Employment Reference Letter for Canada | Important Document for Canada PR | Work Experience Letter

This is a detailed video talking about Employment Reference Letter for Canada and steps on how to write Reference Letter for Canada PR. It is the most Important Document for Canada PR.

I spoke about the below topics:
1. Important information required while creating the Work Experience Letter for Canada PR
2. Work experience letter format
3. Alternate options for you if the employer is not providing the reference letter.
4. Additionally, I have also shared my own sample reference letter to help you understand everything in detail.

How to check for NOC:

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45 thoughts on “Employment Reference Letter for Canada | Important Document for Canada PR | Work Experience Letter”

  1. Alex Varughese says:

    Very good and precise information. But it seems you have mentioned very little responsibilities. How much it matched?. Was your designation and NOC code same?. What was your CRS score?

  2. Jaya Varghese says:

    Can you plz provide info on the best way to transfer funds into Toronto plz from home country and procedure
    And which bank in toronto

  3. Anirudh Bhardwaj says:

    My senior left the organization and also process is ramp down so I don't have anyone who will provide my role and responsibilities by official email id. Shall I provide my senior email id, contact and his offer letter for proof?

  4. Sri says:

    Thank You for the precise information Mam!

  5. Ashank Arora says:

    I need some help.

    I had 3 designations in same company, started as sr. Executive then asst. Manager and then deputy manager. But my roles and responsibilities were almost same in all the positions. How should I write all the designations in a single letter with responsibilities? Also, Do I need to write my salary and time duration worked for each designation separately or the latest designation is enough?

  6. Boris A. J. Fernandes says:

    Thanks for the information shared through this video.

    I wanted to know, if you could share that, did you attach payslips/bank statements along with your employer reference letter during your application submission time?

  7. Anila Esther says:

    What if we have experiences in many companies, like say 1 year in each company…. in tat case do we have to get the letter from every employer… what of we have a gap in our career?

  8. ANKITHA WARMA says:

    Is it mandatory to get a letter from my manager ? just HR letter will be sufficient? Kindly explain maam

  9. Kalpesh Patel says:

    Hello Mam

    Is the employment reference letter from every organisation you work is required for PR. As I have work experience of 8+years of three different organisations

  10. Keerthi Rajan says:

    I have claimed for 3+ years work experience in which i worked as trainee engineer for 8 months, assistant electrical engineer for 18 months and electrical engineer for 14 months …i have 2 options. Option 1 – get letter from office saying i worked for 3 years as electrical engineer and attach last 6 months pay slips( and not attach offer letter saying trainee engineer or promotion letters ). Option 2 – get experience letter mentioning all 3 positions and attach offer letters and promotion letters . Which option is better ?

  11. Sachin Bhatia says:

    I will complete my 3 years of work experience in coming june. Which comprises of two different jobs. 1 year after graduation (web development NOC:2175 ) and then 3 years of Masters(MCA) then 2 years of job (BI developer NOC : Not sure).

    Please help me out with below queries.

    Q1: Should the 3 year work experience for maximum points be of one NOC or it can of two different NOCs?

    Q2: What will be the NOC code for BI developer job?

    Q3: Is reference letter sufficient for my old job or need to submit other related documents aswel? If yes, which all documents?

    Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. VIKRAM VASHIST says:

    R u a Hr of some company

  13. Kanti D says:

    Very good and precise

  14. Snovil Lopes says:

    Very details information..My employer has given me reference letter with all the details u have mentioned, but has included only 2 generic responsibilities.
    Being in NOC code 2174 Program Analyst they match the responsibilities but are very technically defined in my letter what should I do…

  15. Aishwarya R says:

    Hi, I had a doubt. If we have experience with multiple companies, do we have to produce reference letter for all companies?
    Also, if we are still working in a company and we could not ask them for reference letter, what can we do for it.

  16. Jaynish Desai says:

    Hi. Thank you for this video. is it required to be signed by HR department or could be signed by my boss ?

  17. md jiyauddin Ansari says:

    can you make one video on canadian standard resume? Thank you

  18. Beauty Tips In Tamil says:

    Hey, should the experience letter specify that itโ€™s for Canada immigration? Is it required?

  19. Osama Manan2 says:

    I have engineering project management experience. I cannot find NOC number. What to do?

  20. Abhi EA says:

    I was super confused as my reference letter had just six duties and the agency people asked to have min 12 duties . I was searching for this from morning n glad that I found this on your channel. Thanks a ton.

  21. Manju Singh says:

    hi , Same Reference Letter can we use with CV to find job in Canada though websites like Job Bank, If No than what I can mention in Reference Letter which i want to use with my CV to find job in Canada from India

  22. Ahmad Ali says:

    kindly make a vedeo on proof of salary slip.

  23. vishal Mishra says:

    I work in a startup company will it count as I have worked full time in that company and they are ready to provide the reference letter to me so do I need to show salary sleeps as well or just a reference letter ?

  24. Manish mahour says:

    I am designer I have 11 year experience currently I am working in same company for last 6 years this is my 3d job so I can show my all jobs refference letter or I can show only my current job refference letter.

  25. Nirmala George says:

    The annual salary should be mentioned in Rupees or Dollars?

  26. drishti srivastava says:

    Hello Maโ€™am, thanks for your useful video. Me and my husband are applying for spousal visa where I am the primary candidate. Do we need experience letter of both or only my experience letter is required ?

  27. Himanshu Arora says:

    Is it necessary to mention salary

  28. Mobin says:

    When taking letter from supervisor through mail along with affidavit do we need to submit the mail response from employer that why they are not providing. I mean the first option you listed

  29. Paramjit Singh says:

    I think this letter was issued from Acc?

  30. roshan devan says:

    Hello Mam, I had a two-year bond with the company that I was working at. I quit the job after a year! Will it matter if they mention it in the reference letter?

  31. rahul patel says:

    hello @HumptyDumpty2, my name is Patel Rahulkumar Tulsidas, and on my previous company's experience letter, my name is written as Rahulkumar Patel. Will that be troublesome while applying for the PR and Job in Canada??? Please help me with it.

  32. Lovepreet Sran says:

    My job letter says full time contract and after 5 months permanent is that ok for Canada immigration like that considered as Full time job

  33. Harpreet Singh says:

    Mam it is same experience letter for pr file

  34. Disha Patel says:

    Hi will month/year will do? Or it had to be a day noted as well for the date?

  35. Meet With ALOK says:

    thanks a lot,, just one doubt where I do mention the NOC code, can I mention it on the letter itself?

  36. Gabru says:

    Mam ur all videos very helpful & superb.

  37. Gabru says:

    Mam,is immigration call to employer for verify work experience.please clear my doubt.

  38. shashi kiran says:

    I already have an experience letter from the company will that be sufficient or still we require an employment reference letter. Please answer.

  39. Amandeep singh says:

    Hi, I am going to Canada for studies, and I have work experience of 1.5 years in two different companies. So, should I get employment reference letter from my employer now so that when I apply PR after studying and working in Canada, it would be useful.

  40. Akhil ps says:

    Will it be okay requesting reference letter from COMPANY after we got ITA? I mean is that enough time

  41. Kamaljeet Singh says:

    Hi Mam…can you please share the refrence letter proper format with me.

  42. arth gandhi says:

    Hey, Thank you the video is very Informative
    I had a query that if I get the reference letter from Employer do I need to submit Salary slips, Bank Statement or ITR?

  43. Chetan Vinjuda says:

    We need two references letters? One from the previous letter and one for the current? And what's the ideal time to reach out to the current employer for the same?

  44. Sunil Trivedi says:

    Issue of employment later date is mandatory ? / it's not compulsory

  45. Mohamad Joudaki says:

    Thanks a lot, so helpful, so in addition to this letter, should we attach some documents related to this ? For instance, insurance letter or career's contract?

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