Employers, What Was The Most Scandalous Background Check Of An Applicant? (AskReddit)

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34 thoughts on “Employers, What Was The Most Scandalous Background Check Of An Applicant? (AskReddit)”

  1. I was working someplace years ago 2nd shift. I was bored and put my work address into my states sex offender search page. A familiar face pops up. It was a guy on first shift who I talked to sometimes. Nice guy. Turns out he raped 2 children and did 20 years in prison! WTF?? That was messed up….

  2. 3:45 If I remember correctly, manatees are an endangered species, so it make sense as to why she has a criminal record. For those who don't know, it's illegal to harm/hurt endangered species.

  3. Most text to speech videos: TL;Doctor

    This one: Apostrophe, apostrophe, apostrophe, apostrophe, apostrophe, apostrophe, apostrophe

  4. 4:15 there are reasons for no speed boat areas and drive slow speed boat areas. every floridian knows this. you have sea grass, you're having the possibility of a manatee nearby. they're endangered animals. of course it's a felon.

  5. We had someone come into our clinic, and this person could make a computer sit up and do things that amazed us. We thought they would be perfect fit for the job. That is until we did the background check. Their SS# came back as some 70yr old person from the East Coast. They were called and told their is a problem, and to come in, and we could fix it. They never came in.

  6. Everyone is talking about the apostrophe. But how come no one is talking about COW WALKER and PAP-ER WURK or PHOTO ID

  7. The person at 11:10 does NOT mean their friend committed the crime of "possession of a weapon of mass destruction", they meant to say "Possession of a DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE".

  8. “Only white people can be racist.”
    I love how the insane racism of that statement flies right over leftists’ heads.

  9. When my organization was hiring, someone wrote in their cover letter saying that they were a tarot reading artist and that she could use her fortune telling skills to help us.

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