Employer can check your SERVICE HISTORY via UAN or PF number?

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04:20 If employer does not have member UAN?

A question that often arises among employees is how much of their employment service history is available to their employer? What details linked to the UAN or Aadhaar number is available to the employer? Can the employer see all the past service records? If the current employer does not get access to the UAN then can he generate a new UAN? In this video, we will cover all such queries regarding all the details an employer can access via his employee’s UAN or Aadhaar number.

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48 thoughts on “Employer can check your SERVICE HISTORY via UAN or PF number?”

  1. Dear sir mera ye question tha ki employer UAN number se mera PF ka balance check kar sakta he ki nahi vo janna tha muje

  2. Dude then why do we have BG verification companies…. No companies or Human Resource does this… Only third class companies would perform such activity..m

  3. Can we do two jobs simultaneously , i.e one night shift and one day shift? Can company track threw pan or adhar card?? Is that legal in india or not please let me know

  4. I had withdrawn my EPF from old company where I worked for 18 yrs. I hv got a Pension scheme certificate for that service which I want to transfer to New company. What is the procedure for that ?

  5. Sir Mera ek question hai Agar koi multiple job karta hai to kya problm face karni padegi multiple job only for 1 or 2 to 3 months pf ya isse related koi issue

  6. I recently transferred pf balance from new to old by mistake but not able to withdraw please make video on this. Balance showing but service history' not showing please say the solution

  7. Employment status before 2008 is required and spouse details are not mentioned this is status when I applied my father 10D form now what should i do?

  8. Your Claim [ Claim Id – KDMAL210150024516 ] has been rejected due to : 1) PLEASE UPDATE SERVICE HISTORY 2) UAN CLAIM � CANCELLED CHEQUE NOT AS PER KYC BANK DETAILS

  9. Hi sir.
    Kya previous employer ko UAN se next employer ka pata chal jayega.?
    Aur agar exit mark kar diya hai to kya woh pata kar sakta hai?

  10. sir please give me your number I want to talk to you regarding my PF details. Same above video service history showing details..I withdraw full amount from previous company. Previous company present company 8days gap.. after one month I exit present company…and join new company
    Ex exit 12/11/20 F&F REQ hear I marked exit..
    now showing 17/11/20 company..
    joined 17/11/20 & exit 18/01/21… TRANSFER
    Kindly give me solution.
    Thanks Vinay
    joined 20/11/21.

  11. If my aadhar card is not verified at UAN portal, Can my new employer create another UAN with my aadhar card?

  12. Sir,if employe closed the past UAN NO then can employer should know your previous job history, kindly guide me sir……????

  13. Hi Sir
    Agar mari last company ka PF a/c nahi hai jo ki fake experience hai
    but currrent company UAN aur PF a/c hai jo ki real experiance hai
    So in Future in other company mai kya mai first (i mean fake experience)company change kar sakta hu
    becoz In first company mai physical experience possible nahi hai ab

    Plz sir answer my ques ASAP

  14. Sir I am a hr and registered one employe in sister company instead of main company now shown his doj and doe same date
    How to remove his service history in sister company

  15. Working in 2 company at same time and any problem and dedicating pf amount both company

  16. Hi bro…Could you please let me know one thing….Can employeer know how much amount is being cutten in the past employment history or only know the dates and pf numbers?…..please let me know bro

  17. Kissi bhi company me acrive he to dekh sakta he ya apni company ka active hi dekh sakta he

  18. Chutiya law hai.

    Labours ko taklif mey daalne waali law hai.

    Imagine, if a person working in company for 2 months, and then got offer in other company with good package,.
    He will change company, but then new employer will come to know about this..

    Bad law

  19. ??
    Full time employee can get new part time job on payroll (PF) employment in domino/zomato/swiggy etc. or any part time weekend job with payroll & parttime PF contribution…????

  20. Sir My adhar is not linked with my UAN but my pan link with UAN…in this case can i hide my UAN & in future is it possible to create new UAN????Kindly reply please……

  21. Can new company hr know your last company basic and pf contribution amount also, pls let me know?

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