Employers, What Potential Workers Had Disturbing Background Checks? (AskReddit)

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46 thoughts on “Employers, What Potential Workers Had Disturbing Background Checks? (AskReddit)”

  1. Anyone else think employers keeping tabs on your social media is disturbing? I don't even party or anything but work life and private life should be separate

  2. So far most of these have one thing in common. “We fired you because you have a prior conviction” .. and you wonder why they go back to doing crime when they get out lol…

  3. employers should not be given detailed background information.
    i understand it’s importance, especially depending on the job they’re applying for, but most times you have someone trying to make a better life for themselves that gets shot down and turns back to doing the bad things they were incarcerated for in the first place.
    there are many duds out there but as an employer, i’ve found some of my best employees by ignoring what a criminal record says.

  4. Oh? the check fb accounts? aint got one. good luck… i have a twitter but i dont give a crap about it.

  5. There’s a women who has exactly the same name, went to the same college, had a baby boy the same age and studied very similar subjects and from the same town. Luckily, I think she’s great going.

  6. There is a guy with the same name as me and also works in a similar field (he is a software engineer and I am a computers science student). Every time I google my name, I find him.

    He seems very accomplished and works at SAP, one of the biggest companies in Germany.

    I really wonder if this will somehow overshadow me when I apply to companies.

  7. 3:10 that guy wasn't interested in the job. He was interested in pribably doing research on how to properly give an interview as well as how to handle someone who vame in dressed like him who would clearly be rejected, etc.

  8. People really don’t get hired because they happen to have an obscure fetish…? Why are humans so judge mental

  9. When I worked fast food there was this guy who filled out multiple applications in person within days of putting in the first application. He put different names on each application different ages and also some how changed his handwriting. I know he wasn't letting someone else fill out the applications because the dining room was open and you clearly see everyone from pretty much anywhere. Obviously he wasn't hired.

  10. People that to come to a event like orientation, interview, or a business proposition meeting, obviously underdressed by all standards, are either super unfortunate financially or quite directly the opposite. I saw a Dodge Viper Parked outside a local gas station recently (weird where I live) I wanted to talk to him about his car so I had to guess who the owner might be the of this beautiful Viper. Nonetheless after 3 minutes of people coming out who I KNOW didn’t own the car, Out comes a 65year old man with scraggly hair, torn-up shirt, and pants that are more whitewashed than that old college text that’s been in the back of your car since 01’. I thought “ this is him for sure” and low and behold I was right. This guy also happens to own a Countach he bought 10 years ago for 70k. Now worth near 500k. Don’t ever judge a book just by its cover.

  11. we hired this guy about six months ago seemed off to me for some reason. a couple weeks ago i decided to google his name. turns out he was arrested for child pornography. made me so sick to my stomach i found a new job. i still haven’t told any of my old coworkers. i’m not sure how to even bring it up

  12. This is why I don't have a facebook because I don't want future employers to find out about my personal life or lack of having a life. At least I improved my odds of getting hired by a small amount but I will take it.

  13. I don’t understand the checking the social media thing because isnt ur work life and ur private life separate??

  14. I might be stupid but why you do background checks in the US? I mean, only things I would check if I dare to is the experience and may be ask for some kind of certification to prove what they put on their CV. People´s personal life is their business. And btw the drug tests make no sense. A lot of people consume drugs, a lot of productive people. Only thing I said to an emloyee is not not smoke in front of clients and inside of the building.

  15. We had someone apply to work for us a few years ago, and she did absolutely wonderful in the interview. A background check was done on her, and her Social Security Number came back as a 70 year old woman. She was told there was a problem, and to please bring in her Social Security card. We never heard back from after that. Her phone number was shut off so we never could find her after that, but we did turn her name into the S.S. Department.

  16. This is Shocking you can never really work then if you commited crime especially if it's been made public and of course everything is now.

  17. I applied at a job one time they looked into my Facebook and had seen that I was physically they threw my resume away … But I couldn't legally prove it

  18. What I don’t get is the ones from 20+ years ago. Like people change they made mistakes when they were younger. They are trying to get a better life and career, it’s a shame companies black list people like that.

  19. Thankfully, I never bought the Failbook meme and when I google myself I get a bunch of white dudes who look nothing like me. Sounds like I'm safe.

  20. What people do on their Facebook has fuck all to do with their work ethic.
    I have a lot of politics on my FB so if I don't get hired for that then fine, I don't apologize for how I feel and I wouldn't want to work for a shitty company anyway.
    Companies should mind their own goddamn business, when I'm not at work you don't need to pry into my social life.

  21. Performing background checks might have been one of the most disturbing jobs I have ever had. I can't get into specific details due to confidentiality, but most searches yielded very minor, everyday (if any) offenses such as traffic violations. The exception was the really sick stuff you would see on Law & Order SVU. Sometimes there wasn't enough brain bleach to remove what you found out.

  22. That second one about the girl stealing a buttplug. How is that unprofessional? Seems like exactly the right thing to do. Publicly shame her and she'll very likely never steal again, plus, that will deter future robberies as well. It's a win-win, justice and protection from future crime, plus the girl may have even learned something valuable too.

  23. I was once dating a guy. Things were getting serious and I pulled up his local records “just in case.” He had 17 COUNTS of domestic violence from the past few years. He was 38 years old and had moved here from another state. Lord knows how many he has altogether. I mean I can see having one domestic before you wise up, MAYBE two if you live with an abuser who always counter charges and it’s hard to get away at first. But 17?!?!? How?

  24. They should wipe your employees work criminal history if it’s a non felony after 8 years. Give them a chance to better themselves but always provide full history to certain legalize medical field jobs.

  25. 2:40 dealing with something similar atm, not on that scale. If you can prove that money was not intended as your primary income but the result of successful side income like investment, it would be taxed under capital gains rather than business income tax. Capital gains tax is very simple you pocket half and the other half is taxed based on your income tax bracket. He’d be getting to keep 25% more money by having a day job.

  26. I found out awhile back that one of my coworkers had been arrested 32 times during his adult life. He averaged something like 3 arrests a year, and ended up in jail no less than 3 times during the year or so he worked for our company.

  27. 1:40 Corporate needs you to find the difference between THIS picture and THIS picture.

    Overnight Overpass

    ToadFilms: "They're the same picture."

  28. Back when I was an HR Manager for Borders, I experienced the two extremes of hiring. One candidate was young, very little work history, all from another state and had not given us the 4 requested references. I reminded him I need his references and that company policy required I call and document 1 call, though 2 were preferred. He got me one and I called it. The man on the other end of the line could not believe that the candidate was so stupid as to put him as a reference, as he had stolen from him to fund a drug addiction and caused damage to his and several other people's properties before fleeing the state.
    The other candidate was a retired CEO of a Fortune 500 company, he was looking for something to do for 6 months, while his wife was finishing her career and son was finishing college, because they would be moving states after. The interview was amazing, the man could have written books on business & management, every reference was glowing, though most found it amusing he wanted to work in retail. We hired him, 2 weeks later both he, I, and ever other manager gave up as he could not learn to use the register. (After 20+ years in Retail I have yet to come across a register as easy to use as that one)

  29. people with crimminal records some advice: my daughters father would just apply to restaurant jobs since they rarely do background checks. Try small businesses he somehow always had a job even though he has a aggravated assault and domestic violence charge. The domestic violence charge was from another one of his many baby mamas lol

  30. Not the same as the prompt but similar, my Dad owned a pizza place and turned down and applicant. Few weeks later he saw her on the news, killed a family while texting and driving…

  31. I was nervous for interviews before but I’m less nervous now because whoa. It would be a CHALLENGE to be that bad

  32. The greatest background check that I have ever done, was when this smoking hot blonde college girl came in for an interview for an internship. She absolutely nailed. But then we did the the background check by doing a simple Google search with her name and college. The results were amazing. There she was on in her panties and a Boston Bruins jersey on Barstool Sports, say "Hey El President. Now that the Bruins have won the Stanley Cup, will you fuck me?"

  33. What to do right after you break out of jail? Hide out? Visit family and friends? Volunteer at an animal shelter?

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