Employers, What Was the Craziest Results You've Seen During a Routine Background Check?

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45 thoughts on “Employers, What Was the Craziest Results You've Seen During a Routine Background Check?”

  1. someone must have had a really bad day to throw oranges at people AND get arrested for it lmaoo

  2. Dude what is up with the guy saying "he served his time, people change" about the guy who literally murdered his own father

  3. My background checks always take about 5 weeks to be completed. Not sure why, I have a clean record and I hope it stays that way.

  4. I was a supervisor for a security company after retiring from the Army. A couple of the posts we had to staff with guards required a very stringent background check. After about two weeks on the job, I started going through records at my boss' insistence. When I found that no background checks had been done on at least ten hires and there were five who had checks and showed up with serious felonies, I quit on the spot. No way in Hades was I going to be the scapegoat for that company's lack of integrity. Found out later that I would not have been the first one they set up like that.

  5. "A good story."

    Followed by basically 'sex enslavement'.

    Some people need too take a step back and rethink their life.

  6. Yeah they can test for alcohol by testing for a specific enzyme your liver will only realse it to break down alcohol it can show up to 4 days.

  7. i want 2 get a modified weapon so i can tell people i went down cos i owned a weapon of mass destruction

  8. I'd hire someone who failed the drug/alcohol test. Simple as do what you will on your time, not mine.

  9. 22:26, Recommends that he might be a good candidate for something, Sounds like he was wonderful in a leadership position but needed psychological treatment and someone to watch over him for mental instability. or you could just send him to the Hague to answer for his WAR CRIMES. (The Hague is when the UN has is court system at.)

  10. Final post, Like your honesty but feel sorry you are having a hard time seeking employment because no one wants to risk it.

  11. Passing a background doesn't always mean clean, just that you haven't been convicted. I work in education so everyone has tons of clearances. I once worked with a teaching assistant who had been with the district for years yet had a reputation of harming students. She never stayed at a building for more than a year and kept getting passed around due to too many complaints from parents. One day she assaulted one of my students right in front of another staff member. We immediately notified the principal and CPS, she was removed from the premises, and we thought she would FINALLY get fired. Nope, despite my student's parents pushing for her firing she was put on administrative leave for the rest of the year and the next year I saw her at a training for a position in yet another building in the district. And it wasn't a case of union protection because even the union president wanted her gone but the superintendent refused for some reason. And there were no legal ramifications. Sometimes I hate this country, like you get caught with 3 ounces of pot and you're locked away for years but even though we claim to care about kids you can basically do whatever you want to them so long as it isn't CP, and even then you might still get away with it.

  12. Even if the student is 18, if they haven’t graduated yet, personnel in our school division are prohibited from having intimate relationships with students. Charges may not have been filed, but that should have been grounds for the state to revoke his teacher’s license.

  13. 2:09 They were just trying to save Cheech from prison bullies, dude.

    (I wonder if anyone will get the reference, lol)

  14. The first one is idiotic: "a person is tested… when they pee in the bottle" surmises that everyone from the medical staff takes his turn to pee in the bottle of the examined.

  15. Once I got served at work with papers that my check was going to be garnished for not paying speeding tickets. I didn't receive any tickets so called the #. Got bounced around 4 times. Finally I get a guy who asks my birthday. I tell him. "We got the wrong guy," he says, and removes the garnishment. Turns out some guy with my same name got them. Next year, same thing. I call the #. Get bounced around. Land with some girl. Tell her my story: "The same thing happened last year. They checked my birthday and removed it." "Well, birthday doesn't really have anything to do with it." They just want money. They don't care if it's from an innocent person. I screamed at her, "Take it off!" She did.

  16. Back when I worked for an agency I had the displeasure of finding out a candidate who came through had served time for molesting 10+ children. The dude changed his name by a one letter difference and the reference he supplied told me to google him. He was terminated from the previous role because he worked with a victims family member. I refused to put him forward for any roles but a coworker of mine decided to put him forward for a job I secured and, obviously, we lost the contract. This was the turning point for me to leave the industry and never come back.

  17. I share a name with a guy that was arrested for plotting to blow up a couple of 12 million gallon propane tanks. Luckily it's easy to tell that is not me.

  18. I don’t get this, almost all people with a bad background of crime or charges are usually extremely very sorry and want to have someone except that they’re sorry and give them a job, because even if they understand how to have a normal life and be a better person, they can’t find a job because nobody will hire them, they’re just people trying to come back to society and make a living as a normal human being. Therefore, when they get turned down for job after job, they feel useless, worthless, and ridiculed for doing something they’re sorry for, it makes me generally mad. (P.S. , please excuse my grammatical errors & flaws.)

  19. Were I work they hired a lady that had put down on her application that she had been convicted of first degree murder and was given a job in a merchandise shop.
    When the background check came back they found that she also had a conviction for armed robbery.
    When they called her in to fire her she stated that the reason she didn’t put down the armed robbery was because it was part of the murder.
    It seams that she was with her when boyfriend when he committed the armed robbery and killed someone who decided to fight with him.
    She thought that since murder was worse than robbery that it would be okay not to have to mention it.
    Amazing that my company would hire a person convicted of murder but fire someone working in merchandise for not telling them about an armed robbery conviction!?

  20. This story happened the other way around. Dude worked in my store for years. Friendliest guy ever. Always had a big smile on his face, always cracking jokes, always slapping people on the back, called everyone he met "buddy." Customers loved him. Beer, pool and The Cleveland Browns seemed to be his entire life. He never talked about anything else. He was always inviting me to go with him to this country bar to play pool after work. I don't drink, I suck at pool and I hate country music, so I never went. But the guy was so NICE I felt guilty about saying no.

    One day he didn't show up for work or answer his phone. Next day, same thing. About a week later the owner told us he is banned from the store and if we even see him in the parking lot call the police. Wouldn't tell us why.

    Well, you can find out a lot searching the Clerk of Court website. This story never made news somehow, but I was able to follow it online through public court filings. Dude was convicted of raping a 6-year-old.

    I am so glad I never hung out with that guy after work.

  21. Not an employer, but I worked as a support worker for a high functioning paranoid schizophrenic who killed their own 11 month baby. They applied for a job as a support worker for a different company too, they got offered a job but that offer was retracted after their DBS checks came back.

  22. last week in Chicago one man has been arrested over 60 times over ten years on a warrant for someone with the same name as his. He is now suing the city. Someone shoud Call BLM and ask why have the cops not killed him? Because the BLM is claiming the cops are always killing black people for no reason all the time. yet this black man has been arrested over 60 he is not been killed.

  23. The two girls in the restaurant who put bread in the toilet are so fucked up. I’m a woman and I understand men being creepy but that can literally kill someone. You’ve got no idea about the strength of their immune system

  24. I was trying to get my friend a job with me. He punished the interview and the drug test (even though we smoke). Background check came back and he didnt get the job because of hard drug charges as well as running from the cops etc. He didnt get the job.

    I've since stopped talking to him because I found out he also beats women.

  25. hi so im working for a truck company as i got my cdl a and they want to do a hair follicle test hownfar back do they usually go? the last time i touched any drugs were december 3rd, 2019.

    should i be good???

  26. 17:00 I also had an 8th grade teacher who was pretty problematic. He had some really bad anger issues which scared a lot of students, and he even tried to frame myself and a friend of mine by saying we were cheating on a test that was originally homework and that he told the entire class that we could help each other out with it.

    Looked him up recently to see if he worked there (I had him back in 2015 – 2016) and accidentally ended up finding out that he was arrested for a DWI in 2013. He doesn't work there anymore but I have no clue exactly when he was fired and for what reason.

  27. Worked at a place where someone had failed a background check. Was in the care setting, awful place but the failed check was after they had been hired. She was shouting at a service user, alarm was raised due to this. Turned out she had a history of heroin possession and robberies. Yeah, she was fired.

  28. Had to apply for my “TOP SECRET” clearance before deploying to Iraq. Came back totally cleared !! Deployed to Iraq! Whew!!!!

  29. What’s so bad about taking a pre-employment drug test with alcohol in your system? That’s a really lousy excuse not to hire someone.

  30. 16:43 – Calling BS
    "Modified weapon" and "Modified Pistol" do not add up to Weapon of Mass Destruction. The weapon would have to be modified in such a way that the only ammunition it discharges is something that qualifies as a WMD Material – which would be Chemical, Biological, or Radiological. If Chemical, it must be a lethal chemical. Tear Gas Guns do not count. Doing this with a handgun (pistol) would require that handgun to fire a very large cartridge in the first place (otherwise, it'd be a different charge altogether) such as shotgun shells, or the "pistol" in the first place be a Verey Pistol/Flare Pistol (not considered a firearm) and the flare replaced with some kind of munition that would qualify as a WMD.

    Modifying a firearm (specifically, a pistol) is not a crime in and of itself UNLESS you modify what the ATF calls a "Pistol" into a "Short-Barreled Rifle" by adding a stock, WITHOUT obtaining an SBR Tax Stamp, or by taking a pistol and modifying it to fire on FULL AUTOMATIC (which is possible with Glocks, for example, using illegal Trigger/Striker Endcap Kits). These, again, are not Weapons of Mass Destruction.

    If the supposed Friend was in for Felony Possession of a WMD, and was charged Federally (as they should have been) the statute under 18 USC SS 2332a calls for LIFE IMPRISONMENT or the DEATH PENALTY. This story is so full of crap, it's brown.

  31. I work for the California DOJ and my job is completely based around background checks. I can confirm that there are different kinds of background checks based on what you apply for, and most do not release everything on a person's RAP sheet. Some only release what a person is convicted of, some of time limits on when things can be released, while others still are limited to crimes that are connected to the industry, for example: if you're applying for a banking job or financial institution, only financial crimes are released, like fraud and theft. There are literally cases where I have had to delete a murder conviction from someone's RAP sheet because I wasn't legally allowed to release it for the type of job application. Yes, it sucks. No, I don't get it. Oh, and in California, somewhere between 1/3 to 2/3 of the entire population has at least 1 DUI. Our drivers suck.

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