DV Lottery – FAQ – unlocking and updating your DS260 for Green Card Lottery

How to update your DS260 to correct mistakes for DV Lottery winners. Does unlocking cause delays, what sort of changes cause delays… all this and more in the Frequently Asked Questions episode!


22 thoughts on “DV Lottery – FAQ – unlocking and updating your DS260 for Green Card Lottery”

  1. Hello dear Britsimon . I am one of dv2021 winner AS13xxx and submitted my ds-260 but unfortunately found i have made a mistake at my mother place of birth . Please advise me should i unlock my ds-260 form to fix or it doesn't Mather .

  2. Pls I'm DV-2021 selectee and I submitted my DS 260 on July 28 2020. I want to send an unlock request to make few revisions on my information and that of my wife. Should I send two separate email? Also the revisions are about the job I indicated to do. I added "private business" and my fear is that it may invite difficult questions or probe. What's is your advice?

  3. Hello dear britsimon…. i want take ur openion… i make a mistake in louttry form origenal one … i didnt add my separate wife which we sprayed 4 years ago but we still in marriage and i winner in 2021…. in ds2021 i add her and i wrote she will not come with me or fellow me later ….. is mean my case will disqualification? No chance to explain in interview? U have any idea about this

    Thanks u for help

  4. Hi thank you for this video
    I have a question
    I just got to a new university so should i email kcc to unlock my ds260 form or is that okay if i tell them during the interview ?

  5. Very informative talk. I filled the Ds260 for Adjustment of status through DV. But now I want to change to consular processing. Can I ask unlock and change it. Thank you.

  6. I realize my Ds260 I have not written my working experience its only one and should be 3 I realize it today my case no is 2021AF39***k my inter will on June or July is it too late to unlock please relply Mr Brit simmon

  7. Hello
    After unlocked the dS 260 are you to e-mail KCC to lock the ds260.
    Or you will send and submit then it will later lock

  8. Mr. Simon

    I'm from Uzbekistan, I filled up DS-260 last year, in my biometric passport there is no middle name but there is my father's name and it is written same " Father's name" for this I did not write it for given name together, in webpage it says include any first name and include middle name which is listed in your passport, questions is,
    Should I rewrite my father's name as a middle name with my given name?

  9. If i go another country after submitting ds 260 , what i should do? Please answer my question.

  10. Hello sir i hope you are fine doing well . My question is about my ds260 form , should i unlock my ds260 that i have made a mistake in my school name ? It pronounce the same but in mistake i added extra letter . Like . (Chcknawry ) (chicknowry)

  11. Hi,simon that's helpfull information,am as dv lottery winner 2022, after submitting the ds 260 form on may 11 2021,then we realised computer autotype on my spouse name so we requested for unlock to make changes on 29 may 2021, we are waiting for unlock,besides that am expectant awaiting to deliver end of this year does it mean we shall request again for unlock if ds 260 form to add the newborn.kindy assist

  12. Thank you so much for your videos. They are helping me to remain calm and continue to be patient. Clear, to the point. So invaluable. Thank you so much.

  13. Hi Brit. Hope you're fine. My wife was successful. Her DS260 form has her form and that of our daughter. Mine is missing. How can we go about this. We see a provision for add applicant. Can we go ahead and add my self. Your response on this will be highly appreciated.

  14. Can we get rejected when we ask for unlock… and in how much time we will get unlock maximum

  15. Thanks for the video.
    By now its two weeks since I email kcc to unlock my DS260 but they didn't 'do it yet.
    I am 2022 DV lottery winner.

  16. Hello Mr. Brit. During the request of the Unlock should I also change the interview location when making the revision? Thank you.

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