Employers, Has Anyone Given You A Reference That Cost Them The Job? (AskReddit)

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34 thoughts on “Employers, Has Anyone Given You A Reference That Cost Them The Job? (AskReddit)”

  1. I’m on the opposite end of this. We gotta guy that keeps using my business for a reference. We keep telling everyone who calls us for a reference not to hire this dipshit.

  2. Previous employers are not allowed to tell why someone was fired or whether they were fired or quit. So a lot of these are questionable to me.

  3. I just get the feeling that potential employers here in town and the next city over, are against those with mental illnesses. After all, every interview always has them saying the same thing: they want someone with experience or someone who can drive. So yeah, I keep getting turned away. Which really stinks.

  4. Uh… for the story with the guy who went off the grid for 3 years, if he wasn't driving/didn't cause the accident, why would he have done time for leaving the scene and going off the grid? There's no criminal culpability.

  5. I had been talking to a company about a job in a very specific industry, i had been working for 15 years in a very specific industry, just before I was about to go for an interview there was a family emergency and I had to leave the country for a period.
    so i kept in contact with the company the whole time. and picked up the process when i returned. i went in and interviewed with the managing director of the company and he loved me and practically offered me the job on the spot. as i had been working for a competitor and we had an acrimonious separation (they fired me when I asked them to pay the £5k in expenses that I was owed, and they didn't pay the additional £15k I am still owed in wages) they could not get a reference off them however as both companies were in the same industry they knew a lot of our clients and had a personal relationship with many of our customers. so the MD interviewing me asked if he could ask one of the companies we both knew for a reference. as i had completed 2 massive projects for this company and had been primary engineer on both projects so had met all the top brass and knew that they had seen me be the last person to leave site every single day and going above and beyond to complete the projects to deadline. so i said yes please do contact them they will have nothing but good things to say about me and thought i had a great relationship with them.
    it is illegal to give anyone a negative reference, the worst thing you can do legally is refuse to give a reference or say they worked for us between this date and this date (that is as bad as you are legally allowed and if this is the response you will assume that it is very negative). so a day later i get a call saying there is bad news, and the company had given me a really negative reference. so i asked what they had said and they had claimed i had turned up to site late (i hadn't i started work when i left my door at 8am on a monday morning and was working in another country so would not arrive until lunch time on a monday and would have to leave site at lunch time on a friday (however i would normally not get to leave site on a friday until 4-7pm), they said i was unreliable, and that i had disappeared in the middle of a project. this was a complete lie i had waited until the project was completed and opened before i asked the company i was working for to pay my expenses as i expected them to do something illegal and didn't want to get tarred by their reputation.
    this has meant that i have had to leave an industry that i have worked in for 15 years as everyone knows everyone in this industry and i am now burnt so no one will touch me as i worked for 1 company that turned out to be a bunch of cunts and then 1 person lied about me and gave me a falsely negative reference and so now my reputation in the industry that i had spent so long building has been destroyed by other people's lies! due to an illegal crooked company not paying me(I couldn't even begin to list all their illegal practices right now but typical english cowboy company, no contracts, no cash flow, pay everyone late (companies and employees), trading while insolvent, you get the picture) and 1 person lying about me.
    fyi while working on the contracts all materials that needed sourcing had come out of my pocket, i was working 60 hour weeks while i was supposed to be getting paid for 40 (they fucked me over by paying me in euros instead of pounds meaning that my wage only just covered my rent, i had to pay for everything while i worked for the company (hence the £5K in expenses owed) and then when they fired me they owed me 5 months wages on top. meaning that i had paid to work hours that weren't legal from my own money to an exceptional standard and had cunts destroy my reputation and prevent me from getting work and infact having to retrain and leave the industry that i had built a career in but murder isn't legal? XD

  6. my friend asked me to be a reference for a job he applied for. i declined because i KNEW i would cost him his job. hes got terrible work ethic and when i recommended him to work where i do, he totally flaked on the day of the interview with bullshit excuses that the public bus dropped him off in the "middle of nowhere" and absolutely refused an offer to be driven to the interview and make it on time bc my mom happened to have the day off and was willing to pick up my friend to take him to the interview. i recommended him bc ididnt realize his work ethic sucked so much

    so now he has this new job in another place and hes worked there for, maybe, a month or so and hes taken so many sick days and he only works sat-sun. im sure he'll be let go but i kind of wish he had used me as a reference because his work ethic is terrible.

  7. Most of the posters of these stories sound like pieces of shit. Also the ones that are the boss are breaking the law. Can only say there rehire eligibility.

  8. Having my references checked freaks me out almost as much as the interview. The person who just interviewed me for a job said she doesn’t like to check references unless two candidates are neck and neck.

  9. I want to start an online business where people can put in the job stated on their resume and then our number so when we get a call from a potential employer we will give them a good reference. Also we will randomize numbers and have numbers from any desired state. References are stupid and does not reflect a person, merely a persons opinion of a person which can be false.

  10. Ex employers are risking being sued giving negative references. There's a reason most places will only confirm your employment dates and pay.

  11. genuine question, If you worked for a few years somewhere and got fired, then what are you supposed to do if your only choices are to put down the previous employer who fired you as a reference or have an unexplained few years gap in employment?

  12. I gave an honest reference for an old coworker and she called me screaming that I was supposed to only give positive things. If you don’t like what i have to say don’t use me as a reference

  13. Wait, we "only" had 3 deadlines a week? Is that a lot? Hell, I'm sometimes given data entry tasks that take a week and a half to complete at my current job. I tried automating it, but unfortunately we use a third party software and the owners of the software refused to give my any information on how certain variables are named and stored, so I have to manually transfer the stuff to a spreadsheet.

  14. If someone asks you to be a reference and you dont say no but plan to be negative, then you are the biggest asshole on earth.

  15. i understand getting a bad reference because you absolutely sucked at your job, but to have a boss give a horrible reference because you didn't want to work at that job anymore and left is the same type of immaturity that a fucking 8 year old would have.
    These are grown adults doing this. Pathetic.

    Either be honest about that shit or stfu and get a job that actually deserves such an immature piece of shit, especially one that doesn't allow you to give references.

    "Oh boo hoo, the employee didn't want to work here anymore so they put in the two week notice and left. I might as well lie to anyone that calls for a reference about them, cause that's how much of an immature bitch I am. I want ruin someone's chances of getting a better job cause they don't want to work at this job."

  16. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get the job at the liquor store bc the guy thought I was lying about my current employer being my dad, which is true

  17. Funny how potential employees are discouraged from talking crap about their previous bosses but bosses won't hold back from other employers.

  18. 13:25 Oh God that guy could literally have been the CEO of the non-profit that I interned with when I was in my senior year of high school. I was very immature back then, quite annoying to be around in general, and I did in fact list him as a reference as a previous supervisor on some of my later job applications. Plus, I checked his reddit account, and he's a programmer; the non-profit was a scientific research agency that had a supercomputer which our team regularly wrote code for for our research.

  19. Why can’t you give info on why you fired them?? Like the one fast food story of “I can’t give you any info)? Isn’t your job as a reference to give them insight on what they’re getting into?

  20. Just lost a solid job offer due to the bad reference.
    I was working in American IT company with operations based in Russia (was doing tech support) and here in Russia managers are really savages. They fired me like a dog on one day notice, yes I was not performing quite well because of quarantine and night shifts, so I was fine with being fired.

    Two month later I was looking for another job, in solid American IT company, passed all the interviews and test tasks and in the last moment when I was about to receive an offer they got a reference from this guys which was just destroying me

    Here in Russia it is absolutely legal to give bad references, and my previous employer was literally shitting me… but should this misperformance cost me whole career & life?

    Shit, I am just 22 now and was 21 at the time I worked there, It was my first job, I do not not what to do now… this guys are just destroying my life….

  21. At a company I used to work at a guy left for another company, got hired, went through all their hiring paperwork, etc. & started working. A short time later the new co. calls our company for some details. Turns out the guy wrote his own supervisor's glowing recommendation on company letterhead & forged his supervisor's signature on it! Busted!

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