Employment Background Check Compliance – FCRA Compliance

Employment Background Check Compliance – FCRA Compliance

When it comes to implementing an employment background screening program there are several compliance measures to keep in mind. You should work with a background screening company to help you maintain compliance and mitigate risk.

In this video we are sharing 5 Key Things to Keep in Mind…

Employment Background Check Compliance

1) Follow the FCRA and State Regulations
2) Compliant Forms & Disclosures
3) Consumer Copy
4) Re-investigation
5) Adverse Actions Rules

Link to the video:

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And now a little bit of background on me. I have been an investigative consultant to businesses and legal counsel for over 15 years. I am a license private investigator in the state of California and have testified as an expert in case involving Workers Comp, Counterfeiting and a variety of other civil cases. I own and operate my own Investigative Consulting business here in California and I enjoy speaking to businesses and law firms about current trends in litigation, technology and investigative strategy.

I believe that businesses must implement certain strategies to mitigate exposure to Embezzlement, Fraud, Workers Comp Claims, Trade Secrets theft and many other employment related claims. In today’s litigious environment you cannot eliminate law suits, but you can implement practices to reduce overall exposure.

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4 thoughts on “Employment Background Check Compliance – FCRA Compliance”

  1. Compliance is very complicated when it comes to background checks. Share this with the person who handles HR or hiring at your company.

  2. I like to know what kind of legal obligation as a background company is held to? Who regulates background companies essentially someone’s future is in any unknown employee of a background check company and if something is running properly that puts them at risk for losing whatever opportunity they have on the table I don’t think reinvestigation is suitable enough in my opinion something that serious should be done properly the first time they shouldn’t be given a second opportunity to mess it up especially when they put someone else’s lives and future at risk

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