EDD California Unemployment: Notice Of Determination Of Invalid Claim 1277: Do You Need To Appeal?

EDD California Unemployment: Notice Of Determination Of Invalid Claim 1277: Do You Need To Appeal?
A lot of you have now gone through the process of reapplying, filing a new claim or calling to see if you qualify for a new claim and now you’ve received a letter from the CA EDD stating notice of determination of invalid claim 1277 and are wondering if you need to file an appeal (you don’t) and what happens next. This is actually a sign that your claim is moving forward toward getting paid again. Once you are denied a new claim the EDD can add the unemployment extensions to your existing claim. Now that you have been denied a new claim, the extensions should be applied automatically because you went through the process of reapplying, filing a new claim or calling to see if you qualify or are eligible for a new claim.
After you apply for a new unemployment claim, your UI claim is sent in for review by a third party and I am told the review process can take anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks. The EDD can not pay out on your existing claim while your new claim is being reviewed even if your new claim is denied or you still have a balance on your existing claim.
If you had used all of your 2nd PEUC, PEUX, PEUCX, Extension Tier 2 funds and your claim balance hit 0, you are also waiting for the CA EDD to complete the programming for the PEUC Tier 3 extension which they anticipate completing between April 10th and April 30th.

If you’ve had trouble calling the EDD and can’t get through or have a pending unemployment claim, you California Assemblyman might be able to help fix your claim.

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34 thoughts on “EDD California Unemployment: Notice Of Determination Of Invalid Claim 1277: Do You Need To Appeal?”

  1. Claimyr Discount Code: join.claimyr.com/86c44b
    * I think everyone should be able to get ahold of the CA EDD for free but because so many of you have told me this is the best $20 you've ever spent, I might as well share a discount code (which is an affiliate link) that will save you $5, I still advocate calling (833) 978-2511 then after the long intro message quickly hit 1,3,4

  2. Hello,

    What if on the determination letter… Part (e) is not checked off and also the part that says, “ THE DETERMINATION DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR CLAIM FOR EXTENDED BENEFITS “ is not checked as well. Should I appeal, or wait it out? Since it says, I have 30 days to appeal from the date of receiving the letter.

  3. Shelly, thank you very much for the detailed and easy to follow explanation for the 1277 letter. Like everyone else I was freaking out until I found your video. Great job and I'll be sure to come back for more info.

  4. Thank you for your guidance and information. Most importantly my peace of mind.
    You are Our Guardian EDD Angel !!!

  5. Thank you Shelly for this calming video message. My claim reached its twelve month expiration the third week of March and so I refiled and did the IDme as instructed. Since then I have been paid out for my certifications twice (one the first week of April and another the first week of May). I have also received both the Award and 1277 Invalid notice (which did not come with the mentioned Appeal Form). Besides the two payouts at the beginning of April and May I still have six weeks that I have certified (from 4/3 – 5/1) stuck in "Pending" status. When you have a moment can you please tell me what, if anything should I do moving forward other than practicing my patience?? Much Appreciated!!

  6. Thank you so much. I received this letter and could feel the stress and anxiety building up knowing I wouldn’t be able to get ahold of anyone. I didn’t receive any payments for two months and had given up. What a relief.

  7. so since i got a award letter & a notice of determination letter. i am not going to get paid anymore? or does this mean i have to appeal? i didn’t get paid for like a month & then i got paid 2 weeks ago & then shortly received both letters. what do i do?

  8. Shelly I just got these both letters. Thank you so much for everything!!!! I hope I can still get this extension till September 4th. How will I get that Extension ??

  9. First of all Shelley – you are amazing! I've been looking for this exact explanation, so thank you for that. I did have a question, I got the invalid claim mailing and actually got paid on 3 pending weeks after I received the letter, but it has now been 4 weeks since my last payment. I was just going to wait it out and be patient, I've been certifying like normal every two weeks, but then I got a text message from EDD a couple of days ago "EDD Alert: Your unemployment claim has expired. Apply for a new claim now" naturally this confused the heck out of me. What do I do now? Should I file a new claim even though I just filed one a month ago?

  10. Shelly, what if you're goin' through this exact scenario (1277) but you're a freelance worker who's filing for UI for the 1st time (since 2013) due to COVID-19 related shutdowns? March 14th I applied, was approved, and a claim balance of $14,195 (benefit year: 03/14/2021-09/04/2021) appeared (still appear) in the "Claim Summary" of my EDD portal. Though I could not certify! A month later, after a half dozen unanswered AskEDD inquiries and 4 connected (but unanswered) phone calls … randomly … the "certify" button appeared and I did! But only to go to "pending" … then weeks later "paid" … after finally undoing itself and now showing "disqualified". I have ID.me receipts, everything good there. Not fired. Did not quit. But I WAS between gigs when COVID shutdowns started. Is that a reason?

    I keep calling and no one tells me why I'm disqualified. The determination letter says it's because I am working which is news to me. Unless they consider dialing 1-800-300-5616 between 8am-7pm every day is "working". Anyway, I could go on and on explaining the runaround and nuisance with the EDD and my claim(s) … but I'm now forever on appeal, or so it seems. And I'm not even sure what I'm appealing. Or when that might occur.

    3+ months now w/o $$$. Not good.

    So, with that, let me ask you this ONE question:

    Aside from excessive earnings and/or fraud, what WOULD disqualify someone from the base $167/wk PUA claim? I've read all the fine print and still don't understand. I'm pretty sure I qualify.?! Have I made a mistake? Am I crazy? Or is this the work of the EDD?

    It's such a weird time made even stranger. And poorer. #EDD

  11. What if you have worked for 7 months of last year and part of this year but still got this letter what do I do…

  12. Thank you so much Shelly! You are a lifesaver. I nearly had a heart attack when I read my letter today. Question though: Will I have to pay back the weeks I've been paid so far on this claim when they convert it back to my previous claim? I notice the weeks I've been paid say disqualified now, so that has got me worried.

  13. What if employees do not find work by September 6th, can they still continue getting some sort of unemployment or they will become just homeless with no income? Is The State of California going to be extending at least the state benefits, since to our understanding the federal benefits will all end on 09.06.21

  14. I'm having problems with IDme, HELP! Wouldn't let me do it using someone's cell, so went & got my own cell. But when trying to take pic. of me with my ID, it claims too dark, or not in focus. Meanwhile, I get a "Notice of Determination of failure to ID" and on my "pending" payments on my EDD account it now states Disqualified. I haven't received a letter, but there is a lot of mail thief where I live, so that doesn't mean there wasn't one sent. Should I appeal anyways? Is there a form online? I haven't got a check since DECEMBER!! Any info will be appreciated, Thank You!

  15. Thank you Shelly. I received my letters on Friday 5/21/21 and I've been just worrisome all weekend. Until just few minutes ago, found your video and listened to you. But I'm still going to call EDD tomorrow LOL , if i can get thru of course

  16. oh my god Thank you so much i almost called in back to work i guess more vacation for me xD

  17. Is this still accurate if you 1) were self employed pre-covid. 2) made more than the required $1300 for the new claim period as a self employed person ?

  18. Please please help idk what do or how to get a hold anyone how can I get paid it says pending but I jjst applyed should I wait longer an give it more tome or do another claim

  19. I got the invalid claim, section 1277 too, but because I certified with Not looking for work, I got disqualified and an Appeals letter. Do I need to send in the Appeal or contact EDD. I'm about to contact Assembly liaison. Does Anyone know about this?

  20. Hi thank for your video. I got that letter but I did the appeal and I didn’t get answer it. I certified my last two weeks but there isn’t money in my claim. It shows no paid. What can I do, I don’t have any money.

  21. Thank you. Stress level went through the roof worrying about bills, food and rent which is what all my EDD goes to.

  22. I got my award letter weeks ago and today I received the 1277 letter. I’m confused because my UI online does not have my new award amount, and I’m not able to certify.

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