Ed Sheeran – Best Part Of Me (feat. YEBBA) [Official Lyric Video]

The official lyric video for Ed Sheeran – Best Part Of Me (feat. @Yebba)

Watch the live performance of this song recorded at Abbey Road here:

Taken from No.6 Collaborations Project released in 2019, which featured the hit singles ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘Cross Me’, ‘Beautiful People’, ‘Blow’, ‘Best Part of Me’, ‘Antisocial’, ‘South of the Border’ &’Take Me Back To London’.

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About Ed Sheeran:
Ed Sheeran may be the quintessential pop star of the 2010s: an internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning singer/songwriter who seems to acknowledge no boundaries between styles or eras with elements of folk, hip-hop, pop, dance, soul, and rock woven throughout his music.

His incredible catalogue includes the studio albums ‘+’ (plus), ‘x’ (multiply) and ‘÷’ (divide) which spawned hit singles such as ‘The A team’ , ’Lego House’, ‘Sing’, ‘Thinking Out Loud’, ‘Photograph’, ‘Shape Of You’, ‘Castle on The Hill’ and ‘Perfect’.

In 2019, Ed Sheeran released the genre-spanning ‘No.6 Collaborations Project’ which featured a wide-range of artists including ‘Justin Bieber’, ‘Camilla’ Cabello’, ‘Travis Scott’, ‘Eminem’, ‘Cardi B, ‘Paulo Londra’, ‘Bruno Mars’ and ‘Stormzy’ amongst many others, producing hits such as ‘I Don’t Care’, ‘Beautiful People’, ‘South of The Border’ and ‘Take Me Back To London’.

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28 thoughts on “Ed Sheeran – Best Part Of Me (feat. YEBBA) [Official Lyric Video]”

  1. Jes says:

    Why the hell do you love me? 'Cause I don't even love myself

  2. Jehan Jocuya says:


  3. Sheerio says:

    Please spread this: Ed Sheeran will release an album this year

  4. lontongstroong says:


  5. Debangana Chakravorty says:

    I love every single song from this album

  6. Leonard Lyle Trillana says:

    Ah yes the good ol years of music

  7. Just Dom says:


  8. Stephen Jake Cabanos says:

    The best part of me? making right choices to unlove you.

  9. Hiketo Muru says:

    This is the song she recommended me to listen .And now she left me alone .

  10. A sad cloud says:

    Came here from a Jaeyong AU on twt lol. This is so beautiful❤️

  11. Ashoda Dhakal says:

    The best part of me is you .. lately everythings making sense too
    Babe I'm so in love with you …

  12. low pan says:

    At 3:19 I heard
    I heard Lately the first time then I heard baby then i listened and heard bay-tely… idk why
    Ik that’s not how you spell it(just for anyone who thinks that I don’t know how to spell.

  13. SB Fernandez says:


  14. Hazel Grace says:

    "Why the hell do you love me cause i don't even love myself"
    I wonder how that feels

  15. noTLe0 says:


  16. Engread Requillas says:

    Ivan Iris Garett Lingad❤

  17. Hakuna Matata says:


  18. Vanellope Von says:


  19. Prabhat Sharma says:

    once a wise man said, "when you're happy you enjoy the melody but, when you're broken you understand the lyrics"

  20. Yuki Zuki says:


  21. Fiber says:

    @denise toroba

  22. Robin Williams says:

    I love u so much Henry

  23. Nauman Aman says:

    "The best part of me is you"

    Never have truer words been spoken

  24. Reika GachAnime says:

    May 27, 2021

    You're listening to this having a specific person in your mind.

  25. Johna Marie Legaspi says:


  26. melanie soltio says:


  27. ダニエル says:

    Ed Sheeran songs never disappoint me.

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