Employers, What Odd Things Did You DIscover Doing Background Checks? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

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29 thoughts on “Employers, What Odd Things Did You DIscover Doing Background Checks? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)”

  1. Oddest thing I saw was a man applying for a job working with cash that had felonies related to cash. Like seriously…you know that shit is gonna pop up, no way are you getting a finance job with that kind of record.

  2. I understand the IT guy with the riverboat pilot killer. It's a little weird to train someone within 10 years of your parents' age.
    Especially if you have to teach them some of the stuff that you thought was basic computer knowledge (they get a free pass on niche knowledge, or things that you wouldn't normally look at (just because I've crawled around in the Windows registry enough to memorize some paths, doesn't mean that they know the ins and outs of Windows registry)).

  3. Had a candidate who had a leudness charge on his background. Apparently, he was at an adult theatre, played with himself a bit, then was arrested in the lobby afterward. The cop had been watching the whole thing in the theatre and didnt stop him, which we found to be a bit weirder than the misdemeanor itself. We hired the candidate.

  4. I'm glad the first guy turned his life around as a software developer. I'm also glad the company took a chance on him.

  5. Haha anytime someone says they were a manager at multiple different companies it’s usually bull.

  6. Legally, when you are calling a past employer for reference for an applicant, all they can tell you is whether or not they worked there, and how long. That's the LAW.

  7. When I was still working at this entertainment center/movie theater I prevented an applicant from getting hired because I informed the hiring manager about the time this particular person had gone to a whataburger and had filled up a cup with Orange fanta and proceeded to throw it at the door just to post the video on Twitter. The video ended up going viral in my area. Also he did it on more than one occasion.

  8. Husband has failed background checks before. Not because of anything he did, but because he's got the same name as his first-rate son-of-a-bitch paternal unit. You'd think the system could differentiate better than that.

  9. It's really sad how 90% of the people in the stories have served a sentence in jail. So got their punishment, but still, are treated like criminals. How are they even supposed to get their life back on track if no place is gonna hire them and they are still treated like criminals?

    I especially feel bad for the bank dude, he got out of jail. Worked normally and comfortably, then out of nowhere security throws him out and he is fired.

  10. Wait- for the first story: why would HR not be okay with a him?? He had a drug charge (usually non-violent), he served his time, he was skilled, and he'd earned the internship.

  11. I am a real life private investigator. You would be surprised what you find out about people doing background checks

  12. I have a friend who used to own a small construction company. He never did background checks. Everything was good, until he hired one particular guy. (We’ll call him Mike.) This guy turned out to be a complete $h*thead. Another mistake my friend made, was to have his employees at his house, on a regular basis.

    Mike turned out to be a violent hot-head, who didn’t work well with the other workers, showed up late, didn’t show up for days, showed up stoned, etc. My friend wanted to fire him, but he was sincerely frightened of what the guy might do. In my opinion, his fears were not unfounded. I was at my friend’s house, one day, and Mike happened to be there, as well. He got drunk and started telling us all of the things he’s done and how many times he was arrested. I’ll never forget one specific story he told us. He needed some cash, so he ordered a pizza to a nearby house. When the delivery driver showed up, he pulled out a gun and demanded the driver’s money. The driver gave him all of his money. Then, Mike told the driver “Just so your boss knows that you aren’t lying about being held up…” and then shoots him in the leg. The entire time, while telling us these stories, he was laughing like he had just heard the funniest joke. One story after another, and he kept on laughing about what he did to people.

    Then, my friend’s business van was stolen. It held most of the company’s tools. The thieves turned out to be friends of the illegals he had working for him. They told their friends about the van, the tools and gave them his address.

    It ended up working out for the best. He was able to get rid of the psycho, by telling him that he had to close his business, because nothing was insured. He did reopen his business, a few years later, but finally started doing background checks.

  13. This still blows my mind. I work at a shipping warehouse and they had just hired this weird really quiet dude. Well someone recognized him and showed me a news story of this guy that had rapes two little boys in a park. How they hired that guy is still beyond me

  14. Why are you surprised they let the drug dealer in, if it was 2 years probation after 3 in jail he probably got caught selling weed in smaller quantities and couldnt pay the 5k in fines and the 2500 in lawyer fees. To which i have to say, fuck you thats not a big deal period.

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