share. Doordash isn’t doing anyone a favor when they allow to put out $3 orders knowing very well that it’s a no tip customer. So you want me to accept all your $3 orders so I can be a top dasher???? Seriously there messed up! When we work out there in the rain , snow , heat and you want us not to accept an offer without a tip! Yeah very funny !! You guys just keep laughing at drivers….it’s a interview just like the one with Dara laughing at the drivers… like I said that’s messed up.

  4. So when you hide a 24 dollar order with a 7 dollar order thats transparent? This doesn't just screw up the driver, it screws up the customer that tipped well. An example, I had an order for 4 miles, 7 dollars from wingstop, 100 items. I accepted it because it was slow, normally I take 2 dollars per mile. Dropped it off and it was 24 dollars which I was happy about. But imagine the customer wondering why it was passed around the system even though she tipped 21 dollars.

  5. If these companies don’t care about the drivers, the drivers have no reason to care about these companies. Calling the drivers selfish is hypocritical

  6. Yeah Bentley Coupe and this DD president think :"if you guys accept $3 for 12 miles, you gotta have the faith that we'll give you a good one….. eventually!"
    You got a bottom line, so do we. Stop with these shop orders, the 277 items from wally world, and giving us dead miles. This is a service! Your guest need to pay or y'all (DD) needs to.
    Also, he need to know how to be a profitable dasher. It involes 1$ per, is that in my zone, AND is the restaurant on time, not just one of those qualifications in isolation. It's a job dude.

  7. Ok the fact that when shop n pay was starting out in my market, the emails states that they pay more than food deliveries due to the time it takes to shop and now 4 months later I am seeing $3-4 offers for 5-10 items for 6-10 miles says to me that this guy is lying. Aint nobody got time that. No one is going to spend 20 minutes looking all over the store for $3. They can't even stand by their garbage emails anymore. I'll cherry pick all day everyday. I even write in the decline reason that UberEats would pay $10+ for this same order so try harder. They don't read the decline reasons anyway.

  8. You say you have more information on your screen than other apps? You gotta be fucking kidding me. Ubereats has miles, time, restraint and full expected pay. You hide tips to trick people into taking no tip orders so you can make more money. Don't hide the tips and tell the customer the likelihood of the order being late or not delivered due to low on missing tip.

  9. F this guy for not pushing him on the issues, he's not a true driver. Why you doing an interview if your not going to stand up for drivers, just for views.

  10. I get orders that’s $2.50… oh ya sounds right to me. NOT. I called DoorDash support and found out that order was an $11 order.

  11. I understand the explanation for hiding tips– you don't want cherrypickers just waiting on huge orders. But I think you could show more of the tip. Uber shows the first $8 and it's enough for me to dissect the order– $4-5 isn't enough info for me to make an informed decision

  12. 2:45 really? Who is he comparing to? DD has more info than grubhub, but uber eats is probably the most transparent at the moment: almost full estimated payout, accurate time estimates, and miles.

  13. It is llegal for them to hide the tips from independent contractors. We should be able to choose a job based on pay, that is the point of being independent contractors, otherwise we are employees.

  14. If the drivers cant make profit than we dont need them. its that simple. if they can't make profit they would be gone long time ago .let the driverless cars deliver this and let them see how much it costs them to pay out .pay the drivers right and the worries will be over that simple. u want to screw the drivers u will just close down

  15. The way dd is doing this is 11 dollars for or 22 miles, decline .we need 25 dollars to evan think about this stupid offer and this 11 dollar order was 2 places 2 orders one near me and one across the street in the court yard mall whitch is more time lost .dd knows we get paid by the run not by the hour .we need to get in and out .u cant do this waiting in a mall or ordering the food whitch is double work. food takes anywhere from 15 minutes or more to cook. this is unacceptable. The food needs to be done when we arrive and hot when they deside to work on this, is when we can make money .untill then let the stupid tds run the crappy orders as there doing this for free anyway

  16. Full transparency while continuing to not disclose full pay for contracted work. Sounds legit enough, says nobody but this guy.

    Does anyone feel like this felt like the host was trying to appease doordash here? Sounds like a puppet imo.

  17. It’s really not that complicated. No incentive programs and complicated Pay structures are necessary if you just make sure dashers are paid according to miles driven and time required. Incentives should be for the top dashers only not as a way to try to dupe people into accepting low paying rides. At the very least you should be doing more to encourage customers to tip and making sure drivers know that a customer is intending to tip in cash or upon delivery.

  18. This is insanely criminal, but every time DD gets taken to court they end up settling. That's not an admission of guilt, but it's suspicious.

    DoorDash was more recently brought to court in San Francisco under a Washington D.C. Federal order.

    They ended up settling the lawsuit for $2.5. Million to avoid the embarrassment of a civil trial.

    My guess is, should DoorDash ever have to testify under penalty of perjury, their entire business would go in the toilet. They are well aware of that.

  19. Con-man at his finest. DD will never pay you drivers more. They want you to be content with no tips and $3 base. No vaseline.

  20. So basically this interview is conning drivers into hitting accept because so they meet their demand. The number one reason ppl don’t tip is because doordash is crazy expensive. A meal i checked today without doordash normally would cost $24 but with doordash it’s $36 and that’s BEFORE the tip which is why so many orders have NO TIP. If you’re not dashing during peak periods doordash is not worth because you have no idea who will tip you. Also waiting for a mystery tip doesn’t work because if it’s not shown upon acceptance MOST customers DO NOT tip afterwards.

  21. Full pay on offer screen = base pay + Total Tip amount. Wtf is so hard about that. Just stack the f'ng no tip orders or add supplemental pay like UE does. DD wants to win all of the little battles and the big war. I hope UE takes over market share, I really do. In the end UE isn't even really paying any more than doordash does, they are just smarter about it and allow drivers to see the full pay.

  22. Why DoorDash make you schedule you self since you are a independent contractors. Why you can not star anywhere you want.

  23. udm sent me here. So what is the reward for taking low ball offers? top dasher ? LMAO NO THANKS.

  24. I don't get why people hate the hidden tip, if you know what you're looking for you can pretty much tell when it'll have a hidden tip.


  26. Customer’a orders are not being satisfied but are eventually canceled because no one wants to deliver 12 mi for $3.

  27. How many are going by a dollar a mile? My rule is nothing less than $6 and nothing less than $2 a mile or I should say nothing more than $2 a mile what you know what I mean

  28. All right the guy says you get you get you get all of your tips but then sometimes you get a surprise or a bonus well that surprising bonus to not be any part of the tip and the courts were very clear on this, I don't know how this President is forgetting what the courts said but they said you cannot hide any of the tips from the drivers you connect with hold them you cannot use them in any way other than giving them 100% of the tips which means and this is the spirit of the law as well as almost the letter you must present all of the tips to the driver let's say a customer now we do know that a customer can add to the tip once you pick up the food from the restaurant I cannot make the chip larger before you get to the restaurant, that's impossible and that will never happen it wouldn't even be logical for it that to happen.

    Absolutely 100% anytime a customer wants to make the add to the tip after you pick up the food from the restaurant they always can and they can add it and make it bigger more than once and they can additional amount they can also make smaller they can eliminate it as well, however there is an initial tip then a customer can do at the beginning and it's automatically set to 15%

    Ever since the tip model changed in the app, the starting tip offering on every order is 15% every order, including Walmart orders.

    Including Walmart orders. The reason we see Walmart owners are $6 all the time no matter what the mileage is it's because customers are deliberately going into the Walmart or order they're doing it deliberately into the tip section and making it zero from the initial 15% default offer

    Anytime you see an order for $2.50 or $3.25 or $4 that means the customer either leave the way less or made it zero on purpose before they accepted the order before they made the order happen before the order was placed.

    It was over 9,000 trips under my belt just for gordash alone, occasionally I would take a $3 order for a $4 order, I have never ever received any additional tip after delivering those low orders I've never seen it. I have been handed an extra cash tip on low orders and even very high orders probably a total of 20 times 20 times I've been handed attached her all right let me be conservative and love it let's just say 40 times. The

    Going through my old tax records that's exactly what I was doing of handed cash because I attractive and then I just gave up tracking the manual I wouldn't see them more than once every two months.

    But on the app side when customers could add a tip later, they never made the tip larger on a 345 or $6 order, it just never happened.

    I will often get 5 to 10 to 550% tip on orders that start out to be $10 or more.

    People that can afford a premium service tip well and exuberantly.

    The president of doordash needs to realize that doordash needs to become a premium service for people who can afford it.

  29. No if it's if we do it too often it's because people aren't paying enough or doordash isn't charging people enough, doordash is in it to make money they don't have to be nice to customers, they do need to be nice to the drivers however because they want that food delivered as efficiently as possible and the only way to do that is to be driver-centric, you cannot be customer Centric in the food delivery business because food delivery is a premium service always.

  30. Bonus programs do absolutely nothing for anyone and here's why, in order to get a high enough acceptance rate you have to accept low ball orders that will never tip 250 $3 you name it, lowball offers anything under $5.

    Bonus programs essentially with bonus programs you're merely giving back only a small portion of the money they could have been and they held out for a larger more normal order.

    The incentives so called incentives are
    complete and utter nonsense and they're b*****

    Who pays for those incentives? A combination of restaurants and customers do and drivers who are willing to take low ball offers.

  31. This reminds me of the opposite psychology of factory workers where you do peace work and everyone has their day rate and typically everyone tries to maintain an 80 to 85% efficiency, even though every new factory worker that comes on board could do near 99 to 100% almost every day, until they're told by their supervisor to not try so hard because it doesn't allow anyone to get a bonus if there's one person always getting the bonus, the new guy or the New Girl.

    That's how Dashers are treated, like they are Factory workers.

  32. A trip that is already there and available is not to be considered as a prize, that's b***** thinking, that's poor man thinking.

  33. You can't expect drivers to be highest rated or good drivers when you're giving them complete crap orders, you're not going to raise the morale by doing that, that's just idiotic thinking.

  34. they should be sued for hiding tips after all we are independent contractors, you do not hire someone to do a job and only show them half the amount!

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