Employment Background Check Step-by-Step

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Researching the background of a job candidate prior to hiring can yield important information. I am going to show you how I perform an employment background check step-by-step. Use the websites mentioned in this video as a guide to create your company’s screening process.

With this in mind, I urge you to follow all Federal and State laws regarding questioning applicants as well as your local ordinances. In addition, everything you see on the internet may not be true. Please keep that in mind when doing employment background check and use your best judgement to pick the best candidate for your company!

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10 thoughts on “Employment Background Check Step-by-Step”

  1. Can any of this information be used when making a decision on hiring an applicant? Just curious. Your videos give solid info that we could use at our company. Will watch your other videos later.

  2. How much should a background search cost? I have been quoted about $30 each. How would you recommend doing that? Having them fill out a form with their social on it or should they do it independently and put you as the person to send the results to? I just had to send my results to my school when I was doing teaching for a semester. Thanks!

  3. Hello.. Great, insightful video… So to clarify, once you gather and research your information, do you compile it into a report and place it in a candidates file. I am in the process of starting a background screening company in Texas and any insight you could provide would be helpful.

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