Employers, What Was The Most Scandalous Background Check Of An Applicant? (AskReddit)

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34 thoughts on “Employers, What Was The Most Scandalous Background Check Of An Applicant? (AskReddit)”

  1. Flint Ironstag says:

    I was working someplace years ago 2nd shift. I was bored and put my work address into my states sex offender search page. A familiar face pops up. It was a guy on first shift who I talked to sometimes. Nice guy. Turns out he raped 2 children and did 20 years in prison! WTF?? That was messed up….

  2. Yggdrasil says:

    What's up with all of these frogs? What do they mean?

  3. Sudo Beerme says:


  4. Vicious says:


  5. Vicious says:

    13:40 This is the attitude half of reddit has

  6. Sierra Herd says:

    3:45 If I remember correctly, manatees are an endangered species, so it make sense as to why she has a criminal record. For those who don't know, it's illegal to harm/hurt endangered species.

  7. Chris Welcome says:

    Most text to speech videos: TL;Doctor

    This one: Apostrophe, apostrophe, apostrophe, apostrophe, apostrophe, apostrophe, apostrophe

  8. insert cheesy pun here says:

    y'all talking about a p o s t r o p h e but not yahlow and pússee

  9. Anders Hartig says:

    At 5:01 whyyy

  10. mabeliita says:

    Apostrophe ‘

  11. Ray Dai says:

    Everyone: Apostrophe

    Wait…. That means I am one of those comments too!

  12. Driftking2603 says:


  13. AstroAce1 says:

    4:58 A P O S T R O P H E

  14. Lynx says:

    4:15 there are reasons for no speed boat areas and drive slow speed boat areas. every floridian knows this. you have sea grass, you're having the possibility of a manatee nearby. they're endangered animals. of course it's a felon.

  15. A Funny Toilet says:

  16. DoctorRobertNeville says:

    We had someone come into our clinic, and this person could make a computer sit up and do things that amazed us. We thought they would be perfect fit for the job. That is until we did the background check. Their SS# came back as some 70yr old person from the East Coast. They were called and told their is a problem, and to come in, and we could fix it. They never came in.

  17. iamnotaperson says:

    Everyone is talking about the apostrophe. But how come no one is talking about COW WALKER and PAP-ER WURK or PHOTO ID

  18. Lee Lee Lee says:


  19. Robert Maybeth says:

    The person at 11:10 does NOT mean their friend committed the crime of "possession of a weapon of mass destruction", they meant to say "Possession of a DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE".

  20. Brosef Brokowski says:

    Haha not all comments are apostrophe-related. You lose zoomers

  21. Brosef Brokowski says:

    “Only white people can be racist.”
    I love how the insane racism of that statement flies right over leftists’ heads.

  22. Mike Zerker says:

    8:52 – Haha, crying racism only works if you’re black!!

  23. Mike Zerker says:

    13:00 – idiot needs a counselor to tell him that hanging his dick out in front of women in the work place is wrong??

  24. Bubbleduck_109 says:

    you know

    he could've just taken out

    the a p o s t r o p h e

  25. French Unicorn says:

    A P O S T R O P H E

  26. Awatierz says:

    When my organization was hiring, someone wrote in their cover letter saying that they were a tarot reading artist and that she could use her fortune telling skills to help us.

  27. ThatOneDev says:


  28. Sam S says:


  29. Sarah Walton says:

    Cow orkers.

  30. John Rasimovich says:

    A guy who set a daycare on fire. Oooof

  31. Oscar AG says:

    I live in Florida and fuck them mantee

  32. Bluebirdz 2202 says:


  33. NightMaster says:


  34. Jamal Wilson says:

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