Employers, What Were The Most Disturbing Background Checks On A New Employee? (r/AskReddit)

AskReddit People Share Employers, What Were The Most Disturbing Background Checks On A New Employee?
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37 thoughts on “Employers, What Were The Most Disturbing Background Checks On A New Employee? (r/AskReddit)”

  1. When I get a job my future employer is gonna see the facebook page my sister made for me when I was a baby.

    The Year 2027:

    My Future Employer: So Marlee, I see you are a Barney fan.
    Me: Uh… erm.. I-

  2. This is why I don't post stuff, all I do is comment on my families page and Wrestling/Ferret posts on twitter

  3. Do you have any idea how many lewd NSFW page did I liked throughout my whole time of using personal Facebook?!

  4. Workmans comp and orm (office of Risk management) are so stupid and unrealistic when putting people through their whole protocol. Your dealing with injured people and acting cold and callous
    If the shoe was on the other foot..

  5. Ok wtf did that guys ex wife do?? Also he was DEVORCED at this point, he's clearly trying to distance himself from her and all that stuff. I hope he's ok now

  6. People don't know how to make their profile private, or not use a profile under their real name ? Are people to stupid to protect their privacy even a little bit ?

  7. That’s why unless your on my friends list, you won’t see jack, my privacy settings are locked down tighter than area 51

  8. The people that didnt hire the guy cause his ex-wife was harassing him was beyond lame… yall do know you could help that man by having her arrested for said harassment if she was doing so while he was on the job!?

    "Nah, because someone is bullying you to no end we'd rather not hire you." Just wow, i would have just given up and walked towards the nearest highway… 😐

    if someone else can effortlessly control your life to the point of not letting you get a job… then why bother?.. what can you do to recover?… just accept it and die?… That lady im sure HAS work while the ex she harasses continues to struggle just cause daddy's girl didnt get everything she wanted… fucking gross human beings from both the cooperate and social worlds…

  9. This whole video is why I'll never use Facebook or put my real name down for a username.
    For all intents and purposes, I don't have the internet.

  10. I got rid of all of my Social Media (other than LinkedIn) in 2014 and since then been 3-3 in interviews.

    Social Media, if you are not a business owner, is poison.

  11. This is why the only social media I have is discord. What are they gonna do, join my servers?

  12. I don't show my face in profile pic, don't post about my life because people mostly don't care. Easy.

  13. All the cancel culture stuff is BS but the first story is the exact kind of context in which it should apply.

  14. I try to stay withing the realm of business social media platforms. Kind of like LinkedIn, but linkedin is too much FB on meth.
    The business networking sites have a better crowd that is capable of controlling their crazy.

  15. In Poland, there's some strange thing that some Facebook users set their workplace as "Nobility does not work". And that sometimes causes the background check to fail.

  16. yeah prosecuting attorneys and cops use social media to solidify their case if you ever get fouled up, they'll use it in bond hearings too.

  17. The "someone else's facebook with the same name as mine" got me once too. Since then I tell the interviewers exactly what my facebook is.

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