🇨🇦 🇨🇦 Employment Verification by Visa Office

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10 thoughts on “🇨🇦 🇨🇦 Employment Verification by Visa Office”

  1. Not agree with last point. They do everything before granting PR but not afterwards until or unless you do a Criminal pr terrorism activity.

  2. Thanks for the information.

    I would really appreciate if you can guide me on below questions:
    How often they do verification check? I mean what percentage?
    Also, I'm planning for OINP Tech Draw and one of NOC Code is matching with my duties but couple of other NOC code also matches my duties. But I'm thinking to highlight more duties matching OINP stream rather than other NOCs. As you know sometimes we working in a position with many duties and putting all of them will create more confusion.

  3. Hello Sir, I am working in a government organization for 25 years. I have lot of paper evidence for the job. I don't want my authority to know about my PNP application because it may jeopardize my job. I am planning to get the job reference letter from my junior officers with whom I worked and who know about my job responsibility. If I am invited, along with my submitted papers can I send a request letter to SINP officials and later to IRCC officials to not contact my HR for verification. If they even contact my HR they should keep the purpose of their investigation secret from my HR and referees who gave me job experience letters. For job investigation the SINP and IRCC officials can visit my office any time they want.

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