Employers NOT Calling You Back After Interviews?

If employers are not calling you back after interviews, don’t take this as a sign that they are not interested in you. Watch this video to find out possible reasons they are not calling you back after your interview. Maybe they are not interested, but that’s not always the case. There are many other reasons employers might not call you back after an interview.

If you are not hearing back after your interviews, one of the best things you can do is to call the employer to find out why. Don’t just sit there and let your mind wander.

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44 thoughts on “Employers NOT Calling You Back After Interviews?”

  1. 1. If the employer "forgot", then this is careless and the people in HR should not be in these positions.
    2. If an employer clearly states that he or she will call back, then he or she should, oh, I don't know, call back. Otherwise, this is dishonest and misleading. The employer has a responsibility to follow-up and let the potential employee know what is happening. It is professional and ethical.

    You should be calling out the employers for being so misleading rather than placing all burden on the potential employees. I did not hear any of this in your video.

  2. Not calling back shows irresponsibility, I’d be glad to go look somewhere else than to work for a company that flake on potential employees either to continue with the hire process or to let the person know they’re not what they’re in search for.

  3. It’s heartbreaking you put all this work to looking for a job and then you don’t hear back. It makes me upset honestly. I’ve applied to 20 positions and waiting to hear back. But I am applying elsewhere in the meantime.

  4. Sir I gave intrw was 98 percent sure from my side i attended it well wen followed up hr askd me that my candidature has been kept on hold….he will update me further things…..is this positive one

  5. What about not calling back and you continue seeing the position posted or you received an offer for a position then it was rescinded and the position still bringing posted.

  6. Applied for six jobs I was qualified for. Did not recieve a call back because they went with another candidate. The other four jobs just never kept me in the loop.

  7. So I had an interview this Monday and I was told I got the job. The manager was very friendly and told me should would send me a message for further information either Monday or Tuesday. It’s now Wednesday and I’m a bit worried. I want to leave a message but I’m not sure if it’s too soon or do you suggest to continue looking for another job?

  8. Dude, don't give us false hope like that. If the company isn't interested they won't call. If they are they call. Interviewers and recruiters lie to make you sit by the phone with anticipation of a response. But it never comes.

  9. I went from Germany to Austria for an interview, travelled for 13 hours to reach the place. I prepared for almost a week n gave my best shot… while coming back the project manager discussed the help I get from my colleagues in finding an apartment… I was flying that day… it has been 1 n half month now… I did follow up… n still there is no response… I wish the hiring people send a rejection mail soon than making the job seekers assume its a rejection.

  10. I interviewed a week or so ago and I never got a call back and I’ve been stressing out so much but today I think I’m gonna call and ask if I got it or not

  11. Hi Don! You convinced me to send emails to HR after interview. Despite that they’re still ghosting me. Why are they so rude ? It is international engineering company and they threat candidates soo bad.

  12. I'm here because I had an interview a week ago and haven't heard back yet! I have chased them up so hopefully I get an update soon.

  13. Currently waiting for my interview outcome, it has been only 2 days and the anxiety is kicking in. Let's hope they will call back in a week or two like they mentioned. Please wish me luck thanks! I will update the post with outcome when I receive it.

  14. I applied for a job at a hospital & the interview went great. I never heard from the company again. I gave up on them & was looking for another job. About 1 month later they called & gave me the job! They apologized for taking so long to get back to me but they said they had gotten very busy with other issues so the hiring process had been delayed. I am still working for them 7 years later.

  15. What if i reply immediately to book a time slot for an interview but the email goes into his outbox and therefor doesn't book me for an interview and i miss out on the job ? Am i able to sue for incompetents ?

  16. So sick of interviews calling and not heating anything or getting a email from the company that they went for another candidate. I am a recent survivor of cervical cancer stage 1 . At this point I am living on unemployment waiting to file for disability benefits. Fuck it to try and find a job out here . I have interviewed three time at one company nothing .

  17. I had an HR Talent acquisition person call me on a Friday and say i fit the profile they’re looking for and asked me if im interested. After i said yes they said they’d contact me on Monday . A week passed and nothing happened so I called her back to follow up she said the person tasked with calling me was busy and told me not to worry as theyd call me back… Another week passed by and still nothing.. would following up AGAIN via phone call be a bad idea?

  18. Well, I did an interview yesterday they said I'll tell my boss to hire you and they said they will give me a link for my background check once I was finished with that I'll start but, every time when they "said" the link was sent I didn't receive but, I know for a fact my email is working my brother was sending me links it was working perfectly I don't know why is this a way of saying no? It's Jack in a box job by the way.

  19. Thanks Don for the tips. I've been waiting so long to hear this. Going to subscribe your channel.

  20. Sorry, the employers don't share the phone numbers to call – in the era of zoom and meet. Your advise needs an update.

  21. Maaan I just called the recruiter and it was positive and at least I'm relieved and know what's happening.
    Thank you!

  22. i never call employers after interviews even when they tell we will call you . there is 2 scenario :
    1- they are not interested , so why should i call them , if they are not interested or they find a better candidate ??
    2- they are too busy . so if i call them , they will be annoyed , because they have stuff more important than my case . besides , they will see me as desperate , as someone who is harrasing them
    Conclusion : if they ghost you , you ghost them !! you don't stop searching until you get an official offer ( not an oral offer but a written offer )

  23. The applicant spends an enormous amount of time worrying and preparing for the application and the interview. So, it is unethical not to inform the candidate of the final result.

  24. Just had my second round of interview with the VP and COO of the company…
    everything went well, we even linked on LinkedIn.
    even tho it only has been 3 days, I haven't heard anything back yet, I'm really really anxious though.
    Waiting to follow up one week from the day we had the interview. any more tips?

  25. Guys please don’t hesitate to call. I called today and the manager told me the recruiters are piled up with new employees and they should call me soon with an offer.

  26. Listen up, pal….if a candidate has been told flat out that they are desired to bring on board and HR then drops the ball because of time off, then what message does that send to the potential employee? That its OK to have folks hanging? That's bullshit! You are an HR rah-rah guy. Everyone needs to be prepared to WALK AWAY from lame assed LAZY HR BITCHES.

  27. Technical Manager said ….."There are several candidates to be interviewed. After that, we will definitely get back to you"….What does it mean? Positive sign or negative sign? On the same day, she accepted my LinkedIn connection request.

  28. This happens to me ALL the time! I make it through all the interview tiers and get great feedback from the search committees, then I get ghosted. It’s the most frustrating thing! Especially since I’m trying to get out of a toxic work environment

  29. I jsut went through an interview process with a tech firm. I prepared for the interview and did the best I ever have. Took all the advice from the job coaches Etc. Was told I'd hear back by Friday but by Friday no word. I knew they were calling the people they were hiring and waiting till whenever to notify those who were not hired.
    I have a ticket for expired Car tag. Since taken care of that. My credit is otherwie perfect. I let the tag lapse on purpose part of a protest in WA state when we voted in 30 dollar car tags and the govt tied it up in court and got a shady judge to toss it out. Was this enough to cause me to be passed by?

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